Recap / Digimon Frontier E 4 My Painful Kick Female Warrior Fairymon

As Kouji continues his ride on the Trailmon, he inspects his Digivice, which tells him to go to Forest Terminal. Once he arrives at the station he finds that he’s tired and decides to get some sleep on a bench.

In the morning, the other kids try to walk to Forest Terminal but find it to be a long journey. They reach a fork in the road, and Takuya and Izumi get in an argument over which direction to go in. They split up, with Takuya and Tomoki going in one direction and Junpei and Izumi going in the other. Bokomon reasons that since Takuya and Tomoki have evolved, Junpei and Izumi have a high chance of evolving soon, and follows them with Neemon in tow in the hopes of witnessing them evolve.

As Junpei (unsuccessfully) tries to score some points with Izumi, they end up at Soft Breeze Village. There, they meet Kouji, who’s also disappointed at not being at Forest Terminal. Without regards to the group, Kouji leaves to find Forest Terminal, while Bokomon expresses surprise at Soft Breeze Village not having the views it’s supposed to be famous for. Junpei suddenly finds his Digivice beeping and wonders if a Spirit is nearby, while Izumi tries to climb a tree to get a better view of the place. Izumi ends up falling off the tree and into a bunch of Floramon.

Kouji, walking off, also finds his Digivice beeping and suddenly hears a bunch of voices talking about the human children who have arrived and how they should go and bully them.

The Floramon treat Izumi and Junpei to their village specialty, pear soup, and one of them explains to Izumi that the breeze in the village is there because of the large tree that softens the wind against it. She goes on to say that the station had once been a beautiful one with greenery and flowers, but they no longer get visitors, and say that Izumi, Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon are their first visitors in a long time. The Floramon welcome them to their village and ask them to tell other people about their village so that they can once again have lots of visitors.

Izumi suggests that the Floramon attract visitors by making their station prettier, and the Floramon reply that they don’t have the strength for it, but Izumi gets them to have Junpei do it and uses her charms to convince him to go along with it.

As Takuya and Tomoki continue on the other way, they suddenly find the ground breaking up in front of them and vanishing, and they turn back and begin to run. As Takuya realizes that it must not be the right path and tries to get back, Tomoki begins to cry.

Junpei, Izumi, Bokomon, Neemon, and the Floramon decorate the place with flowers, but they’re attacked by a bunch of Mushmonnote , while from outside Kouji realizes what’s going on. The three Mushmon brothers tell the group that they shouldn’t be planting flowers and throw yellow mushroom bombs at the Floramon, causing them to start laughing uncontrollably and thus become unable to continue planting the flowers. The Mushmon tell the Floramon that they resent them for having taken all of the guests’ appreciation from them when they once worked together to help all of the customers, despite the Floramon’s response that the Mushmon brothers’ mushroom soup had also been very popular. With that, the Mushmon decide they’re going to tear down the village and begin destroying it, and Bokomon realizes that the Mushmon might have been corrupted by Cherubimon’s magic.

Izumi gives one of the Mushmon a slap in the face and demands that they apologize for their actions. Unfortunately, Junpei manages to push them too far and they start to chase after him, while Junpei points his Digivice to the sky asking whatever force there is to make him evolve. Izumi calls for Junpei and a Spirit reveals itself, and Junpei raises his Digivice to the Spirit and tries to claim it...only for it to make its way to Izumi and enter her Digivice, allowing Izumi to spirit evolve into Fairymonnote , the Warrior of Wind.

Fairymon manages to fend off the Mushmon but is completely helpless when they fuse and evolve into a Woodmon, and she’s quickly reverted to Izumi. Fortunately, they’re bailed out by Kouji, who arrives quickly on the scene, spirit evolves to Wolfmon, and successfully defeats and scans Woodmon, causing him to revert into the three Mushmon.

Wolfmon reverts to Kouji, who releases all of the data he scanned and causes the station to return to its original, greenery-filled state. As the Mushmon, now once again docile, help the Floramon by making more mushroom soup, Izumi offers a hand to Kouji, but he simply gets off and walks away. Takuya and Tomoki show up, having finally gotten back from their wrong turn, and Izumi boasts about having evolved. The unbelieving Takuya and Tomoki laugh at her, while Junpei is depressed at being the only one who hasn’t evolved yet.


  • Boom, Headshot!: Wolfmon finishes Woodmon off this way.
  • Eye Catch: As it’s the episode that introduces Fairymon, we get Izumi’s version of the eyecatch twice.
  • Faux Action Girl: This is Izumi’s evolution episode, so normally we would expect this episode for Fairymon to show off how awesome she is...and yet Fairymon loses to the Woodmon and has to be bailed out by Wolfmon, giving Kouji another chance to be in the spotlight while making Izumi look comparatively pathetic. And she's only the first to suffer this fate.