Recap / Digimon Adventure E 6 Palmon Angrily Evolves

While the kids are walking in the sewers, a drop of water falls on Sora’s shirt and gets it dirty, making Sora realize she wants to be home and be able to do laundry. The other kids begin to feel homesick as well. Their reminiscing of home, however, is quickly interrupted by a bunch of Numemon, who are described by the kids’ Digimon as the scum of the Digital World due to their sliminess; the group promptly begins running away as the Numemon quickly prove their point by throwing poop at them. Fortunately, the group find a way back to the sunlight, which the Numemon hate.

The kids then come across a bunch of vending machines in the middle of nowhere, one of which, to Mimi’s dismay, ends up actually containing a Numemon. It quickly hits on Mimi, who turns him down spitefully, and the sunlight ends up blocked by the cue for a bunch of angry Numemon to burst out of the vending machines and pursue them.

After being separated from the others and running quite a distance, Mimi and Palmon see the Numemon suddenly run away...from a giant teddy bear Digimon, Monzaemon, who is standing behind them. Palmon describes him as a strong but good Digimon: the mayor of Toy Town, one who loves toys and is loved by the toys. Of course, right after Palmon says this, Monzaemon proceeds to start attacking them. While running from him, Mimi and Palmon are forced to bite the bullet and hide with a Numemon.

Mimi and Palmon run to Toy Town to see if something’s wrong with it and soon runs into Taichi, who is running around with a toy car and blankly repeating “This is fun. This is fun. This is fun.” He is quickly followed by the other kids running around, being chased by other toys, mindlessly repeating statements of how great a time they’re having. Mimi immediately senses that something’s up, and sure enough, upon exploring the town further they find that all of the kids’ Digimon have been locked up in a chest. They explain that Monzaemon found all of them, captured them, and turned the kids into mindless toys for the toys.

Outside, Mimi and Palmon run into Monzaemon, and Mimi yells at Monzaemon for taking her friends away and demands them back. They are saved by a bunch of Numemon, who end up completely ineffective. Mimi feels touched that the Numemon are fighting to save her, even if they can’t do much, and eventually end up Taking the Bullet for her, which triggers Palmon’s evolution into Togemon. Togemon quickly takes care of Monzaemon, removing - as you probably guessed - a black gear from his back.

Now back to normal, Monzaemon explains that his desire has always been to have people appreciate toys that were neglected and tossed aside, but the black gear caused him to take that to an extreme. Monzaemon rewards the kids for bringing him back to normal by using his normal Lovely Attacknote , which, in its normal state, incites feelings of happiness among the kids and Digimon. (Let’s not consider the implications of this.)


  • Cultural Translation: The beginning of the episode has the Digimon and kids playing a variant of shiritori, with whole parts of songs instead of words. Since this would take too long to explain for an American audience, the American dub neatly turns it into the Digimon just singing a song.
  • Parlor Games: The episode beginning has the Digimon and Digidestined playing a shiritori game by using whole parts of songs. The American dub opted to turn the whole game into a single song the kids were singing together.