Recap / Digimon Frontier E 16 Only Strength Isnt Enough Beatuiful Warrior Shutumon

As the kids have no luck in looking for the Toucanmon, the Toucanmon wonder what to do with the Digivices before eventually deciding to go to Akiba Marketnote  and sell them.

The kids take a rest, and the boys begin to wonder if Izumi will turn into something like Calmaramon if she finds her Beast Spirit. Izumi insists that even if Beast Spirits are hard to control, she’ll still become “a cool and beautiful Digimon girl” through strength of determination. Takuya spots the Toucanmon flying away, and when Tomoki sees them landing on another island, the kids decide to swim there...only to be stopped by a bunch of Gomamon, who warn them that it’s dangerous ahead.

Back at base, Calmaramon revels in finally having found her Beast Spirit, but still has difficulty controlling it. Mercuremon tells her that the Beast Spirit is useless if she can’t control it, but Calmaramon is certain that she’ll control it and take care of the kids for good.

The Gomamon tell the kids that the island they’re trying to get to is called Goma Island, and that there are some violent whirlpools near it; if the kids try to go near them, they’ll be pulled in and will drown. The whirlpools hadn’t been originally there, but when a big earthquake caused their appearance, the Gomamon became unable to return to their home. The kids decide to find a flying Digimon who can get them to the island, and Izumi, feeling sorry for the Gomamon, asks them to come along so that they can return home, and when the Gomamon politely decline, saying that they’re happy being able to see that their friends are doing fine on Goma Island, Izumi is able to tell that they’re actually lonely.

With that, Izumi decides to find a way to remove the whirlpools. Since the data that might correspond to restoring the land to the state where it was originally requires the boys to get back their Digivices, Izumi tells them to go ahead and try and find their Digivices while she tries to help the Gomamon and check out the whirlpools. Hoping that they can help, and that it’ll take them to Goma Island, the other kids decide to find a way to help out even if they don’t have their Digivices. They get to work making a raft for them and the Gomamon to ride on, hoping to find a way past the whirlpools.

Calmaramon finally gets to a point where she believes she can control her Beast Spirit. Even though Mercuremon warns her that she may not be able to fight the kids the same way she can destroy motionless rocks, Calmaramon slide evolves to Ranamon and insists she’ll be able to do it.

The kids set sail for Goma Island, approaching the whirlpools along the way. Before they can investigate them closely, Ranamon appears and attacks them, and an upset Izumi decides to fight her while the others take care of the whirlpools. Izumi spirit evolves to Fairymon and begins fighting, but Ranamon easily dodges Fairymon’s attacks and causes her to plunge into the water below. As Fairymon sinks into the water and reverts to Izumi, she resolves to save everyone, and suddenly finds herself able to breathe and falling into a bright light. She finds the Beast Spirit of Wind at the bottom of the ocean and calls it into her Digivice.

Izumi rises out of the ocean with the power of her newly acquired Beast Spirit. She promptly uses it to spirit evolve into Shutumonnote , inspiring jealousy in Ranamon for being prettier than her. Izumi has no trouble controlling the Beast Spirit, and Shutumon easily knocks Ranamon into the water. Ranamon, pissed off, slide evolves to Calmaramon, who turns out to still be a force to be reckoned with - that is, until the other kids realize that Calmaramon is shallow enough to be distracted by people insulting her. The boys promptly start badmouthing her, giving Shutumon an opportunity to attack, and when Calmaramon gets up she loses control of her Beast Spirit again and is sent flying off with A Twinkle in the Sky.

With the Beast Spirit of Wind inside Izumi’s Digivice, the whirlpools are gone, and the Gomamon are free to return to their home again. Takuya asks Izumi how she was able to control the Beast Spirit, and Izumi concludes that it must have been determination after all, but also adds that it’s “a girl’s secret”. Kouji asks the Gomamon if they’ve seen the Toucanmon, and the Gomamon respond that they were flying north to Akiba Market. Now armed with this information, the kids decide to make Akiba Market their next destination.


  • Conspicuous CG: The Beast Spirit of Wind.
  • Eye Catch: Since it’s an Izumi evolution episode, Izumi’s variant of the eyecatch is shown twice.
  • Off-Model: At one point, Kouji’s eyes (which are blue) briefly turn brown as he holds back Junpei.