Recap / Digimon Savers E 10 T Masarus Worst Day In His Life Prankster Soulmon

Masaru, Chika, and Agumon pay a visit to Tohma’s residence, with Chika being intimidated by its imposing presence and not happy about the fact Masaru’s accompanying her. Tohma welcomes them warmly, but Masaru seems to be rather casual about the whole thing, especially when they’re given a lavish meal.

Masaru and Agumon’s poor manners at the table end up embarrassing Chika so much that she ends up cracking under the pressure of the stiff environment and snaps at Masaru. As she yells that she hopes he slips on the street and hits his head, runs into a signpost, falls off a bridge, gets run over by a car, and gets squashed by a tanker, Agumon senses a mysterious presence. Before he can do anything about it, however, Chika runs off and Masaru and Agumon chase after her.

During the chase, Agumon sees the presence on Masaru again, and Masaru ends up slipping on a Banana Peel and hitting his head. Agumon tries to tell Masaru about the Digimon hanging around him, but Masaru is unable to see it and blows off Agumon’s claims. Unfortunately for Agumon, Gaomon is also unable to see it when it hides behind Masaru’s head, and after scolding Masaru for his manners, Tohma joins Masaru in looking for Chika.

While they discuss the issue, Agumon senses the presence of the Digimon again, which picks up a signpost and causes Masaru to trip over it. Tohma immediately picks up the eerie similarity to Chika’s list of wishes, and Gaomon remembers that Chika’s next wish had been for Masaru to fall off a bridge. Masaru laughs it off, saying that there aren’t even any bridges around, only for him to trip over a pile of chopsticksnote .

Masaru doesn’t want to believe Tohma’s suggestion that there’s a curse on him, but when he enters DATS headquarters, Miki and Megumi inform him that there’s a Digimon signal coming from right within. When Agumon identifies it as coming from Masaru, Tohma orders him under restraint, but Agumon explains that there’s a Digimon attached to Masaru causing all of his troubles from earlier in the day. Tohma realizes that the Digimon is turning Chika’s wishes into reality...and that Masaru is soon to be run over a car and squashed by a tanker.

Masaru, irritated that Chika has effectively become labeled as the perpetrator for the incident, decides to find Chika and prove that she’s innocent. On his way out, however, the Digimon causes him to crash into a cart carrying electronic equipment, leaving the only thing left as being run over by a tanker. True to form, a tanker starts to approach the shore the DATS headquarters is located at, and Masaru decides to go after it outside. Despite Yoshino and Tohma’s objections, he goes out alone and without even Agumon to help him; Tohma and Satsuma realize that he purposely left to bait it away and keep the tanker away from DATS.

As everyone decides to chip in and help the situation, Agumon goes off to meet Chika, telling her about the situation. Chika is resistant to helping Masaru, still upset at him from earlier, but when Agumon shows her Masaru trying to bait it away at risk to himself, she realizes that Masaru actually is in danger.

At DATS, Megumi identifies the Digimon as Soulmon, a Digimon that’s difficult to track down due to the fact it can turn invisible. Tohma realizes that they need a special plan for that kind of Digimon.

Chika and Agumon run to help Masaru, but Chika falls over and is only able to yell at him to get away. Tohma comes by and tells Chika that Masaru isn’t the kind of person to back down, but in any case they won’t allow him to get crushed by the tanker in the end. He pulls Masaru aside and informs him and Chika that Soulmon doesn’t actually have magic other than making himself invisible, and thus the Digimon is the one to be targeting in order to stop the tanker. Yoshino comes by with a boat, and as Masaru goes on to find the Digimon and fight it, he assures Chika that he’ll win. Tohma tosses Masaru something before he leaves, calling it “a little bit of magic called ‘science’”.

Masaru boards the ship and the hull, finding all the humans in there incapacitated and the invisible Soulmon in control of it. Masaru pulls out what Tohma had given him: a special spray that will cause the Digimon to become visible. The spray does as expected and Masaru is able to land a punch on Soulmon, and when Soulmon responds by becoming bigger Masaru uses his manifested Digisoul to evolve Agumon to GeoGreymon.

GeoGreymon defeats Soulmon after a quick battle, and as Masaru returns to shore, he thanks Chika for her help. Satsuma notices that Tohma looks down, and Tohma says that he’s still worried about why Digimon are coming into the human world and causing mayhem, and whether they’re acting on human thoughts given the last two situations.


  • Always Close: The tanker comes to a stop inches from the dock.
  • Attack of the Monster Appendage: Soulmon unsuccessfully attacks GeoGreymon with an arm hidden underneath its bedsheet-like appearance.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Soulmon does everything that Chika wants to have happen to Masaru.
  • Bedsheet Ghost: Soulmon.
  • Curse: Masaru's misfortunes seem to be this at first.
  • Exact Words: Masaru tripping on chopsticks falls under this as "hashi" can be written as "bridge" or as "chopsticks". The dub changes Chika's wish to "get hit by a bunch of sticks". There's also the cart, which is due to "kuruma" being used for other things than just cars. The dub changes it to Chika specifying a cart.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Soulmon's hat usually leaves its eyes in shadow. Sometimes subverted in that they occasionally glow red when this happens.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Soulmon feeds on electricity to grow larger.
  • Post-Modern Magik: Tohma describes the using spray-can on Soulmon in these terms to Masaru.
  • See the Invisible: Tohma gives Masaru a spray-can for this purpose. The original has it as a special substance for revealing invisible Digimon, but the dub doesn't specify what's in the can.