Recap / Digimon Adventure E 48 Bombing Mission Mugendramon

While Taichi’s group of Chosen Children wanders around, Hikari begins to cough heavily and collapses. The kids realize that Hikari's cold has returned, and Hikari tells them that she didn’t tell them about this because she was afraid she’d drag everyone down from hurrying to save the world.

Taichi recalls an incident that had gotten Hikari into the hospital, and wonders if Hikari should have come to the Digital World at all, even if Hikari is necessary to Save Both Worlds. Kabuterimon leads the kids to a city that seems to have features of landmarks all over the human world, and they land in a mysterious house in the hopes of finding something for Hikari, only to find a box of cold medicine to be empty. Taichi entrusts Hikari’s safety to Sora, appoints Takeru as a guard against the Dark Masters if they arrive, and goes out with Koushirou to look for something to help Hikari.

Koushirou uses a telephone booth and his laptop to find pharmacies and hospitals around the area, and they use it to get a lead on where to find medicine for Hikari - but unfortunately, Mugendramon at his base catches onto their tapping into the phone line and sends out his Metal Empire Army to attack all of the pharmacies and hospitals.

Taichi arrives at a hospital and gets another flashback, this time of his mother running in to meet him at a hospital and demanding to know where Hikari is. Koushirou finds a bunch of medicine, but without the help of Jou they’re unable to figure out which is cold medicine, and Koushirou taps into the network again to run a search, alerting Mugendramon to their exact location. Thus, even though they successfully identify which bottle to take to Hikari, they’re quickly attacked by Mugendramon’s army of Mechanorimonnote  and Tankmon. Taichi and Koushirou wonder how they found them and make a run for it.

Koushirou uses his laptop to pinpoint where the army is stationed so they can avoid it and get the medicine to Hikari, but this broadcasts their location to Mugendramon again. Koushirou realizes this once the army ends up heading right towards them, and they’re forced to have Agumon super-evolve to MetalGreymon.

Koushirou admits his carelessness in allowing Mugendramon to get to them through the network, and Taichi goes ballistic at him because due to him, they’re stuck while Hikari’s condition is getting worse. Taichi realizes what he’s doing, stops, and narrates the story of how one time when he was in second grade and Hikari was in kindergarten, he’d underestimated an illness that Hikari had, taken her out to play with soccer with him, and only realized something was seriously wrong when she’d kicked the ball feebly and collapsed. Hikari was taken to the hospital in a near-death condition, and when she had returned from the hospital, the first thing she had said to Taichi was an apology for not kicking the ball well.

Taichi breaks down and says that this is the kind of person Hikari is: someone who will put others before herself, even if it kills her, and that Hikari may have not even wanted to come to the Digital World but considered it her duty to help save it. As a result, Taichi feels like he’s failing in his own duty to protect Hikari.

Koushirou decides that two can play at Mugendramon’s game and sets up his computer so that it’ll hide the location of his network access but also reveal the location of Mugendramon’s army. Unfortunately, this causes Mugendramon to resort to his last resort of “Plan Z”, which is to send out a bunch of Megadramon and Gigadramon to blow up the entire city. Koushirou realizes this, and they quickly head back to the house before it’s promptly blown to pieces and a despairing Taichi is placed under attack...before he’s promptly saved by Angemon and Takeru, who has the others hiding out with him.

They’re soon attacked by Mugendramon himself, who sends everyone down a large pit...