Recap / Digimon Adventure E 9 Clash The Freezing Digimon

Devimon, resolving to kill all of the Chosen Children, tosses a large amount of black gears into the air...

Taichi and Agumon run into a piece of the island covered in snow. After getting dressed, Taichi uses his mini-telescope to find that they’re slowly drifting away from Infinity Mountain. They are promptly ambushed by a Yukidarumonnote , who also has another black gear in his back. With a bit of strategy and some soccer skills on Taichi’s part, Agumon successfully attacks the black gear and gets it out of Yukidarumon.

Yukidarumon tells the two that he saw a Gabumon flying towards another part of the island. In order to get them to the other part of the island, Yukidarumon assists Taichi and Agumon by using his Absolute Zero Punchnote  attack to create a bridge to the other segment.

On the other part of the island, Yamato and Gabumon look through a heavy snowstorm for Takeru, causing Yamato to catch a cold. Gabumon directs Yamato to a cave where they can rest, but Yamato insists on looking for Takeru despite his condition. Gabumon has Yamato wait in the cave while he offers to go look for Takeru instead.

While outside looking, Gabumon finds out in horror that Yamato had, despite Gabumon’s plea to stay inside, gone out anyway and ended up collapsing in the snow. Gabumon quickly leads Yamato back to the cave and keeps Yamato warm by putting his fur pelt on him.

Taichi, Agumon, and Yukidarumon arrive at the fragment of island that Yamato and Gabumon are on. Seeing the bed that Yamato was in crashed in the ground, they figure that the two must be near and search more for them.

Yamato wakes up and sees Gabumon take back his pelt, and asks if Gabumon kept him warm all night, which Gabumon replies yes to - and promptly starts coughing, having caught Yamato’s cold. Yamato apologizes and thanks Gabumon, and both of them hear Taichi outside. They meet up with Taichi and Agumon, and Yukidarumon tells Yamato that the others probably have fallen on different pieces of the island. Seeing that Gabumon has a cold, Yukidarumon asks them to wait there while he goes to get something.

Taichi asks Yamato what to do next, but Yamato’s priorities are completely on finding the others (which includes Takeru), while Taichi’s busy wondering where the islands are headed. Incensed, Yamato runs off to find them, but Taichi pulls him back, telling him that his intention is to find the others by that kind of method.

Yamato yells at him that there’s no way he understands how he feels and promptly punches Taichi to the ground. The fight quickly escalates to a physical brawl until Yamato finally breaks down, cries, and yells that he’s afraid that Takeru can’t do anything if he’s on his own. The snow slips and Taichi and Yamato are thrown off a cliff until Taichi has to grab onto a branch, holding Yamato’s hand to keep both of them up. Neither Agumon nor Gabumon are capable of pulling them back up, and to make matters worse, a black gear-controlled Mojyamon attacks them. They are saved in time by Yukidarumon, who had gone to get some herbs to help Gabumon’s cold and food for the four of them.

Now with energy, Agumon and Gabumon evolve to Greymon and Garurumon and quickly dispatch the black gear inside Mojyamon. The fight ends up exposing a bunch of black gears inside the mountain, which Garurumon destroys, sending the island back in the direction it came from, hopefully leading them back to the others again.