Recap / Digimon Savers E 2 Burn The Digisoul Of Anger

Yoshino strongarms Masaru and Agumon all the way back to DATS. Masaru is irate, telling them to stop treating Agumon like a criminal, but Yoshino tells him that Digimon shouldn’t be in this world to begin with and thus just being around is a crime. For Agumon, it looks like his fate will be to be forcibly reverted to a DigiEgg and sent back to the Digital World, but Masaru refuses to accept this and runs off with him. In the process, he drops his Digivice, and Satsuma realizes that “that man” has given it to him.

Masaru smuggles Agumon home with a cardboard box, and as Agumon gorges on snacks, Masaru realizes that Yoshino was wrong about Digimon only eating special food. He has a close call when he’s barely able to hide Agumon before his mother Sayurinote  barges in, who’s immediately suspicious that he’s hiding something. She reminds him of a promise that the family had made that they’d tell each other everything until his father comes back.

Agumon, on the porch, is suddenly found by Masaru’s younger sister Chikanote , who immediately reports to Sayuri that she’d seen a huge lizard. Agumon scrambles to get away, while Sayuri concludes that Agumon must be an Unidentified Mysterious Animal. Before any member of the family can do anything, Masaru is unable to prevent Agumon having a scuffle with a nearby cat and dogpiles on him right in front of his family.

When Masaru wakes up, he goes downstairs only to find Agumon casually eating dinner with Sayuri and Chika. Unfortunately for Masaru, also joining them for dinner is Yoshino, who’s made herself at home in the Daimon household. Yoshino’s not really sure why she’s there, having been ordered by her superior not to use memory erasure on the Daimon family and only to keep them under surveillance. Masaru is upset at Yoshino staying at their home, and the two quickly get in an argument.

During the night, trouble appears as a Digimon appears at a school...

In the morning, Masaru prepares for school, and Agumon wants to accompany him until Yoshino reminds them that Digimon shouldn’t be seen in public. Agumon is insistent, however, and Yoshino gives them another option: she returns Masaru’s Digivice to him and teaches him how to store his Digimon in it. Agumon isn’t very happy about suddenly being in a cramped space, but Masaru takes the option and heads off for school. Yoshino follows him and informs him that if he wants her to stop tailing him, he can join DATS if he doesn’t want to surrender Agumon.

Masaru stops on his way when he sees a ruckus going on at Chika’s school, and he goes in to investigate. Chika shows him the animal pen, saying that all of the animals had turned out to be mysteriously dead in the morning. Yoshino pulls him aside and tells him that a Digimon is responsible, showing her Digivice reacting to its former presence.

Agumon, sick and tired of being in the cramped Digivice, exits on his own to Yoshino’s exasperation. After Lalamon confirms that Agumon was not responsible for the incident, Masaru and Agumon take that as a signal to go ahead and give the perpetrator a beating.

During the night, Masaru puts Agumon in the pen cage in order to attract the Digimon back. After a fashion, the boy who was supposed to be responsible for the animals, Takashi, comes to the cage. When Masaru asks him what he’s doing, he tells them that he didn’t want to take care of the animals before a Digimon suddenly appears behind him. He realizes that the Digimon had been controlling the boy, but before he can do anything, Yoshino intervenes and says that she’ll take care of it.

Yoshino summons Lalamon, but Lalamon is completely unable to do anything and Yoshino has her evolve to Sunflowmon. Sunflowmon is slightly more effective, but the Digimon responds by evolving in turn and escaping.

Masaru tries to get Agumon to evolve, but is unable to manifest his Digisoul. Despite Yoshino’s protests, he goes into battle himself, saying that a man shouldn’t turn his back on the enemy and run. Landing a punch on the Digimon successfully manifests his Digisoul, allowing him to evolve Agumon to GeoGreymon. GeoGreymon makes quick work of the Digimon, reverting him to a DigiEgg.

The old man who had given Masaru his Digivice appears, telling him that Masaru would probably be more suited to the Digimon world where he would find all the opponents he wanted.

DATS sends the DigiEgg to the Digital World the next day, and Masaru appears with Agumon in order to make a request to join. Satsuma, saying that he’d figured Masaru would eventually join, grants the request, and Masaru and Agumon are thrilled to know that they’ll be able to fight against strong opponents.

Meanwhile, a plane approaches Japan, and a boy in it, accompanied by his Digimon, muses that it’s been a while since he’s been to his mother’s homeland.