Recap / Digimon Tamers E 35 The Name Is Dukemon True Ultimate Evolution

Concerned about his children, Jiangyu is about to go out when his wife asks him about his cover story about Shaochung being with his parents. When she says that she saw Shaochung in a dream at the same place as Jianliang, Jiangyu is forced to admit the truth, and his wife is only able to break down as Jiangyu is unable to give her all the details and departs.

Takato is still shocked at Guilmon transforming into a ferocious monster, and as the hazard sign on Megidramonís chest begins to glow, Jian realizes that Megidramonís very presence causes the Digital World to fall apart.

Jiangyu arrives at Hypnos headquarters, where Yamakiís team is working to find out whatís going on. Yamaki is unable to contact the children, but is sure that they have something to do with it. Having been working with his friends to create an Ark that will save the children, Jiangyu is worried that they wonít make it in time, but Yamaki wants to believe in the children.

From far away, Ryou and Cyberdramon see signs of the disturbance taking place, and Takato begs Megidramon to stop. Makuramon approaches Beelzebumon and tells him to stop the struggle for the sake of the Digital World, but Beelzebumon responds only by killing Makuramon and absorbing his data. Despite their injuries, Kyuubimon and Rapidmon go to stop Beelzebumon, and Ruki uses a Card Slash to have Kyuubimon evolve to Taomon. Beelzebumon uses Makuramonís powers to trap Taomon and Rapidmon in bubbles, and Jian and Ruki use Option Cards that allow them to escape but give Beelzebumon the power of their Perfect forms.

Beelzebumon uses Taomon and Rapidmonís powers to fight against Megidramon, while Juri continues to scream for it all to stop. Beelzebumon manages to defeat Megidramon, and when Takato looks back at Juri, he sees her only lamenting whatís happened to the cute Guilmon.

The Hypnos Bridge Bunnies find that the anomaly in the Digital World has subsided, and as theyíre unsure that the children are safe, Yamaki asks Jiangyu how long itíll take for him and the Wild Bunch to finish the Ark. He offers them the Hypnos mainframe in order to speed it up.

While Beelzebumon tries to recover from the exhaustion of defeating Megidramon, Takato approaches Megidramonís still body, admitting that he was wrong and that he was so happy about becoming a Digimon Promoted Fanboy that he was caught up in the fantasy. As Juri remains unresponsive to any attempt to get her to stir, Beelzebumon gets up again and gloats his victory. He begins to approach the group with the intent of killing them as well, while Takato and Juri are unable to get themselves to do anything.

Takato insists that none of this is right, that even if Digimon are just data, Guilmon has always been his friend. As Beelzebumon aims his gun at Takato, Takato clutches Megidramon and calls for Guilmon, causing him to recognize Takato as Beelzebumonís bullets approach them.

Takato finds himself drowning of his memories as a Digimon fan and his creation of Digital World, remembering that he himself is data since heís in the Digital World and that he still had real experiences with Guilmon despite that. He then finds himself in a surreal vision, surrounded by a bunch of Guilmon clones, but asserts that his Guilmon is unique and is able to find the real one.

Back in the Digital World, Megidramon, now reverted to Guilmon, wakes up and sees Takato, and as the last remnants of Megidramonís form ward off Beelzebumonís bullets, Guilmon says that he wants to fight together with Takato. Takato isnít sure how thatís possible, but Guilmon assures him that something like that can happen if Takato wants it badly enough. Takatoís renewed determination not to hide behind Guilmon again causes him to merge with Guilmon, causing him to matrix evolvenote  to his true Ultimate form, Dukemonnote  Declaring that what Beelzebumon has done is unforgivable, Dukemon prepares to fight him.


  • Conspicuous CGI: The large number of Guilmon clones Takato sees in his vision are done in this, probably for effect.
  • Mythology Gag: An Agumon toy is shown in Takatoís room, likely as a reference to Takatoís current status as unofficial leader and main character.