Recap / Digimon Frontier E 3 I Wont Allow Bullying Evolution Of Chakmon Of Ice

Neemon shows the kids a Trailmon that can take them back to the human world, but Takuya and Izumi don’t feel like doing it, and Tomoki decides that he wants to stay with them. Takuya, however, insists that because Tomoki’s only in third grade, he should go back with Junpei. However, at the last minute, Junpei and Tomoki decide not to board the Trailmon, and the kids, Bokomon, and Neemon decide to go off to explore the Digital World.

Bokomon tells Takuya that he’s one of the Legendary Warriors destined to take care of the Digimon who were corrupted by Cherubimon and save the Digital World, and begs him to do so despite Takuya’s general disinterest. The voice in Takuya’s Digivice tells the group to go to Forest Terminal, and they decide to follow the train tracks there. Takuya asks Junpei why he chose to stay in the Digital World for now, and Junpei claims that it’s because the Digital World seemed interesting...but Takuya sees right through it and realizes that Junpei just wanted to stay with Izumi. Izumi in turn asks Tomoki why he chose to stay, and Tomoki says that he wants to be like Takuya and become a Digimon so he can fight off bullies.

The tracks break off at a canyon, and the group decides to climb down the canon to follow some lights to see if someone is there to help them. When they reach the bottom, however, the lights disappear, and they’re met with stone carvings of an angel and ten symbols. Bokomon uses his book to identify the symbols as ones that represent the Ten Legendary Warriors and explains the history of the Digital World: in ancient times, the Human-type and Beast-type Digimon were always at war, until an Angel Digimon named Lucemon put a halt to the fighting. Lucemon ruled the Digital World in peace until he became corrupted by power, and ten warriors managed to defeat him.

The kids recognize two of the markings as ones that correspond to Agnimon and Wolfmon, and Izumi and Tomoki wonder if they’ll be able to evolve if they can find Spirits. The kids are approached by a bunch of Candmonnote , who accuse them of entering their village in order to rob their underground ruins. The Candmon decide to let the kids off when Bokomon tells them that the kids are here to save the Digital World, and that Takuya used the Spirit of Fire to evolve into Agnimon.

The Candmon give the kids a welcome to their village, but quickly attempt to drug the kids with incense of sleeping herb and attack them. The kids flee into the river, hoping that the Candmon will be held back by the water. Takuya offers to act as bait while the others flee, but the others refuse to let him act as bait alone; Tomoki, feeling himself a burden, tells them to leave him behind, but Takuya continues to insist as acting as bait since he can evolve to Agnimon. Izumi and Junpei bring up the fact that he reverted to Takuya easily the last time and that he’s still inexperienced, but they’re forced to go through with the plan when it seems they can’t escape from the Candmon.

Takuya spirit evolves to Agnimon and the Candmon realize that he wasn’t lying about having the Spirit of Fire. Agnimon attacks the Candmon, but his attacks are ineffective on fire Digimon, and when Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki fall down a hole, they find themselves in an icy cave. Agnimon ends up hurt by a Candmon’s attack, and Tomoki, remembering how Takuya had saved him on the train tracks and how he had protected him and Kouji from the Raremon attack, charges in and begins to throw water at the Candmon. This causes a reaction from a hole in the ice cave, and a Spirit emerges and approaches Tomoki. Tomoki calls the Spirit into his Digivice and uses it to spirit evolve to Chakmonnote , the Legendary Warrior of Ice.

Chakmon, declaring that he won’t tolerate bullies, uses his ice attacks to severely damage the Candmon. One of them evolves into a Wizarmonnote , who knocks Chakmon down and challenges Agnimon. After turning invisible for a short time and attacking Agnimon, Wizarmon creates many clones of himself, but Chakmon identifies the real one by finding which one casts a shadow and Agnimon defeats and scans him, which reverts the Wizarmon to a Candmon.

Agnimon thanks Chakmon for saving him, and the leader of the Candmon tribe, now aware that these are the legitimate Legendary Warriors, apologizes and reveals that the battle was all a test to prove that they weren’t lying about having the Spirits. Takuya releases the DigiCode that he just scanned, which repairs the track’s bridge over the canyon, since Wizarmon had been entrusted with the bridge’s data to protect the village. The Candmon leader directs them to cross the bridge so that they can follow the tracks to Forest Terminal, and, hearing that it’s a far distance, Junpei regrets his decision to stay in the Digital World, not wanting to be there anymore.

Meanwhile, a Trailmon with Kouji in it crosses the newly repaired bridge...