Recap / Digimon Frontier E 14 Rock Breaking Thunder Bolgmons Do Or Die Challenge

As the kids make it to safety on the Trailmon, Bokomon offers to take care of Seraphimon’s egg, promising to protect it until it hatches and stuffing it in his belt. Tomoki remarks that he looks like he’s pregnant and Bokomon certainly begins to act like it, doting all over it and calling himself “Mommy”.

The Trailmon drops them off at a cave, and they find themselves unable to find the exit. Grottomon and Arbormon remain on their trail, while back at base Ranamon asks Mercuremon what he plans to do with Seraphimon’s data and if he’s going to give it to Cherubimon. Mercuremon is evasive, saying that “now is not the time”, and as Ranamon makes fun of Grottomon for having lost his Beast Spirit, Mercuremon retorts that Ranamon doesn’t even have her Beast Spirit yet.

While the kids look for a way out of the cave, Tomoki and Junpei are attacked by a wave of water, injuring them severely. Said wave turns out to be a Whamon, whom Bokomon points out should normally be in the ocean and not in a cave. Whamon flails around angrily, not being able to stand being in the cramped place, and Takuya and Kouji spirit evolve in the hopes of getting him to calm down.

Grottomon and Arbormon continue to search for the kids and are caught at a split road. The Trailmon coming back from the cave tips Grottomon off on which direction they’re in, and remarks that the cave the kids went into is a dead end with no way out.

After calming down, the Whamon explains that he was happily living in the ocean until one day he ate a glowing object, mistaking it for seaweed. Grottomon came by and stole the DigiCode of the nearby shore, sucking Whamon into the cave. While Junpei struggles against the injuries that he took when he was attacked by the wave of water, the water suddenly drains out of the cave and Grottomon arrives to attack them.

Grottomon summons a large number of Golemon for his army, declaring that he’ll take all of the Spirits. Agnimon and Wolfmon go on the attack and Arbormon’s interference puts them at a liability; Junpei tries to protect Tomoki, Izumi, Bokomon, and Neemon, despite his injuries, declaring that he can’t allow himself to just run and hide. Izumi is distressed that she can’t evolve to help the others, and this only makes Junpei want to attack Grottomon more. Arbormon manages to beat Agnimon and Wolfmon up enough so that they become dangerously close to losing their Spirits, and Junpei and Tomoki, deciding that they can’t just run and hide anymore, spirit evolve to help out.

Together they successfully defeat a large number of Golemon, and Blitzmon, demanding Izumi’s spirit, attacks Grottomon directly only to get beaten back and reverted to Junpei. Things look bleak when Arbormon slide evolves to Petaldramon in order to finish Agnimon and Wolfmon off, but when Grottomon closes in on Junpei, Whamon beats Grottmon away just in time and spits out the shiny thing he’d accidentally eaten earlier: the Beast Spirit of Thunder. Junpei calls the Beast Spirit into his Digivice and uses it to spirit evolve into Bolgmonnote . Junpei has some initial difficulty in controlling the Beast Spirit and Bolgmon ends up blowing out the entire roof of the cave, causing Petaldramon to flee, but Bolgmon eventually gains enough focus to properly aim at Grottomon. This allows Bolgmon to slide evolve to Blitzmon, scan Grottomon into a purified DigiEgg, and take the Human Spirit of Earth, while Izumi is able to reclaim the Human Spirit of Wind.

An exhausted Junpei collapses but is happy to know that Izumi got her Spirit back, and Izumi thanks him. The cave begins to fall apart, but the kids are saved by Whamon, who stores them in his mouth and takes them to the surface of the water. With that, Whamon takes them to a nearby island.


  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Grottomon's army of Golemon are defeated much more quickly than the first one he summoned a few episodes back.
  • Conspicuous CG: The Beast Spirit of Thunder.
  • Dumb Muscle: Arbormon may be dumber than Grottomon, but he's strong enough to incapacitate both Agnimon and Wolfmon.
  • Extendable Arms: Arbormon extends both his arms and legs to attack.
  • Eye Catch: Since this is a Junpei evolution episode, his variant of the eyecatch is shown twice.
  • Oh, Crap!: Grottomon has one when Junpei gets the Beast Spirit.
  • Power Incontinence: Downplayed. Junpei can't control his attacks at first, but manages to get under control pretty quickly.
  • Sapient Cetaceans: Whamon.
  • Summon Magic: Grottomon again demonstrates his ability to summon Golemon.