Recap / Digimon Frontier E 27 Double Spirit Miracle Beo Wolfmon Is Born

Duskmon looks at Sephirotmon and sees Koujiís image in one of the spheres. Bokomon sees it too, and Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki spirit evolve in the hopes of helping him out, but find themselves unable to enter the sphere and revert to their human forms. Shortly after, Duskmon enters the sphere himself, and the kids realize that they need to let Takuya and Kouji know. Izumi tries to use the Digivice to contact one of them and manages to reach Takuya. They tell Takuya that heís inside Sephirotmon, Mercuremonís Beast Spirit evolved form, and that the only way to get out is to fight and win inside all of the ten spheres. As the others are unable to reach Kouji, they tell him that itís not easy to get back in once he gets out and that they just saw Duskmon entering. Knowing this, Takuya goes off to look for Kouji.

Kouji finds himself in a completely empty space only to be approached by Duskmon. Demanding to know who Kouji is and why he came to this world, Duskmon begins to siphon Koujiís memories out of him, specifically the day that Kouji came to the Digital World. Before receiving his fateful text message from Ophanimon, Kouji had been buying flowers as an anniversary present for his mother, whom Kouji says has been married to his father for only three years. When he received the text message, tempted by the possibility of ďa game to decide his futureĒ, he had told the flower shop owner to hold the flowers for him and run off to catch the train to Shibuya Station.

As Kouji relives the memory of boarding the train and wondering what this ďgameĒ is supposed to be, someone elseís memories begin to be mixed in: those of the mysterious boy with Koujiís face, who had been watching Kouji on the train and was unable to make it to the elevator. Duskmon wonders why heís suddenly feeling strange and why the memories related to Koujiís parents and the mysterious boy are of such concern to him.

Duskmon reads more memories from Kouji, this time of him looking at a picture of his late mother before his father had asked him to warm up to his stepmother and call her ďMomĒ. The sight of the picture of Koujiís biological mother, his stepmother, and his father only serves to make Duskmon more troubled, while Kouji wonders why Duskmonís acting like this.

Meanwhile, Takuya walks into another area of Sephirotmon and finds a Panjyamonnote , who attacks him. Takuya, not wanting to waste time when he wants to find Kouji, quickly spirit evolves to Agnimon, fights Panjyamon off, and wonders if heís also a Digimon trapped inside Sephirotmon.

Duskmon drops Kouji, clutching his head in pain, but Cherubimonís voice encourages him to keep fighting and engulf the world in darkness. As Duskmon declares that heíll turn the entire world into darkness, Kouji spirit evolves to Wolfmon and fights him. As Wolfmon faces off against Duskmon and Agnimon against Panjyamon, Bokomon suddenly realizes that Seraphimonís egg is moving...

Agnimon defeats and scans Panjyamon into nothing, and is presented with two gates. One of them leads to the outside, and one of them leads to another area in Sephirotmon; remembering that itís not easy to get back in once heís out, Agnimon enters the second gate in the hopes of finding Kouji.

Wolfmon, however, is unable to leave any significant mark on Duskmon, even after slide evolving to Garmmon. As Duskmon defeats Garmmon and reverts him to Kouji, Kouji resolves not to die there, because he still needs to solve the mystery surrounding him...and, in addition, buy the flowers that he had intended to buy for his stepmother and finally call her ďMomĒ as his father requested. This causes Seraphimonís egg to glow and send a beam of light towards Kouji, granting Kouji the ability to use both his Human and Beast Spirits at once and double spirit evolvenote  to BeoWolfmon.

As Tomoki, Izumi, Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon see the image of BeoWolfmon from outside, BeoWolfmon is finally able to stand a chance against Duskmon. However, this causes them to reach a stalemate, withBeoWolfmonís light and Duskmonís darkness auras completely and evenly matched in a struggle against each other. The resulting struggle causes an image of Koujiís human form to appear inside BeoWolfmon...and a mysterious boy with a face that looks just like his inside Duskmon.

BeoWolfmon is only able to let out a ďWhat?Ē before the auras are unable to hold up the stalemate any longer and both BeoWolfmon and Duskmon are thrown outside of the sphere, the match having reached a draw. Agnimon arrives on the scene too late, only able to watch as BeoWolfmon and Duskmon fly out the gate and far away from Sephirotmon and the others. Seraphimonís egg returns to Bokomon, still not having hatched, and when Duskmon lands in a faraway location, Cherubimon tells him not to lose the darkness in his heart. BeoWolfmon, wondering who the mysterious boy was, and chases after Duskmon with the intent of finding out who he is.

And in case youíre not smart enough to figure it out, the new ending theme courteously spoils the fact that the boy is going to be joining the main cast very soon.


  • Alien Sky: The sky in the area where Kouji fights Duskmon uses dark blues, purples and reds with the Crest of Light visible. The mirrored floor reflects the sky. The sky in the area where Takuya fights Panjyamon is colored in dark blues and greens with some clouds.
  • Battle Aura: BeoWulfmon and Duskmon get these when they clash.
  • Blade Run: Downplayed. When Panjyamon blocks Agnimon's kick coming out of Salamander Break with his sword, Agnimon just uses the sword as leverage to kick Panjyamon with his other leg.
  • Breath Weapon: Panjyamon's Reikoku, dubbed as Blizzard Breath, and Garmmon's Solar Laser.
  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: The dub changes some lines to imply that Kouji is unable to treat his stepmother well because heís still traumatized by the death of his biological mother, with the implication that he was there to see her die. This creates a problem when itís later revealed that not only is his mother actually alive, but also that his parents split up before he was old enough to remember anything.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Koujiís variants are used for this episode.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Garmmon and Duskmon both do this. Duskmon's is stronger.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Kouji has one when he becomes BeoWulfmon.
  • Huge Holographic Head: Cherubimon appears to Duskmon as one to get Duskmon to keep fighting Kouji.
  • An Ice Person: Panjyamon has ice-themed variants of Leomon's attacks.
  • Mind Probe: Duskmon probes Kouji's memories to determine what their connection is.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: That Digivice communicator ability would have been really handy a long time ago...
  • Sacrificial Lion: Itís uncertain whether Panjyamonís death here counts as the traditional Leomon death or not, since technically Panjyamon was a manifestation and not a real Digimon (he lacked a DigiEgg when Agnimon scanned him).
  • Shaping Your Attacks: Panjyamon's Ice Beast Fist attack is shaped like a lion's head.
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: Takuya fights Panjyamon in one, though the landscape isn't particularly slippery and is instead a snowy mountain peak.
  • Spoiler Ending: In addition to spoiling Kouichiís addition to the group and his natural evolution forms, the new ending shows Patamonís presence, as well as Takuya and Koujiís upgraded Digivices.
  • Tornado Move: Agnimon finishes off Panjyamon with Salamander Break.