Recap / Digimon Xros Wars E 2 Shoutmon Roar

Shoutmon and Ballistamon bring Taiki and friends to a cliff overlooking the Village of Smiles, Shoutmon's hometown, and says that the area they are in is called the Green Zone. When Taiki asks what Zones are, an elderly Digimon called Jijimon appears and explains that Zones are like countries within the Digital World and that all of the Zones are under attack by the Bagra Empire. As Shoutmon introduces Taiki as a General, a Pteramon starts shelling the village. Shoutmon and Ballistamon rush down the cliff to the village with Taiki in tow for a counterattack. They initially fail and Taiki DigiXroses a number of Pickmons into a slingshot for Shoutmon, who launches into the air and destroys the Pteramon. A Coelamon witness this and leaves. Akari and Zenjirou make it to the village and Akari starts to cry when she realizes she isn't getting home anytime soon. A rabbit-like Digimon named Cutemon walks over and dries her tears, saying he hates to see people cry. Akari denies she was crying. The Coelamon spots Cutemon, who it had been looking for, but gets killed by a canine Digimon named Dorulumon before it can attack. Dorulumon thanks Akari for looking after Cutemon and the two Digimon run off. Akari asks how Taiki plans to get them home, but Shoutmon throws them a party to get them to stay and help him become the Digimon King.

Meanwhile, a blond-haired boy DigiXroses Greymon and a mechanical flying Digimon named MailBirdramon and starts laying waste to MadLeomon's troops as Nene watches, merely commenting that "blue is strong" before walking off. Taiki and friends are treated to food and a lively dance by a Lilamon and several Sunflowmon. Taiki still intends to return to the human world, much to Shoutmon's chagrin. Shoutmon tries to convince Taiki to stay by telling him that there are other humans who can use DigiXros and Zenjirou suggests asking them about a way home. Shoutmon then attempts to manipulate Taiki into helping him, but Akari tries to dissuade Taiki. Taiki shows no interest in Shoutmon's ambitions and Shoutmon runs crying in rage.

The next morning, MadLeomon sends his forces out with a caged Digimon. Shoutmon yells at Taiki to leave just as MadLeomon's forces return to the Green Zone. Shoutmon starts to regret endangering Taiki, but decides that they can deal with the incoming forces themselves. Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou find themselves surrounded by MadLeomon and several Troopmon, but Taiki throws some dirt into MadLeomon's eyes and run for the village. MadLeomon orders his troops to release the caged Digimon, an Orochimon. Orochimon chases Taiki, Zenjirou and Akari to a dead-end at a cliff only to be blocked by Shoutmon. Shoutmon says that despite his anger, he couldn't turn his back on Taiki while Starmon and the Pickmons pull Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou out of harm's way. Shoutmon and Ballistamon stop Orochimon, who is then absorbed by MadLeomon, its heads replacing the lion Digimon's arms. Shoutmon attempts to attack MadLeomon, who just knock Shoutmon out of the air with his extra arms. As he starts to fade away, Shoutmon says that he wants to become the Digimon King to protect the Digimon of his village. MadLeomon tries to finish Shoutmon, but Taiki DigiXroses Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon X2, who pulls MadLeomon to the ground and evades his attacks. Shoutmon X2 use a slingshot formed from Starmon and the Pickmons for a feint to get [=MadLeomon's arms tangled and blasts MadLeomon hard enough to revert him to his default form. MadLeomon calls a retreat and Nene starts to take an interest in Taiki.


  • Ambition Is Evil: Averted. Shoutmon's motives seem selfish at first, but Shoutmon really wants to become the Digimon King so that he can protect others.
  • Chest Blaster: Ballistamon's horn becomes one of these for Shoutmon X2.
  • Eye Catch: A Shoutmon card, though it's a different one than the previous episode used. This one shows Shoutmon with his microphone.
  • Fusion Dance: MadLeomon does this with Orochimon, with six of the heads becoming arms and the other two becoming armored boots. This episode also introduces Shoutmon X2.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Shoutmon X2 has Ballistamon's Super Strength and Shoutmon's speed.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: MadLeomon Orochi Mode. Six of Orochimon's heads replace his arms.
  • Pokémon Speak: Orochimon only ever says its own name.