Recap / Digimon Frontier E 39 This Is The Digital World Escape From The Moon

Kouichi wakes up to see Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon greeting him, along with everyone else knocked out around him. After confirming that Kouji’s unconscious and not dead, he decides to find someone who can help them. He finds the air around him to be mysteriously thin and the gravity low, and he soon sees the Digital World in the sky. He finds a car full of Starmon, who bring him and others into their car and explain to him that they’re on one of the Digital World’s three moons. Bokomon notices that Kouichi isn’t severely hurt, and Kouichi wonders why it’s just him who seems to have taken little damage.

The Starmon takes the group to their Moon Base, where they put the kids in some resting chambers to heal and bring Kouichi to their commander, SuperStarmon. The SuperStarmon, having seen the Digital World’s holes getting bigger and bigger through his telescopes, asks what’s going on, and Kouichi explains about the situation with Lucemon and the Royal Knights. The Starmon, who are migrants from the Digital World, begin to worry about the future of their homeland.

The Royal Knights give Lucemon more data and ask about a promise he made to give them the key to the Digital World. Lucemon tells them to wait until he revives and asks why they want the key so much, to which they respond that they want to take over the human world and scan human data.

The other kids catch up on what’s been going on after they wake up, and wonder how they’re going to get back when there aren’t any railroads or terminals from the moon to the Digital World. Takuya tries to get all of them to use their Digimon attacks to move the moon with momentum, to all of the others’ exasperation, and Chakmon attempts to use athletic moves to jump all the way back to the Digital World. Garmmon manages to get relatively far, but is stopped by a strange barrier between the moon and the Digital World, which electrocutes him and throws him back. Some nearby Insekimonnote  explain that there’s an electromagnetic stream there, and that they’ll need some kind of protection to get across.

They meet some Burgermon who are friends of the ones back in Hamburger Village, and wonder if they’re okay. They ask the Burgermon how their friends initially went to the Digital World, and they reply that they made a rocket.

Bolgmon tries to emulate the speed and lift of a rocket by shooting Agnimon out of his cannon, but this fails quickly. Löwemon eventually finds an experimental rocket made by some of the emigrant Burgermon, and with the help of the Insekimon and native Burgermon, they dig it out. Chakmon brings along the Starmon, who set up what they need to launch the rocket like a slingshot. Since the electromagnetic stream’s direction will only be in their favor at a certain time, the timing is critical, and SuperStarmon launches them off in time carefully.

Unfortunately, the rocket ends up not having enough boost, and Takuya spirit evolves to Vritramon to help it along. They manage to make it through the electromagnetic stream in time, but are faced with a bunch of asteroids, and although they avoid many of them, they end up hit by one and sent veering. Fortunately, they end up falling onto a Trailmon track, and manage to get a Mole Trailmon there to push them via the track back to the Digital World.

As they approach, they watch as the Royal Knights take more data to send to Lucemon, and Takuya says that he won’t let them get away with this.


  • Epic Fail: Takuya suggests that the heroes fire off their attacks to move the moon toward the Digital World. The others react accordingly. Tomoki tries to jump back to the Digital World as Chakmon and Junpei transforms into Bolgmon and tries firing Agnimon out of his head cannon. Kouji tries rolling up an incline at high speed, but is stopped by the electromagnetic stream.
  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Kouichi’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Feigning Intelligence: Junpei writes some equations on the on the ground when asked for suggestions. He has no idea what they mean.