Recap / Digimon Frontier E 13 Seraphimon Awakens Secret Of The Ten Warriors

Grottomon heads off to Forest Terminal in the hopes of reclaiming his Beast Spirit, and Ranamon, Mercuremon, and Arbormon decide to tag along. The last Legendary Warrior in service of Cherubimon, Duskmon, looks on but does nothing.

The kids finally find a sign that reads “Forest Terminal”, and Junpei finds a restaurant nearby where they can eat. The restaurant turns out to be a noodle restaurant run by a Deramon, who’s happy to have customers for the first time in a while and offers them their meals for free...but unfortunately, said meals end up being completely inedible. Upon finding out that the kids are heading towards Forest Terminal, the Deramon warns them that those who enter Forest Terminal never return. Despite this, the kids insist on pushing on, since they’d made it this far.

The kids end up climbing a passageway made from a tree, with the Digivices guiding them through split paths, dead ends, and fog. They end up at a large castle, where they’re met by Sorcerymonnote , the guard of the castle. Sorcerymon is surprised to see human children there, but leads them into the castle once he hears that a woman’s voice called to them through their Digivices.

Meanwhile, Grottomon, Ranamon, and Arbormon enter Deramon’s restaurant and threaten Deramon, demanding to know where the kids are, while Mercuremon looks at the sign that reads “Forest Terminal”. The four Legendary Warriors working for Cherubimon soon find the footprints left by the kids and decide to follow them.

Sorcerymon leads the kids to the center of the castle, where an angelic Digimon named Seraphimon is encased in crystal. He explains that Seraphimon is one of the three Angel Digimon who once governed the Digital World, and the voice from the Digivices - whom Sorcerymon identifies as Ophanimon - instructs the kids to gather the light from their Digivices. Sorcerymon explains that Ophanimon was the one who ordered him to protect Seraphimon, and the kids’ Digivices begin to emit light, which the kids utilize to free Seraphimon. Seraphimon asks what’s going on, and Sorcerymon says that Ophanimon placed Seraphimon inside the castle to protect him and sent the kids over, although her current whereabouts are unknown.

The kids demand to have some much-needed answers about why they’re there and what Ophanimon wants with them, and Seraphimon decides to explain everything with a much-needed Info Dump: there had once been a war between Human and Beast-type Digimon, and although a Digimon called Lucemon had initially led them to peace, he became corrupted by his own power and was defeated by the Ten Legendary Warriors, who disappeared after getting rid of him. Cherubimon, Ophanimon, and Seraphimon formed a triumvirate to govern the Digital World after that, but one day Cherubimon turned on Seraphimon and attacked him, and he had been sleeping in the castle to heal all this time.

Sorcerymon explains to Seraphimon that Cherubimon has been sending Digimon to destroy the Digital World for him, and Seraphimon decides that they need to find Ophanimon. Seraphimon thanks the kids for their help, but tells them that he cannot let them get involved any further and asks them to return to the human world before the battle starts. They’re interrupted by the four Legendary Warriors serving Cherubimon, who realize that Seraphimon himself is also present, and Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, and Tomoki spirit evolve in order to fight them, but they end up to be no match for them. Mercuremon decides to prioritize getting rid of Seraphimon, but Sorcerymon refuses to let that happen and steps in to defend Seraphimon.

Sorcerymon is wounded when trying to fight off Mercuremon, and Seraphimon asks the Chosen Children to escape. Mercuremon makes use of an Attack Reflector to deflect Seraphimon’s powerful attack back at him, fatally wounding Seraphimon and allowing Mercuremon to scan his data. With the loss of his data, Seraphimon is reverted to a DigiEgg, but Izumi recovers the egg and declares that they still have hope. Knowing that the only way to save the Digital World now is to find Ophanimon and keep the egg safe, Sorcerymon creates an escape route for the Chosen Children that leads to a Trailmon - but instead of going with the children, he entrusts Seraphimon’s egg to them and decides to stay behind in order to hold off the Legendary Warriors for a bit longer.

As they hear the sounds of Sorcerymon being killed by the Legendary Warriors, Tomoki begins to cry, but Takuya tells him not to. Knowing that Seraphimon died to protect them, they resolve to protect the DigiEgg at all costs.


  • Attack Reflector: This episode establishes this as Mercuremon's main ability.
  • Complaining About Things You Haven't Paid For:
    Bokomon: There’s nothing worse than free food.
    Neemon: This was a lesson.
  • Eye Catch: Izumi’s and Kouji’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Seraphimon's Seven Heavens[[note:Strike of the Seven Stars]] attack.
  • Lethal Chef: Deramon. The dub includes old socks in his recipe.
  • The Worf Effect: Seraphimon’s role in this episode is pretty much to show himself as a super-powerful and awesome Digimon who gets killed by Cherubimon’s Legendary Warriors so that the kids know exactly what kind of threat they’re facing.
  • You Shall Not Pass: Sorcerymon stops the corrupted warriors long enough for the heroes to get away.