Recap / Digimon Frontier E 26 Ranamons Tenacity Female Digimon Personal Combat

While Ranamon takes a rest in one of Sephirotmon’s spheres, Mercuremon taunts her by implying that Shutumon and Fairymon might be more beautiful than her, goading Ranamon to take action against Izumi.

Izumi wanders around, wondering where the others are, and is spied on upon by three Honeybeemon who happen to be members of Ranamon’s fan club. They decide to capture Izumi and use her as an offering to Ranamon. While Izumi thinks about a time a girl in her class had offered to have dinner with her, the Honeybeemon try to trap Izumi in a cage but end up trapped in the cage themselves. Not knowing that the cage was meant for her, Izumi helps the Honeybeemon by spirit evolving to Fairymon and breaking them out. They part ways, but the Honeybeemon again get themselves trapped in various other traps, which Fairymon breaks them out of without realizing that said traps are for her.

Meanwhile, as Takuya looks for the others, he’s attacked by a Parrotmon, and Takuya spirit evolves to Agnimon, quickly defeats him, and scans him into nothing. Agnimon reverts to Takuya and finds that a gate to another area has opened, and as he checks it out, he realizes that he’s inside a living thing.

In exchange for saving them, the Honeybeemon present Izumi with various honey-related treats. They’re quickly swayed by Izumi’s charms, but while Izumi falls asleep, Ranamon catches the Honeybeemon and gives them an enchanted apple that will give the victim horrible dreams, ordering them to give it to Izumi else they’ll be kicked out of her fan club. When Izumi wakes up, they present her with the apple, and Izumi takes a bite. The apple causes her to relive the continuation of the day the girl had asked her to dinner: when the girl had offered to have Izumi help with making dinner, the other girls had immediately ostracized the two, and when the girl tried to push Izumi away, Izumi had snapped at her. As Izumi reflects on how horrible the girl was, Ranamon approaches her and tells Izumi that she’s unlikable because she’s “weak and ugly”.

Junpei, looking for a way to find his friends, runs into a giant cherry tree that turns out to be a Jureimonnote . Junpei responds by spirit evolving to Blitzmon and effortlessly defeating the Jureimon, scanning him and causing him to disappear. As Blitzmon reverts to Junpei, he sees an exit and finds himself outside Sephirotmon with Tomoki, Bokomon, and Neemon. They see images of Izumi and Ranamon in one of the spheres and realize that Izumi is trapped in there.

Ranamon continues to taunt Izumi, claiming that her “true self” is weak and ugly. Izumi remembers how she was unable to forgive the girl for breaking her promise for them to have dinner together, but this only serves to snap Izumi out of her daze as she decides that she wants to become kinder and stronger. With that, Izumi spirit evolves to Fairymon and attacks Ranamon.

Ranamon reveals to Izumi that the Honeybeemon are members of her fan club, calling Fairymon stupid for having helped them, and orders the Honeybeemon to cheer her on. As Fairymon and Ranamon begin their fight, the Honeybeemon act as cheerleaders for Ranamon, but they begin to have doubts when both Fairymon and Ranamon evolve and they see Calmaramon’s appearance. Still, they fear Ranamon’s wrath and continue to cheer for her.

Calmaramon taunts Shutumon, claiming that she has no friends, but Shutumon remains resolute on wanting to become kinder. The Honeybeemon, finally deciding that Shutumon is stronger and more beautiful, ditch the Ranamon fan club and give their support to Shutumon. Calmaramon, incensed, tries to cover Shutumon up with squid ink and declare her to be ugly, but the Honeybeemon insist that Shutumon has a more beautiful heart. Saying that a woman must be kind and strong, Shutumon defeats Calmaramon, slide evolves to Fairymon, and scans and purifies her into a DigiEgg.

Fairymon reverts to Izumi and says that a woman needs a beautiful heart, and the Honeybeemon fawn over her. With Ranamon’s defeat, a gate opens in front of Izumi that leads outside, and Izumi, led by the Honeybeemon, meets up with Tomoki, Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon. Junpei, seeing the Honeybeemon, tells them that he’s the number one member of Izumi’s fan club, and the group looks back at Sephirotmon, with only four spheres left shining.


  • Alien Sky: As with Sephirotmon's other areas, the ones shown in this episode have swirling technicolor skies of varying color schemes. The area that Junpei is trapped in is revealed to have a sky that uses dark blues, greens and purples.
  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: Takuya fights Parrotmon in an area that has some pretty vivid colors in both the sky and the landscape.
  • Breaking Speech: Ranamon uses Izumi's guilt at lashing out at her Only Friend at camp to demoralize her while Izumi experiences visual hallucinations of the memories. It stops working when Izumi resolves to treat others better.
  • Designated Girl Fight: This episode is pretty much the culmination of the developing catfight between Ranamon and Izumi, mostly because they’re girls. It’s worth nothing that Ranamon is the only enemy that Fairymon ever successfully scans. In the entire series.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: Junpei is trapped in an area that resembles a creepy, tropical-looking forest containing Jureimon, a hostile tree.
  • Eye Catch: Izumi and Junpei’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Feathered Fiend: Parrotmon.
  • Ghibli Hills: The area that Izumi confronts Ranamon in is hilly with a birch forest and a large lake. The weather there is beautiful, swirly clouds aside.
  • Lampshade Hanging: The Japanese title lampshades the episode's Designated Girl Fight.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: A different part of "With the Will" is used for each battle in this episode.
  • Only Friend: Izumi was friends with one other girl at camp, but lashed out at her for breaking a promise by choosing to eat dinner with the other girls instead of her.
  • Tempting Fate: In the dub, Takuya says that at least there's nothing he has to fight. Cue Parrotmon.
  • Shock and Awe: Parrotmon has a lightning attack that it launches from its forehead.
  • Shout-Out: The main plot of the episode is similar to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • When Trees Attack: Jureimon, though he's not much of a threat.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Subverted. The Honeybeemon fall into their own traps, but they just don't have the heart to attack Izumi when she comes to their aid.