Recap / Digimon Frontier E 47 The Royal Knights Fall And Then

As the kids take shelter on the Digital World’s yellow moon, Kouichi continues to worry about his lack of a body. The kids lose hope, knowing that the Digital World is gone, but Takuya and Kouji are still certain that they need to keep fighting.

The Royal Knights ask Lucemon about the key to the human world that he promised them, and Lucemon, irritated at their impatience, tells them that he’ll give it to them if they defeat the children.

While on the moon, the kids find the surviving DigiEggs that were transported from the Village of Beginnings, and Patamon finds two eggs that hatch into Plotmonnote  and Lopmon. As they play together, Bokomon recognizes Plotmon and Lopmon as the reborn Ophanimon and Cherubimon, and the kids, seeing the purified Three Great Angels free of their old fight, decide to fight for the sake of the Digital World.

The Royal Knights arrive, and Plotmon asks them if they’ll fight or not. Recognizing Ophanimon’s question of if they’ll start the “game” or not, Takuya reflects on how he’d initially thought of all of it to be just something he did for fun, but it had quickly turned into a battle to save the Digital World, and that he’s staying here because there’s something he needs to do.

The kids give their Spirits to Takuya and Kouji, who hyper spirit evolve to KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. LordKnightmon begins to have doubts about Lucemon’s promise to give them to the key to the human world, but still fights alongside Dynasmon in the hopes of defeating the children. Through the power of sheer determination, KaiserGreymon manages to fend off and finally defeat Dynasmon, and MagnaGarurumon finally manages to defeat LordKnightmon.

Before KaiserGreymon can scan them, however, Lucemon arrives, kills the Royal Knights, and absorbs the data of his two minions. He uses the data to evolve into Lucemon Falldown Modenote , who claims that he does everything out of “love” and wishes to give everyone happines, believing that he can create an orderly world under his perfect rule. The kids won’t have any of that, saying that happiness comes from living with free will, but Lucemon retorts that he’ll make a new world by destroying this one first.

KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon attack, but their attacks do nothing. Lucemon pummels down KaiserGreymon, causing him to revert to Takuya, and Lucemon is about to scan Takuya before MagnaGarurumon intervenes. MagnaGarurumon quickly becomes another victim to Lucemon’s beatdown and reverts to Kouji, and the moon shatters into pieces.


  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Izumi’s variants are used for this episode.