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Recap: Digimon Xros Wars
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    Season 1 

First Arc

  1. "Taiki, Go to Another World!" (Mikey Goes to Another World!)
  2. "Shoutmon, Roar!" (He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar!)
  3. "Rival Kiriha, Appear!" (A Rival Appears)

Island Zone

  1. "Island Zone, an Upheaval!" (Island Zone in Chaos!)
  2. "DigiMemory, Shine!" (Thanks for the Digi Cards!)
  3. "X4, The Crisis Breakthrough!" (Crisis or Conquest)

Magma Zone

  1. "Volcano Digimon, a Giant Eruption!" (Danger Erupts!)
  2. "Fierce General Tactimon, Close In!" (Meltdown in the Magma Zone!)
  3. "Dorulumon, Run Like the Wind!" (Dorulumon's True Colors!)

Lake Zone

  1. "Taiki, Become a Knight!" (The Rival Champions!)
  2. "Xros Heart, Burn!" (Ice to See You, Angie!)

Sand Zone

  1. "Sand Zone, a Great Adventure in the Ruins!" (Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My!)
  2. "Taiki, The Goddess’s Warrior!" (Mikey, Warrior of the Light!)
  3. "Warrior Beelzebumon, Flutter!" (Showdown in the Sand Zone)

Sky Zone

  1. "Heaven Zone, the Snare of Paradise!" (Trouble in Paradise)
  2. "Dark Knight Digimon, an Entrance!" (A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone)
  3. "A Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Flies!" (Clash in the Clouds)

Jungle Zone

  1. "Stingmon, the Hero of the Digimon Jungle" (Welcome to the Jungle Zone!)
  2. "Legendary Deckerdramon, Stir!" (Rumble in the Jungle Zone!)

Dust Zone

  1. "Dust Zone, the Great Scrap City of GrandLocomon!" (Train of Terror!)
  2. "Showdown! DarkKnightmon VS Xros Heart!" (Disaster in the Dust Zone!)


  1. "Wisemon, The Secret of the Digital World!" (Lost in Digital Space)

Warior Zone

  1. "Shinobi Zone, the Comical Ninja Battle!" (Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown)
  2. "Dunce Monitamons, Keep at It!" (Monitamission Impossible!)

Disc Zone

  1. "Zone Collapse! The Sparking Taiki and Kiriha!" (Showdown in Shaky Town!)

Warrior Zone

  1. "Shoutmon, the Proof of a King!" (Shoutmon - Bogus King or the Real Thing?)

Sweet Zone

  1. "Sweets Zone! The Sweet-Toothed Digimon Battle!" (Sweet Zone Bake-Off!)
  2. "Activation of the Ultimate Weapon! Hang in There, Cutemon!" (Battle in the Digital Depths)

Sword Zone

  1. "Taiki-Kiriha VS Bagra Army, the All-Out Showdown!" (Fall of the Final Code Crown)


  1. "Setting Off On a New Journey!! The Great Tokyo Showdown!!" (When Worlds Collide)

    Season 2 

    Season 3 
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