Recap / Digimonxroswars E 1 Taiki Go To Anoher World

An army of aggressive Digimon appears on a dark horizon with a black flag. Atop a cliff on the opposite end of the battlefield, a human boy appears out of the sunrise under a red flag and with a red dragon-like Digimon a blue mechanical Digimon and a large canine Digimon by his side. As the partner Digimon of previous series look on, the boy has the three Digimon perform a Fusion Dance that he refers to as a DigiXrosnote  and the resulting combined Digimon obliterates the encroaching army. The boy, Taikinote  Kudou, awakens from the dream just as a Greymon attacks the combined Digimon.

Akarinote  Hinomoto calls Taiki's house from a park to ask if Taiki is awake yet only to find that Taiki has already left. Akari asks if Taiki is at a volleyball game and Taiki's mother says he's playing a different game. Akari runs to a basketball game that Taiki is playing in, irritated at a bad habit of Taiki's, but stops to take a picture of herself in front of a tower and a blimp for her phone's wallpaper. She then remembers where she was going and rushes off again as Taiki helps his team narrowly win the game. Taiki reveals that while he practiced intensely, this was his first actual game. Akari arrives and places a pillow under him just as he collapses from exhaustion.

Later, Akari berates Taiki for always rushing off to help their school's clubs without warning and overexerting himself as a result. Taiki says that he couldn't turn his back on them and that he participated in the game to help a friend who is transferring to another school. Another boy, Zenjirounote  Tsurugi, walks up and challenges Taiki to a Kendo rematch. Zenjirou says that they have a rivalry going on, but Taiki says that his prior win was just beginner's luck. As Zenjirou and Akari argue about who Taiki will be spending the next day with, Taiki hears an oddly musical voice calling for help. The voice says that it is dying and that he was hoping to become a king when the sunlight flickers. Taiki turns around to see a car stuck halfway into a the third floor of a building with neither damaged. Technology malfunctions and the sky flashes a colorful pattern. The voice yells at Taiki to get out of the way of the car, which falls to the ground. With Akari and Zenjirou on his heels, Taiki tracks down the source of the voice, a small red dragon-like Digimon. Taiki comforts the creature, which seems to be flickering out of existence. Recalling an incident from his past, Taiki says that he can't turn his back on the creature. A device appears from a bright light and a second voice asks Taiki if he wants to save the creature's life, which Taiki affirms. The device, called a Xros Loadernote , turns red and floats over to Taiki, who accepts it over Akari and Zenjirou's objections. The Digimon enters the Xros Loader and Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou are pulled into a rift in space.

Taiki awakens to the Digimon calling his name. Taiki takes out the Xros Loader, which is healing the creature and he, Akari and Zenjirou are surprised to see an island floating in the sky. Before any of them can comment, they are attacked by a mammoth-like Digimon, Mammon, with an entire horde of hostile Digimon behind it. The horde's leader, MadLeomon, runs up to them and identifies them as humans. A blue mechanical Digimon, Ballistamon, pops up Taiki and the others and stops MadLeomon from attacking them. A Starmon and several Pickmon arrive and the red Digimon, who introduces himself as Shoutmon, emerges from the Xros Loader and he and his friends attack and drive off or destroy most of the hostile Digimon. Enraged, MadLeomon absorbs several of the hostile Digimon, growing larger and gaining armor and an arm-mounted chainsaw. MadLeomon splits the ground open under Shoutmon and Ballistamon and goes in for the kill. At the mysterious voice's urging, Taiki uses the Xros Loader to DigiXros Shoutmon and Ballistamon into a humanoid form with legs made of light. Shoutmon's new form destroys MadLeomon's upgrades and splits apart. Taiki then DigiXroses Starmon and the Pickmons into a sword for Shoutmon, who defeats MadLeomon. MadLeomon threatens revenge as he and his remaining forces are pulled through a portal. Elsewhere, an armored figure named Tactimon complains that MadLeomon's failure will affect his military record. Tactimon tells three other figures in the room with him that he will capture the Green Zone perfectly.

Shoutmon says that Taiki is now a General and asks Taiki to help him become the Digimon King. Taiki has no idea what Digimon or the Digital World are and Shoutmon tries to explain as a girl named Nene with several television-like Digimon and a boy with a Greymon look on.


  • Alien Sky: Before Taiki finds Shoutmon, the sky flashes the same pattern as the portal to the Digital World.
  • Chainsaw Good: One of MadLeomon's upgrades. It can create deep cracks in the ground.
  • Changing of the Guard: Done symbolically with Taiki's dream, where the heroic Digimon from previous series look on that the main Digimon of this series perform a DigiXros.
  • Chest Blaster: Ballistamon's speaker combines this with Loud of War.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Taiki's dream is one for Dorulumon and Shoutmon X4. Shoutmon and Ballistamon's first DigiXros is also one for Shoutmon X3.
  • Equippable Ally: Several Mammon, Chikurimon and Troopmon become upgrades for MadLeomon's Armed Mode. Starmon and the Pickmons become a sword for Shoutmon.
  • Eye Catch: One with Agumon, Garurumon, Guilmon and V-mon appearing from Taiki's Xros Loader is the transition to commercial break and is used in subsequent episodes. A Shoutmon card is used for the transition back to the show and is unique to this episode.
  • Fusion Dance: DigiXros. Shoutmon and Ballistamon briefly become an incomplete version of the as-yet unnamed Shoutmon X3.
  • Gas Mask Mooks: Troopmon.
  • Green Hill Zone: The area where Taiki and friends end up, the Green Zone, certainly looks like one. It's also the first area in a world based on Video Game Settings.
  • Loud of War: Ballistamon's speaker is used for this.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Shoutmon. It's kind of in the name. He can even conjure up fire by shouting into his microphone.
  • Playing with Fire: Shoutmon is this series' fire-using dragon Digimon.
  • Simple Staff: Shoutmon uses his microphone as one.
  • The Swarm: There are enough Pickmons for them to qualify as this.
  • Sword Beam: Shoutmon finishes MadLeomon with one of these.
  • Unknown Rival: Zenjirou to Taiki, who denies there even is a rivalry.
  • Wolverine Claws: MadLeomon has these.