Recap / Digimon Frontier E 20 Mystery Warrior Hidden In Darkness Duskmon

Arbormon gets up early and does some exercise, while Mercuremon greets him. After Arbormon jogs off, Mercuremon looks over Seraphimonís data, thinking that heíll be able to do whatever he wants with the Digital World as he pleases. He happens to be watched over and overheard, however, by Duskmon, the Warrior of Darkness.

Arbormon, Mercuremon, and Ranamon report to Cherubimon, and they report that Duskmonís skipping out on the meeting again and that Grottomon has been defeated by the human children. Mercuremon presents Cherubimon with the data heís gathered and Cherubimon notices that Mercuremon is still holding onto Seraphimonís data, but lets it slide and tells them to defeat the children. Arbormon says that heíll gladly take them out, and Cherubimon disappears.

The kidsí Trailmon arrives in a new continent, and, seeing the dark atmosphere ahead, dumps the kids off and refuses to go any further. Bokomon tells them that theyíre entering the Dark Continentnote , and that nobody who has entered has ever returned to tell the tale. Bokomon is reluctant to go in, but the kids decide that theyíll be able to get through it. The Dark Continent turns out to be rather unnerving and scary, but they come across some lights up ahead and decide to follow them.

Mercuremon starts to worry about why Cherubimon knows about Seraphimonís data, and heís approached by Duskmon. Mercuremon asks why Duskmon wasnít at the meeting, and Duskmon responds that attending a meeting isnít a guarantee of being a loyal servant. Mercuremon accuses Duskmon of not doing anything, but Duskmon likewise replies that Mercuremon isnít doing much either but sending in Arbormon and Ranamon. Duskmon goes off and decides that maybe it might be a good idea to go to the battlefield once in a while.

The lights on the Dark Continent turn out to be shining moss, which the kids decide to use as a flashlight. They soon run into a bunch of voices that imitate everything they say, but when they test the voices by reciting some tongue twisters, the voices repeat them exactly down to the mistakes. Kouji uses some of the moss to reveal the voices to actually be some mischievous but docile Pipismon. The kids encourage Bokomon with this, telling him that they were able to discover things they didnít know by seeing it with their own eyes, and that he should chronicle his adventures in the Dark Continent for posterity.

As they decide to continue with their adventure, Arbormon attacks them, killing and scanning the Pipismon in the process. Arbormon slide evolves to Petaldramon and begins destroying the forest, and the five kids use their Beast Spirits to spirit evolve and fight back. Petaldramon begins absorbing data from the forest to become bigger and bigger, but after a long battle, the five of them defeat him, and Garmmon slide evolves to Wolfmon and scans Petaldramonís beast spirit, reverting him to Arbormon.

Before anything else can happen, however, Duskmon bursts into the scene. Arbormon asks if Duskmonís going to bail him out, since theyíre friends, but Duskmon says that Arbormon is useless without his Beast Spirit and kills him, scanning Arbormonís data and reverting him to a DigiEgg. He then turns to the other five...