Recap / Digimon Frontier E 12 Roar Vritramon Defeat Gigasmon

Vritramon turns out to be very difficult to take down, easily tossing Garmmon and Blitzmon aside and burning up the entire forest in his rampage. Garmmon and Blitzmon are forced to divert their attentions to stop the fire from destroying everything. As Vritramon begins to beat Blitzmon down, Blitzmon yells at him to stop, and Blitzmon momentarily hears Takuya’s voice coming from Vritramon as he attempts to get a hold of himself. Before Takuya can get himself to calm down, the Beast Spirit causes him to go on a rampage and see everyone around him as savage monsters, and he continues to attack again.

Izumi, Bokomon, and Neemon make a run for it, but Tomoki remembers how he’d once seen another boy bullied but was unable to bring himself to do anything about it. Believing that it’s not right to run away, Tomoki runs up to Vritramon, yelling at Takuya to stop this and reasoning that all of this must be happening because of Takuya’s fear. Vritramon hesitates, but the Beast Spirit kicks back in again, and he grabs Tomoki and hoists him up. Tomoki continues to appeal to Takuya, recounting how Takuya had told him that evolving into a strong Digimon to get revenge isn’t true courage and saying that Takuya had taught him not to run away from bullies but to face them and to tell them to stop. One of Tomoki’s teardrops unclouds Vritramon’s vision, and with that Vritramon snaps back to his senses and promptly beats himself down in order to wear himself out and revert to Takuya.

Takuya thanks Tomoki for saving him, and Bokomon is happy to know that they now have two Beast Spirits on hand, but Takuya is apprehensive about ever using it again due to his doubts about being able to control it. With both Tomoki and Izumi’s spirits taken by Gigasmon, the kids decide that their next move is to get them back.

The group comes upon a mysterious tree whose roots are laid out in the form of a Ghost Leg lottery chart with four Xs and one O. They play the game with Takuya and Tomoki ending up as the winners, only to find the others dragged into mud for “losing”. Takuya and Tomoki try to fish the others out with a rope only to be approached by Grottomon, who had set it up as a trap. Takuya taunts Grottomon by telling him that he has a Beast Spirit now, but isn’t able to bring himself to say that he’s managed to control it yet.

Grottomon slide evolves to Gigasmon, and Takuya responds by spirit evolving to Agnimon. Gigasmon, however, uses Tomoki as a Human Shield, causing Agnimon to fall behind in battle. Gigasmon throws Agnimon to the ground and causes him to revert to Takuya, and Takuya is unsure what to do, knowing that his Human Spirit won’t be enough to save Tomoki but not sure that he can control his Beast Spirit. Kouji reminds Takuya of the courage that Tomoki wanted him to have and encourages him to do it, and when Gigasmon uses Tomoki as a hostage in exchange for Takuya’s Beast Spirit, Tomoki tells Takuya that he’s not afraid.

Inspired, Takuya spirit evolves to Vritramon and, with better control of the Beast Spirit, rescues Tomoki from Gigasmon. Vritramon easily manages to get Gigasmon into a vulnerable position and, not wanting to burn up the entire forest again with Vritramon’s abilities, slide evolves to Agnimon and lures him out of the forest. Agnimon then slide evolves back to Vritramon and is free to use his full abilities to attack Gigasmon, who ends up weakened enough to allow Vritramon to take both Tomoki’s Spirit and the Beast Spirit of Earth. Grottomon recovers before Vritramon can reclaim Izumi’s Spirit, however, and flees.

Grottomon returns to his base, upset at having lost his Beast Spirit, and is mocked by Ranamon, Mercuremonnote , and Arbormon, the Legendary Warriors of Water, Steel, and Wood, with the Warrior of Darkness, Duskmon, off doing his own thing.

Now with Tomoki able to spirit evolve to Chakmon again, the kids decide to finally head off to Forest Terminal.


  • The Berserker: Vritramon at first. When we seen the situation from Takuya's eyes, he's hallucinating his friends as hostile monsters.
  • De-Power: Grottomon loses his beast spirit and never gets it back.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Tomoki’s variants are used for this episode. (Even though it is technically a Takuya evolution episode, his variant probably wasn’t used twice since he and Tomoki had already had the honor of having the last episode’s eyecatch.)
  • Giant Robot Hands Save Lives: Vritramon dives to catch Tomoki after the latter is dropped by Gigasmon. Tomoki comes just short of hitting the ground when Vritramon catches him in his hands, which are armored.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Vritramon throws Blitzmon at Garmmon during their fight.
  • Human Shield: Gigasmon uses Tomoki as one.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: The end of the episode introduces them.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Vritramon has them. When he finally calms down, they revert to Agnimon's blue eyes.
  • Spam Attack: Vritramon's Pyro Barrage.
  • Swiss Army Tears: Tomoki gets Vritramon to calm down this way.