Recap / Digimon Xros Wars E 16 Dark Knight Digimon An Entrance

SlashAngemon steps down as leader of the Heaven Zone, apologizing for the extreme actions committed by him and his underlings and passing his title to Lucemon, who is not present. Shoutmon and the Starmons run off to look for Lucemon and find him reading in a library. Lucemon explains that he has a habit of studying there at that time. Shoutmon is impressed by Lucemon's work ethic, but catches Shakkoumon spying again. Shakkoumon cryptically states that it is looking for "the truth" and vanishes.

Lucemon arrives in the auditorium with Shakkoumon close behind. Shoutmon tries to attack Shakkoumon, but is knocked aside. SlashAngemon explains that Shakkoumon administers the elections. Shakkoumon explains that its job necessitates secrecy and gives Lucemon his badge of office, a bracelet previously worn by SlashAngemon. Everyone congratulates Lucemon except Taiki, who sees Lucemon grinning maniacally. SlashAngemon apologizes again, saying that his original intent was to keep the Bagra Army at bay, but that he can't remember why he made the laws so harsh. Lucemon laughs and says he couldn't help it because the Heaven Zone is not an ordinary paradise. Shakkoumon explains that the process of selecting leaders is as stringent as it is because the holder of the Heaven Zone's Code Crown is able to unseal a dark powernote , which Lucemon promptly does with an incantation. Lucemon summons the Code Crown, causing the Zone to split and revealing a hidden temple that rises into the air. Taiki realizes that the Code Crown was sealed inside and explains that Lucemon had been hiding his true intentions so he could reach it. Lucemon takes the Code Crown and reverts to his true form, Lucemon Falldown Mode note  and reveals that he was working undercover for Lilithmon, who ordered him to kill Taiki. Shoutmon moves to attack Lucemon, but is knocked to the ground by a large Digimon standing beside Nene. The new Digimon, DarkKnightmonnote , introduces himself as nobility.

Beelzemon appears and protects Shakkoumon from a piece of falling masonry. Lucemon thanks Nene and DarkKnightmon for the unsealing spell. Taiki asks Nene to explain herself, but she warns him to stay out of their way unless he wants a fight and reveals her Xros Loader. DarkKnightmon explains that he knocked Shoutmon out to keep Taiki from interfering and leaves for the temple while Nene was Lucemon to keep his end of a bargain with them: Lucemon gets the Heaven Zone and its Code Crown while Nene and DarkKnightmon get the dark power. Nene follows DarkKnightmon to the temple with Sparrowmon as the dark force within begins corrupting the Digimon in the Zone, including Xros Heart's Digimon.

At the temple, DarkKnightmon has Nene place him in her Xros Loader to absorb the dark power. DarkKnightmon notes it is of high enough quality that they only need a little, but should still get as much as possible. Meanwhile the dark power spreads, turning the local Digimon against each other. SlashAngemon realizes that this was what caused him to become a despot. Lucemon explains that the Heaven Zone's beauty and the pure hearts of its residents kept the dark power in check. He starts to leave to give the Code Crown to Lilithmon, but is held back by Ballistamon and Dorulumon, whom he blasts across the room. Lucemon says that the Digimon will likely start killing each other in short order after he takes the Code Crown and fires a lethal attack at Taiki. Beelzebumon tries to shoot the attack aside, but misses, but Shoutmon gets up through pure determination and blocks the attack, throwing it into the sky behind Lucemon where it explodes. Shoutmon tells Lucemon that he can't let such a callous person become a ruler. Beelzebumon shoots at Lucemon, buying Taiki time to DigiXroses Shoutmon X4B. Shoutmon X4B and Shakkoumon defeat Lucemon by using his own attacks against him. Akari grabs the Code Crown and Shakkoumon teleports everyone except Zenjirou up to the temple. Lucemon, still alive, sets his sights on the power contained in the temple. Taiki tries to persuade Nene to stop extracting the dark power, but Lucemon grabs her. Lucemon moves to take the power for himself despite Nene's warnings that he won't be able to control it. Lucemon realizes the truth of Nene's warnings too late as the power begins to engulf them both to Sparrowmon's horror.


  • Barrier Warrior: Lucemon can conjure barriers at will.
  • Bishōnen: Lucemon Falldown Mode. Zenjirou says he could even have his own fanbase.
  • The Corruption: The dark force sealed in the temple is this. It had been subtly affecting SlashAngemon for a long time, slowly making him more and more tyrannical. The harmony and order of the Heaven Zone was originally intended to keep it in check. When unleashed, it causes Digimon to become mindlessly violent. And now Lucemon has been exposed to massive amounts of it.
  • Demon Lords And Arch Devils: Actually averted. Lucemon is playing second banana to Lilithmon here, though the name's still there.
  • Energy Ball: Lucemon prefers to attack with these.
  • Evil All Along: Oh come on, it's Lucemon. Who's surprised here? That said, his deception really was flawless from an in-universe perspective. The characters, including the ever-impartial Shakkoumon, had no reason to believe he was a bad guy.
  • Eye Beams: Shakkoumon's Harmonious Spiritnote  attack.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Subverted. Shakkoumon had no reason to suspect Lucemon aside from his name, which would be a very poor basis indeed for judging someone in real life.
  • Large Ham: Shakkoumon is very over-the-top in the dub.
  • Mass Teleportation: How Shakkoumon gets everyone except Zenjirou to the temple.
  • The Mole: Lucemon was only trying to retrieve the Code Crown for Lilithmon.
  • Mysterious Watcher: Shakkoumon's job is to be this to determine whether the people's trust in a candidate is well-placed or not. As such, it needs to keep its distance from events as they unfold.
  • Red Sky, Take Warning: A side effect of the dark power being unleashed from the temple.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The floating temple was used to seal the unnamed dark power, which was still able to affect Digimon subtly over time.
  • Slasher Smile: Lucemon does this constantly after he reveals his deception.
  • Worst Whatever, Ever!: Shakkoumon drops one of these in the dub.
    "Well, it's official: worst president ever!"