Recap / Digimon Xros Wars E 14 Warrior Beelzebumon Flutter

Taiki tries to save Baalmon from Lilithmon and her forces, but is held back by Zenjirou who still believes Baalmon to be their enemy. Pharaohmon appears before Taiki and tells him to activate the Code Crown. Taiki activates it, causing a flat-topped pyramid to rise from the sands into the sky underneath them. The floating pyramids merge with it to create a massive floating pyramid. Baalmon appears at the top of the structure, which Pharaohmon calls the Pyramid of Resurrectionnote . The pyramid radically alters the landscape, leaving Lilithmon and her forces on an island in a vast purple lake. As Lilithmon and her forces are kept back from the pyramid by a barrier, Pharaohmon explains that the pyramid was summoned by the goddess's warriors when one of them needed to be healed and that Taiki was able to use it because the goddess had chosen him. Pharaohmon tells Taiki to use his Xros Loader to download the goddess's power. A statue of the goddess appears and a book that Baalmon had been carrying under his cloak floats up to it. The book begins to channel the goddess's power and add data to its pages. Shoutmon X4 splits back into its component Digimon. Xros Heart's other Digimon are expelled from Xros Loader as the Scorpiomon, now under Lilithmon's command, attempt to break through the barrier. Lilithmon kills the leader of the Scorpiomon for failing to break through and brings a Mugendramonnote  into the Sand Zone as his replacement. Mugendramon breaks through the barrier, allowing several Scorpiomon in before the opening starts to close. As they are unable to DigiXros and due to his misgivings about Baalmon, Shoutmon is reluctant to fight. Shoutmon half-heartedly agrees when Ballistamon and Dorulumon insist. Zenjriou leads the charge, but quickly has his thunder stolen by Jijimon. Lilithmon tells Mugendramon to start eating the barrier, which allows the remainder of her forces to charge in. As Nene's Monitamon watch from a distance, Xros Heart's Digimon are pushed back be sheer numbers. Shoutmon goes back up to get Taiki to come down and DigiXros them.

As Shoutmon reaches the top of the pyramid, Baalmon awakens to see Taiki healing him and the Digimon fighting to protect them. He tells Taiki to stop healing him as he believes he does not deserve it. Baalmon tells Taiki that after he was forces to kill the warriors, he was obsessed with seeking revenge on the one who caused their downfall whereas Taiki tried to save Shoutmon and the others when they were brainwashed and for that, Taiki is the better warrior. Taiki refuses to give up on Baalmon, who Taiki considers a friend for saving his life. Taiki tells Baalmon to have more faith in himself and that the other Digimon, whom Taiki also believes in, are fighting for him. Shoutmon, moved by Taiki's speech, decides to head back into the fight just as Mugendramon destroys the barrier.

Mugendramon absorbs the barrier's energy to grow larger. Shoutmon attacks Mugendramon, but is knocked to the ground. Xros Heart's other Digimon try to attack together, but are knocked away by a lasso of energy that emerges from a port at the end of Mugendramon's tail. Baalmon stops the healing process. Mugendramon starts to eat the Scorpiomon and Lilithmon starts to fuse the beast with every Digimon on the pyramid, including Shoutmon and the others. As Mugendramon begins to transform, Baalmon tells Taiki to go help his friends and not to worry about him. As Taiki runs off, the book falls to the floor and the statue's mask lands beside it. Baalmon realizes that the warriors' real power was the friendship they shared.

At the bottom of the pyramid, Taiki DigiXroses Shoutmon X4K, which attacks Mugendramon. The attack only disperses the data that Mugendramon was absorbing and Mugendramon completes its transformation into HiMugendramonnote . HiMugendramon projects an energy whip from its tail to attack and ensnare Shoutmon X4K. Lilithmon orders HiMugendramon to obliterate X4K with its cannons, but Baalmon, wearing the statue's mask, takes the hit. With his last words, Baalmon wonders if he is worthy of becoming a warrior of the goddess. He has a vision of Angemon greeting him as a fellow warrior. HiMugendramon charges another attack, but Baalmon shoots out its cannons and begins to transform. Baalmon is reborn as Beelzebumonnote  and swears to right the wrongs of his prior life. He fires an energy blast into HiMugendramon's mouth and Shoutmon X4K shoves it out the back of Mugendramon's head, causing it to disintegrate. Beelzebumon vanishes and the landscape returns to normal.

Back on the ground, Revolmon asks to join Taiki, who happily agrees. Taiki calls the Digimon back to the Xros Loader. An enraged Lilithmon opens a portal to another Zone that pulls Taiki and the others in.


  • Arm Cannon: Beelzebumon gets a spiffy new one that can stop HiMugendramon in its tracks and even knock some of the beast's armor off.
  • Backpack Cannon: The Mugen Cannons, though Mugendramon only uses them after its upgrade.
  • Bad Boss: Lilithmon feeds the Scorpiomon to Mugendramon when they are unable to defeat Xros Heart.
  • Bowdlerize: As before, the dub refers to the goddess as "the queen".
  • Clothing Damage: Beelzebumon's attack also knocks off some of the armor on HiMugendramon's face. Turns out HiMugendramon is pretty ugly.
  • Cool Mask: The statue's mask, only now Beelzebumon is wearing it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Baalmon takes a shot that would have killed Shoutmon X4K. The selflessness of the act allows him to transform into Beelzebumon with the goddess's power.
  • Hollywood Cyborg: Mugendramon actually has an organic body under all that armor, as revealed when Beelzebumon knocks some of it off.
  • Jawbreaker: Subverted by way of Boom, Headshot. Beelzebumon's shot forces HiMugendramon's jaws apart, but now to the point that they break. Shoutmon X4K then shoves it out the back of the mechanical beastie's head.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: HiMugendramon does this to Shoutmon X4K with its energy whip.
  • Oh, Crap!: Several, mostly having to do with Mugendramon.
  • Palette Swap: HiMugendramon is just a red version of Mugendramon.
  • Reincarnation: Beelzebumon refers to his new form as this. It's done more indirectly in the dub, where he calls Baalmon his former incarnation.
  • Taking the Bullet: Baalmon takes a shot from Mugendramon that would have killed Shoutmon X4K.
  • Whip It Good: In both forms, Mugendramon can project an energy whip from the end of its tail.