Recap / Digimon Savers E 6 The Masaru Agumon Combo Terminated Windy Garurumon

Masaru and Agumon successfully defeat a Tortomon at the cost of creating a large amount of damage to the surrounding area, irritating Yoshino greatly. Tohma warns them to be more careful and Yoshino asks them what they’ll do if they’re in a situation when they’re apart, but Agumon is absolutely sure that they’ll always be together.

That night, Masaru and Agumon get into another fight over Sayuri’s fried eggs, and the fight escalates to the point where Agumon says he won’t back Masaru up anymore. Agumon returns to Masaru’s Digivice and refuses to come out, with Masaru also remaining stubborn at DATS headquarters. Tohma scorns them for fighting over something so trivial, but neither of them budge.

When traffic builds up in the city, a driver expresses distaste at the traffic lights, and a Digimon manifests above one...

Masaru decides he’ll be able to do everything by himself, while DATS operatives Miki and Megumi unsuccessfully try to get Agumon out of the Digivice. Yoshino wonders what they’ll do about it, but Satsuma says that it’s something Masaru and Agumon need to figure out on their own.

Neither Agumon nor Masaru indeed seem to be rather happy about the whole arrangement, with both of them sulking. Gaomon and Lalamon discuss the situation, with Gaomon unfamiliar with the idea of fighting with one’s human partner but Lalamon saying that she does it all the time – in fact, she’s about to rant all about Yoshino’s bad habits until Yoshino herself carts her away for talking about her private life.

In the middle of his sulking fest, Masaru runs into a bunch of gang thugs who recognize him, and while he successfully beats them up, his mood doesn’t change. He soon runs into the old man who had given him the Digivice, who’s decided to take up fortune-telling. The old man tells Masaru that he’s “looking for something”, and that he’ll find what he truly needs even when he’s not looking for it.

As the leader of the gang Masaru had beaten up demands revenge, the Digimon that had manifested appears to him, an Elecmon that begins to change the street lights and cause mayhem in the town. Satsuma sends Yoshino and Lalamon after them, and while Agumon wants to join in, he remembers that he’s still mad at Masaru. Masaru, seeing Elecmon prancing around, gives chase.

Masaru manages to save a small girl from a truck about to crash into her, and as he angrily continues to pursue Elecmon he instinctively calls for Agumon before remembering that they’d separated. As Yoshino also chases with a police car, she catches sight of Masaru and reports it, which Agumon overhears.

When Yoshino and Tohma arrive to chase the Elecmon to an electric power plant, they caution Masaru to stay behind when he doesn’t have a partner, but Masaru insists on taking care of it by himself. The Elecmon absorbs the surrounding electricity and evolves into a Garurumon. Telling Masaru to stay back, Tohma evolves Gaomon to Gaogamon while Yoshino evolves Lalamon to Sunflowmon. Masaru still insists on taking care of it himself, however, and Sunflowmon gets pushed aside by Garurumon when she tries to stop Masaru.

Masaru’s interference makes it difficult for Sunflowmon and Gaogamon to intervene, and the footage of the battle gets transmitted to DATS headquarters. Watching on, Agumon begins to worry. As Garurumon, with Masaru on top, flees, the old man appears and picks up the Digivice Agumon is in.

Masaru disembarks Garurumon and prepares to fight him on an isolated bridge, but although he lands his hit on Garurumon and manifests his Digisoul, it’s useless without Agumon around. As Garurumon takes the lead over Masaru, Masaru realizes that he had indeed been wrong about being able to take him on by himself. As he decides that he truly does need Agumon, Agumon suddenly appears in front of him and joins him in the attack. With the two now together as a team again, Masaru evolves Agumon to GeoGreymon, who defeats Garurumon quickly.

The old man, looking on, muses that Masaru seems to have found what he really needed. Masaru is finally able to apologize to Agumon about earlier, and Agumon tells him about how the old man had brought him – only to find that the man is gone.


  • Breath-Weapon-O-War: Between Garurumon and GeoGreymon's Breath Weapons. GeoGreymon uses Masaru's emotions get his attack through.
  • Breath Weapon: Garurumon has one and uses it in a Beam-O-War with GeoGreymon.
  • Canis Major: Garurumon.
  • Destructive Savior: Masaru gets called out on it at the beginning of the episode by both Tohma and Yoshino.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Elecmon doesn't even seem to be aware of the damage it causes and has a constant vacant smile.
  • Fortune Teller: The old man masquerades as one to give Masaru advice.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Elecmon gains these when it's about to evolve.
  • Hack the Traffic Lights: Elecmon turns them green for all directions, including the crosswalk signals and then messes with all of the ones he encounters from there. One instance would have gotten a little girl killed had it not been for Masaru.
  • In a Single Bound: Elecmon hops from lightpost to lightpost.
  • List of Transgressions: When Gaomon asks Lalamon if she and Yoshino ever fight, Lalamon starts listing off all of Yoshino's bad habits. Yoshino is quick to pull her away.
  • Palette Swap: The Garurumon in this episode is the black virus-attribute variant.
  • Shock and Awe: Elecmon, which allows it to interfere with and feed on anything that uses electricity.
  • Turtle Power: Tortomon.
  • Technicolor Fire: Garurumon breathes blue fire.