Recap: Digimon Savers E 4 The New Teams First Outing Puruse Drimogemon

Masaru, Tohma, and Yoshino chase after a Numemon, with Tohma dictating a strategic plan for them, but Masaru refuses to follow the plan and does as heís told. Tohma is forced to modify it as it goes. Due to the haphazard workings of Masaru, Agumon and Gaomon end up getting in each otherís way, and Lalamon is the one to eventually revert the Numemon successfully to a DigiEgg.

Tohma drives Masaru home on Satsumaís orders, with the two still at odds with each other. Sayuri and Chika, seeing this, are immediately friendly with Tohma to Masaruís chagrin. As Tohma returns, he reflects on Masaru having a family.

A couple of burglars break into a bank using a device one of them had gotten off the Internet. The device suddenly causes the door to break and summons a Digimon, who seems to understand them. He begins to help them, digging them out of the bank vault.

DATS finds the Digimon signal and identifies it as Drimogemon, who can dig underground at high speeds. Masaru arrives late, having had to have made an excuse to his mother, and Tohma tells him that if he were that worried about his mother he should have stayed home, accusing him of not taking his job as a DATS member seriously. In expressing his frustration, Masaru inadvertently destroys all of the investigation records for the night, but Tohma reveals heíd backed up all of that.

With DATS finally getting a lock on Drimogemonís signal, Yoshino, Masaru, and Tohma are dispatched against it. The burglars are in the middle of using Drimogemon in order to cause another break-in, and when Yoshino, Masaru, and Tohma arrive, they flee. Masaru and Agumon attempt to stop their car with brute strength, and the tense situation causes Drimogemon to suddenly get bigger.

Masaru fails to land a punch on the giant Drimogemon and is tossed into the nearby water, followed by Agumon. In accordance with Tohmaís plan, Gaomon tries to drive Drimogemon towards the water to prevent him from going underground, while Lalamon puts the two burglars to sleep. Before Gaomon can successfully shove him in, however, Masaru and Agumon return and ruin the plan by trying to fight Drimogemon themselves and causing him to dig underground.

Tohma changes the plan in order to corner Drimogemon where heís going to emerge, evolving Gaomon to Gaogamon and heading there quickly. They successfully corner him, but Masaru, having pursued Drimogemon with Agumon through the hole, lands a punch on Drimogemon, fires up his Digisoul, and evolves Agumon to GeoGreymon. GeoGreymon takes Drimogemon on, but a nearby Digital Gate appears. When Gaogamon and GeoGreymon try to both attack at once in order to stop him from fleeing through it, the attacks cancel each other out, and Drimogemon successfully flees.

The next day, Tohma tries to have Satsuma cancel out the team arrangement, but Satsuma refuses to hear any of it. Since Drimogemon may appear again soon or act as a negative influence of other Digimon in the Digital World, Tohma asks for permission to use the Digital Dive to enter the Digital World and pursue him, but Satsuma tells him that the Digital Dive isnít allowed to be used on humans.

At night, Tohma tricks the on-guard Yoshino into exiting the system room and locks her out, using the Digital Dive anyway. Yoshino is only able to respond with shock.


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