Recap / Digimon Adventure E 8 Devimon The Emissary Of Darkness

Taichi, Sora, and Jou are approached by Yamato and the others, who find Jou in a crisis because of this new revelation that File Island is, in fact, an island in every sense of the word.

The black gears continue flying around. A nearby Digimon, Leomon, notices them and decides he needs to do something about this as soon as possible, but is ambushed by yet another Digimon, Ogremon. Ogremon tells Leomon to get out, but Leomon says that he must do something about the black gears that are driving all of the Digimon crazy. While they fight, a demonic Digimon, Devimon, comes up behind them and tells them that they must now cooperate with each other. Ogremon is adverse to the idea, but Devimon tells him that the “Chosen Childrennote  have arrived, and that he wants both of them to cooperate to defeat them.

Leomon refuses to comply with Devimon, but Devimon avoids his attack and brainwashes him using his attack Death Clawnote .

Taichi attempts to survey the surroundings and make a map, but his chicken scratch is so poor that the map isn’t even readable. Jou’s already crossed the Despair Event Horizon with what he’s seen of the island and thinks the map will be useless. The kids soon see Leomon approach them, whom Patamon and Gabumon claim is a good Digimon who fights for can see where this is going.

Leomon: Kill the children.


The kids attempt to run away, but are cornered by Ogremon on the other side. Piyomon expresses surprise that two mortal enemies would be cooperating to kill them, and when Ogremon and Leomon attack, the kids’ Digimon evolve to protect them. Devimon looks from afar, realizes that fighting two against six may not be a great idea, and creates a diversion, after which Leomon and Ogremon vanish. Jou proclaims that there’s no way they could have survived a fall from that height, while Taichi wonders who caused the diversion.

While walking, the kids find that they and the Digimon are exhausted, and find a conveniently located mansion, right when they need it! Tired and starved, the kids walk into it with few questions. Takeru and Patamon end up fascinated by an angel picture on the wall, while Jou insists that there’s no way a bad Digimon could be hanging around if there’s a picture of an angel on the wall.

The kids and Digimon find the dining room full of delicious-looking food for them to eat, and while the kids are suspicious that it’s a little too good to be true, the Digimon are so happy to find food that they quickly gorge themselves. Jou, completely at his breaking point, decides to take up this lucky chance and joins them, followed quickly by the other kids. After dinner, the kids take a nice bath in the mansion’s large bath rooms (making this into the Hot Springs Episode), and, well...

Jou (wearing a towel around his waist): I’m coming in.
Yamato: ...I can’t stand that.
Taichi: Eh?
Taichi: I agree.
(Taichi and Yamato run to grab the towel from Jou)
Jou: W-what are you doing?
Patamon: What are they doing?
Tentomon: Humans are hard to understand.

(Unsurprisingly, this part was cut from the American dub.)

Likewise, Gomamon runs into some trouble when he’s caught accidentally on the girls’ side of the baths and is promptly and unceremoniously tossed back into the boys’ side.

The kids finally decide to turn in for the night and find the bedroom, which is full of warm beds for them to sleep in. When about to turn in, the kids think about home again and, having spent five days in the Digital World, wonder if their parents and other authorities are looking for them.

While the children are sleeping, Devimon muses how the children fell so easily for the trap and emerges from the picture of the angel. In the middle of the night, Taichi escorts Agumon to the bathroom, where Ogremon is hiding, but Ogremon is quickly driven out by the smell of Agumon’s farting. While running away, they run into Leomon and finally see Devimon, the one behind all of it. Devimon reveals the mansion to have all been an illusion, sending the kids and their partner Digimon inside their beds flying in separate directions, while the confused children can do nothing. Even worse, Devimon reveals that the food and the baths were all illusions, which means none of the Digimon have energy to evolve.

Devimon reveals his ambition to Take Over the World, and that the kids, as the “Chosen Children”, are getting in his way. He cracks open the landforms of File Island, revealing hundreds of gears within them, and then splits the island up into pieces. With that, Devimon sends Leomon to kill Taichi, until Taichi’s bed falls next to him, dropping the mysterious blue device that caused Agumon to evolve. The light emitted from the device frees Leomon from Devimon’s brainwashing, and, upon seeing Devimon trying to kill the children flying around in their beds, stops them, with the side effect of scattering them to the pieces of the island.

Leomon tells Taichi to leave it to him and breaks off the piece of land that Taichi is standing on, telling him that the children are the “Chosen Children” and that they are this world’s last hope, only to be re-corrupted by Devimon.

As the children float away, Devimon decides he’ll have to kill the children one by one.