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Recap: Digimon Frontier E 49 Fight Susanoomon Lucemon Reaches The Human World
Susanoomon stands resilient against Lucemon’s attempts to beat him down, but Lucemon vents out all of his hatred for having been sealed in the Dark Area for so long and throws his Yin-Yang Bomb at him. Inside Susanoomon, Takuya and Kouji cling to life, with Kouji remembering his promise to Kouichi to visit their birth mother and Takuya remembering Kouichi’s last wish for them to save the human world. With both of them resolving to fulfill their promises to Kouichi, they survive Lucemon’s Yin-Yang Bomb by splitting into Takuya and Kouji when the attack hits and re-forming into Susanoomon. Susanoomon then summons a BFG and slices Lucemon in two, causing him to expose his DigiCode to be scanned.

Susanoomon uses Takuya and Kouji’s Digivices to scan Lucemon, reverting him to two DigiEggs, one black and one white. The white one flies up and dissolves, destroying the dark barrier around the Digital World, and Susanoomon reverts to Takuya and Kouji. The kids are happy to have finally defeated Lucemon, but something seems to be wrong as the black egg begins to absorb data around it and grow. Bokomon realizes that Susanoomon was only able to scan Lucemon’s holy data, and the evil data absorbs all of the Dark Area’s barrier and turns into Lucemon Satan Modenote .

Lucemon Satan Mode escapes to the human world, and Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki spirit evolve while Takuya and Kouji double spirit evolve to follow him, leaving Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon behind in the Digital World. With each of the kinds wanting to return home and chase the dreams that they’ve formed through their experiences in the Digital World, they resolve to Save Both Worlds.

Lucemon arrives at the terminal under Shibuya Station and displays a message on all of the screens around Shibuya: “Follow me or die; which will you choose?”note  He rises out of the terminal, frying electrical circuits everywhere, and the group gives chase. Lucemon keeps recovering from every attack they land on him, and Lucemon manages to engulf them in an attack...

...while a message appears on the screen: “Follow me or die; which will you choose?”


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