Recap / Digimon Frontier E 7 Town Floating In The Sky Toy Country Of Toy Agumon

The kids are reverted to their human forms and separated, with Takuya, Kouji, and Tomoki landing in what looks like a giant playground. Meanwhile, a bunch of ShadowToyAgumon steer an airship, hoping to go to the human world and get revenge on the children...

The three boys wander around trying to figure out where they are; Takuya wonders what happened to Izumi and Junpei, and they decide to continue on to Forest Terminal in the hopes of finding the others there. Tomoki is distracted by all of the toys around them and stops to play, and when Takuya tries to get him back on track, Tomoki begins to cry. Takuya becomes distressed by this, but Kouji blows him off and tries to get them to move on. Takuya calls out Kouji for being insensitive, and Kouji responds that since Tomoki came to this world, he needs to become stronger. Tomoki’s attention is pulled to a large toy train, which the three of them begin riding to Kouji’s chagrin.

The three of them run into a Monzaemon, but he scares them away when he tries to start some friendly pro wrestling matches. Tomoki is upset, having wanted to participate in pro wrestling with him, but before there can be any more discussion on the matter they realize that they’ve accidentally run into an amusement park swinging boat ride. The view from the ride causes Takuya to realize that they’re on a floating island.

Takuya offers to carry a rather winded-out Tomoki on his back, but Kouji criticizes the practicality of that when an enemy might attack them. Tomoki decides to just walk on his own and the boys approach what looks like a large cake house, while one of the ShadowToyAgumon spies on them, realizing that human children have entered their town, and decides to take them hostage for when they enter the human world. He orders Monzaemon to go after them, but when Monzaemon is unwilling, the ShadowToyAgumon corrupts him and turns him into WaruMonzaemon.

The boys realize they’ve ended up in a candy shop, to which Tomoki is jubilant. Kouji is irritated, wanting to quickly find a way to get to Forest Terminal, reasoning that if one Legendary Warrior is an enemy, the other four could also be hostile to them as well. Takuya tells Kouji not to be so pessimistic in front of Tomoki, but Kouji dislikes the idea of being unrealistically idealistic and tells Takuya not to treat Tomoki in a special way just because he’s younger. Tomoki, depressed by the conversation, apologizes for being the cause of Takuya and Kouji’s fights, and Takuya tries to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Izumi, Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon float down a river, wondering where Takuya and the others are. Bokomon reasons that since the others are Legendary Warriors, they’re probably managing by themselves and are finding a way to Forest Terminal.

The boys exit the candy house and begin to look for a way out, with Takuya trying to keep Tomoki in good spirits and Kouji still not happy with how Takuya treats Tomoki. As the two are about to start a fight again, Tomoki is taken away by WaruMonzaemon, and when the two give chase, WaruMonzaemon uses an attack that causes Takuya and Kouji to feel listless and depressed. By the time they snap out of it, it’s too late and WaruMonzaemon manages to run off with Tomoki.

The two of them look for Tomoki, with Kouji realizing that this happened because they were fighting and Takuya remembering his own little brother once being lost in a theme park. Upon hearing Kouji refer to Tomoki as a burden, Takuya tells Kouji that it’s their responsibility to look after him since they’re older and asks if Kouji has any siblings. When Kouji replies that he’s an only child, and thus doesn’t know much about siblings, Takuya tells him to treat Tomoki as if he were his younger brother.

Takuya and Kouji come across a toy robot that Tomoki had seen before, and ask it whether it knows where Tomoki is. The robot points them in the direction of a large castle, which is guarded by some ShadowToyAgumon who blast Takuya and Kouji away, but they’re saved by a Pandamon who explains that they’re in “Toy Town”. In Toy Town, the toys are normally friendly and want to play with children, but Pandamon explains that the ToyAgumon who live in the castle, influenced by Cherubimon’s magic, began to hate the children who neglected them. As a result, they made the island float in the hopes of eventually reaching the human world to take their revenge.

Takuya and Kouji return to the castle and are attacked by the ShadowToyAgumon, and the two of them spirit evolve to Agnimon and Wolfmon to fight them off. The ShadowToyAgumon assemble themselves into different formations, including those of a tank and two giant robots, the latter of which require Agnimon and Wolfmon’s cooperation to take down. Agnimon and Wolfmon scan and purify the ShadowToyAgumon into regular ToyAgumon and, after reverting to Takuya and Kouji, run into the castle looking for Tomoki - only to find him happily playing video games with Monzaemon, who reveals that Tomoki’s willingness to play with him caused him to revert back to Monzaemon from WaruMonzaemon. He leads them outside the castle to the ToyAgumon, who offer to take the boys out of the city as an apology.

As the ToyAgumon fly them off the island on a giant toy plane, Takuya asks Tomoki if he was scared, and Tomoki replies that while he was initially frightened, he realize all Monzaemon wanted was to play with him. Kouji concedes that even little kids have their good points, and Takuya says that younger brothers aren’t that bad after all. The ToyAgumon lands them in Forest Land, though not before doing a loop on the plane first.

Meanwhile, Izumi, Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon wash up on shore, and wonder where they are.


  • Eye Catch: Kouji’s and Tomoki’s variants are shown this episode.
  • Foreshadowing: The rather solemn and almost somewhat bitter way Kouji says that he’s an only child hints at his loneliness issues that he refuses to admit he has. In addition, the fact that such emphasis is placed on this sets it up as a very important plot point when Kouji turns out to have a sibling after all - albeit an older one, and one he doesn’t know about.
  • Image Song: In the original version, Tomoki's image song "Say, Yes!" plays at the end of the episode.