Recap / Digimon Frontier E 36 Soar Towards Victory Showdown At Cherubimons Castle

Cherubimon finds Ophanimon and the kids foolish for still fighting on after all this time, but KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon call him out for not being able to understand Ophanimon’s desire to save him and their desire to save the Digital World. KaiserGreymon gets the others to a safe place and begin battle alongside MagnaGarurumon against Cherubimon, and the two of them are able to stand a chance. Kouichi, looking at the battle from afar, worries about Kouji while Izumi sees his concern.

Cherubimon, in a panic over seeing KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon able to put up a good fight against him, has trouble understanding why they’re so powerful. KaiserGreymon tells him that it’s because they’re supported by their friends, while Cherubimon has nobody to help him, but Cherubimon insists that their power comes only from Ophanimon and the Spirits and nothing else.

The two of them manage to create a large explosion that blows up the castle, and KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are forced to help the others evacuate. In the process, Kouichi falls down a weak spot in the floor, but is caught at the last moment by MagnaGarurumon.

After the rubble clears, the kids regroup and find out that Cherubimon’s disappeared, but Kouichi says that Cherubimon wouldn’t die so easily. Takuya and Kouji attribute their success in at least blowing up Cherubimon’s castle to everyone giving them their support and their Spirits, and when Takuya says it would be unfair to keep everyone’s Spirits all of the time, his and Kouji’s Digivices return the kids’ Spirits to them.

Kouichi wants to thank Kouji for saving him earlier but is too shy to approach Kouji about it, and Izumi urges him to go ahead and say it. Before Kouichi can finally get it out, however, they’re attacked by IceDevimon, whom Bokomon identifies as a Digimon who had destroyed many villages in the Digital World and ate tons of Digimon data before being sentenced to life imprisonment by the Digimon Court.

IceDevimon, who was able to escape from his prison by eating the data of Cherubimon’s victims, expresses his “gratitude” by freezing up Takuya and Kouji’s Digivices and making them inoperable. He then turns to the other kids, who respond by spirit evolving, and plays around with them with perversion before freezing Fairymon and Blitzmon’s lower bodies in ice.

Chakmon and Löwemon, as the only ones able to still fight, slide evolve to Blizzarmon and KaiserLeomon, but IceDevimon decides to use Takuya and Kouji as Human Shields and traps them inside an orb. Within the orb, ice begins to crawl up on Takuya and Kouji, but Kouji pushes Takuya aside and takes the attack, slowly becoming strangled by the sliver of ice. This pushes Kouichi’s BerserkButton, and KaiserLeomon pulls a Heroic Second Wind, breaks through the orb, frees Kouji and Takuya, and begins to throw himself relentlessly at attacking IceDevimon as Kouji watches. Fairymon and Blitzmon, after being likewise freed by Blizzarmon, assist him in defeating IceDevimon. KaiserLeomon slide evolves back to Löwemon and scan IceDevimon into a DigiEgg.

Exhausted, Löwemon collapses and reverts to Kouichi, and Kouji goes over to him and helps him up, and Takuya says that the two of them managed to get their feelings across to each other even without speaking. With IceDevimon defeated, Takuya and Kouji’s Digivices return to normal, but as the remnants of Cherubimon’s castle disappear as Cherubimon collects more data, the kids realize that the fight isn’t over.


  • Breath Weapon: Downplayed. Blizzarmon seems to be able to use a smaller-scale version of Chakmon's ice breath.
  • Combination Attack: Blizzarmon and Shutumon do this as the first attack in a sequence used to take down IceDevimon. Blizzarmon combines what looks like a smaller-scale version of Chakmon's Breath Weapon with a Tornado Move by Shutumon to create an icy whirlwind that engulfs IceDevimon.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: IceDevimon refuses to work with a “creep” like Cherubimon...but it’s hard to tell who’s worse.
  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Junpei’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Large Ham: IceDevimon is voiced in the Japanese version by accomplished ham expert Norio Wakamoto himself. The dub version likewise has Dave Wittenberg putting on his best Christopher Walken impression.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: Subverted. IceDevimon begins to crack when hit by Bolgmon's Field Destroyer attack at point-blank range. KaiserLeomon then finishes him off by charging through him, followed by a standard purification sequence performed by Lowemon.
  • Tornado Move: Downplayed. Shutumon combines the whirlwind generated by one of these with Blizzarmon's Breath Weapon.