Recap / Digimon Frontier E 45 Operation Data Disorder Defend Akiba Market

A boomerang flies through the air as the Royal Knights continue their hunt for data. Sepikmon tells the kids that he’s found the Royal Knights, who turn out to be heading towards Akiba Market. Fortunately, the group has anticipated this from observation data from the moon that Nanomon has given them, knowing that the only two places that are still unscanned are the market and Ophanimon’s castle, and are already at the site waiting for them.

The kids have the natives evacuate Akiba Market with the help of some Trailmon, and Junpei uses a control tower to scramble the town around, hoping that it’ll also mix up the data underneath it and make it harder to find. Nanomon and Tomoki make a catapult in the hopes of distracting the Royal Knights with some snowballs, and a helping Toucanmon brings up how they’re helping each other to save the Digital World even when they once stole the kids’ Digivices.

An army of Digimon, led by Zanbamon, attacks the Royal Knights. Takuya and Kouji hyper spirit evolve and decide to help the army while the others hold defenses at Akiba Market. The Royal Knights decimate Zanbamon’s army, but as they’re about to kill the last few Airdramon there, KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon intervene. As the battle draws closer to Akiba Market, the other kids prepare the snowball catapult and manage to get a few hits on LordKnightmon. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop Dynasmon from beating down KaiserGreymon, and when the others try to aim a snowball at Dynasmon, a nearby stove tower melts it in midair. KaiserGreymon manages to use the stove tower’s heat to ignite fire and throw back Dynasmon.

The kids manage to land another snowball on LordKnightmon, but this sends an attack barreling towards Kouichi and MagnaGarurumon takes the attack to protect him. The resulting fall knocks all of the kids unconscious, causing them to expose their DigiCodes - with the exception of Kouichi, who is significantly less injured and has no code to be seen. Remembering how the same thing had happened before, Kouichi wonders why his data isn’t appearing, and LordKnightmon reveals that the only way for Kouichi to not reveal data is for him to not have a body, meaning that Kouichi is nothing but a detached soul.

Before Kouichi can find out more about what this entails, MagnaGarurumon charges in from afar and barrels into LordKnightmon, and while holding back KaiserGreymon, Dynasmon finds Akiba Market’s data in a crack in the floor. He tries to grab it only to find that it’s only a split fragment of it. As KaiserGreymon pins him down, Dynasmon calls for help from LordKnightmon, who beats KaiserGreymon away, and Dynasmon uses the distraction to search for all of the fragmented pieces of data. Kouichi helps the others as they wake up, and despite KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon’s best efforts, Dynasmon successfully assembles the data while LordKnightmon scans it, sending the kids flying off before they’re rescued by KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.

With only one area’s data left, the group heads to Ophanimon’s castle to protect it.