Recap / Digimon Frontier E 19 Save The Burgermon Tomokis Pure Heart

Petaldramon looks out at the night sky and decides that he’s hungry. Meanwhile, at the Hamburger Village, some Chamelemon storm the place, and Petaldramon demands delicious hamburgers from one of the Burgermon families. Deciding that the family father makes the best hamburgers, Petaldramon kidnaps him and decides to keep him in his lair so that he can keep making delicious hamburgers for him, and the Chamelemon tell the despairing family of a Burgermon mother and her TorikaraBallmon children that if they can make tastier hamburgers by the next day, he’ll return the father.

The kids arrive at the village on a Trailmon, looking forward to eating some of the hamburgers the village residents are famous for making, but the place is in disarray and the residents are in distress. Izumi asks the Burgermon mother what’s going on, and she tells them about the situation, but the TorikaraBallmon emphasize that it’s not easy to make hamburgers that are tastier than the ones their father makes. Izumi suggests that they try and make some delicious hamburgers and then follow the Chamelemon back to the lair. None of the kids have cooked before, but they decide to give it a try, and Bokomon and Neemon decide to be the taste-testers.

The kids start using the kitchen, trying to make burgers, and while they select their ingredients Tomoki tries to remember how his mother made hamburgers. Unfortunately, he’s still not very good at it, only vaguely remembering what his mom used and succumbing to Onion Tears, but makes do with what he has.

The kids put up their hamburgers for judging, with all of them but Tomoki having put in increasingly unfitting ingredients for hamburgers; while Junpei’s and Izumi’s are somewhat tolerable, Bokomon and Neemon have trouble stomaching Kouji and Takuya’s, and they end up too full to be able to try Tomoki’s, but Izumi and Junpei decide to take them out to try it, while Takuya and Kouji start up a rivalry over who can make a better burger and start a cook-off.

The Chamelemon arrive and taste Tomoki’s burgers, and deem them to be delicious enough to kidnap everyone to take to base rather than make do on their promise to release the family’s father. Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki decide to go with them, with the TorikaraBallmon following, in the hopes of finding out where the Burgermon father is being held, and all the while Takuya and Kouji are far too absorbed in their competition to notice.

Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki enter Petaldramon’s lair, and as the TorikaraBallmon follow them, they’re captured by the Chamelemon. The kids are thrown into a dungeon and find the Burgermon father, and the TorikaraBallmon are presented as hostages to motivate the kids and the Burgermon father to make better hamburgers. The Burgermon father begins to lose his nerve, and Izumi apologizes Tomoki for dragging him into this, but Tomoki is happy to have had fun cooking. When he makes more burgers, the Burgermon is surprised to taste something so delicious, and when the Chamelemon come to retrieve them, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki respond by spirit evolving and attacking.

Since the Chamelemon keep disappearing, the TorikaraBallmon keep track of where they are to help Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon fight, and they successfully defeat the Chamelemon, allowing Chakmon to scan them and revert them to a bunch of Armadimonnote , who make a run for it. The Burgermon father, however, is too inspired by Tomoki’s hamburger recipe and insists on remaining behind to finish it, causing Petaldramon to come in and attack them. Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon slide evolve to Shutumon, Bolgmon, and Blizzarmon, and as they fight Petaldramon off, the Burgermon manages to distract him by stuffing him with delicious hamburgers. Petaldramon gets distracted and the group makes an escape, while Petaldramon gets sleepy from all the hamburgers and falls asleep.

The Burgermon family has a happy reunion, and the Burgermon father decides to name his new Tomoki-inspired creation “Pureburger” after Tomoki’s pure heart. Takuya and Kouji are still distracted by their competition, while Petaldramon wakes up and realizes he’s hungry again.


  • Eye Catch: Tomoki and Izumi’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Filler: This episode accomplishes almost nothing in the main plot.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Another aversion as Takuya again puts his goggles to use against the sandstorm in the Burgermon village.
  • Lethal Chef: Takuya and Kouji.
  • Not So Above It All: Kouji seems to be unusually invested in beating Takuya in the cooking contest...