Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 58

With Mr. Satan defeated, it's now Goku's turn to battle Cell. Can our hero defeat Cell before he finds himself lost in his beautiful looks?

Tropes used in this episode:

  • Apocalypse Anarchy: When Jimmy Firecracker declares Satan dead, everyone riots.
  • Call Back:
    • Cell continues to be the only one capable of correctly pronouncing the name of Piccolo's Masenkopopo technique.
    • The Stinger features the Arlians rebuilding their planet.....only to get destroyed by Cell's Kamehameha.
      • Also serves as a callback to the time Vegeta's screaming fit on Namek that could be heard on Earth 20 years later.
  • Domestic Abuse: Thanks to Jimmy Firecracker and Goku's poor choice of words, Goku is made out to be a wife-beater. Chi-Chi, for what it's worth, just realizes that what he said is pretty much true. Just not as bad as what Jimmy said. Of course, pretty much everything Goku listed was from Chi-Chi's old-fashioned views on marriage.
  • Double Entendre: When Goku powers up, he beckons Cell to whip out his power and let him feel it.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Tien was basically on fire this episode.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: Mr. Satan loses himself in this - he claims that magnets under the ring caused his ring out, Goku and Cell have lit themselves on fire for their Battle Aura, mirrors are being used for Cell splitting himself into four and the Kamehameha is just lasers and an industrial fan.
  • Foe Romantic Subtext: Good grief, it's ramped up here.
    Cell: So, you gonna to take a swing? Or are you just going to stand there, staring into my eyes?
    Goku: Hmm, what was that? I was busy staring into your eyes.
    Cell: Oh you beautiful Saiyan bastard, just punch me already!
  • Foreshadowing: Gohan has no trouble following Goku and Cell's battle, and can tell they're still warming up.
  • Handwave: Krillin remembered that Trunks had short hair before and now he's long-haired again. Trunks claims that he liked it better long.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In a meta sense. Krillin mocks Yamcha for assuming Cell would just fall out of the ring. In the original series, he was just as happy.
    • Then there's Goku telling Cell he won't be able to defeat him with stolen techniques, only for Cell to ask if Goku is going to use one of his stolen techniques. Even the Z-Fighters confirm that none of Goku's attacks are original.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Mr Satan handwaves Cell's multi-form technique as a mirror-trick. One problem there: how do the mirrors only duplicate Cell and not Goku?
  • Interplay of Sex and Violence: Much of the banter between Goku and Cell during their fight comes off as flirting.
  • Made of Iron: Like the original show, Mr. Satan survives getting backhanded by Cell.
  • Mistaken for Racist: When Goku and Cell's battle gets very quick and they're not even playing for keeps, Krillin just casually says "Saiyans, am I right?". In front of Trunks.
  • Pet the Dog: Once again Cell is nice to Yamcha. This time by telling him NOT to thank Tien for snarking at him.
  • Rearrange the Song: The fight between Goku and four Cells is done to a Bruce Faulconer-inspired rendition of "We Are Number One".
  • Shout-Out:
    • Vegeta brags about destroying planets, which Tenshinhan tops by bragging about the time he beat Goku. This is likely a reference to when Goku taunted Freeza in the original dub by saying "I can't be harder to destroy than a planet, right?"
    • The above Rearrange the Song to "We Are Number One"
  • Stealth Pun: When Goku and Cell starts fighting, Cell sings out "Chickity-China, the Chinese Chicken". The name of the song? "One Week".