Recap / Digimon Adventure E 44 Jureimon Of The Lost Forest

The kids look around for Yamato and Gabumon, and Jou reveals that he saw Yamato leave but wasn’t sure of what he had left for, and so had not stopped him. The kids wonder what’s been up with Yamato lately, since he’d been acting strangely.

Hikari hears a voice again, one that nobody else seems to hear...

Yamato continues to walk off, with Gabumon pleading for him to tell him what’s wrong. Pinnochimon spies on him, and his minion Jureimonnote  offers to take care of Yamato while Pinnochimon goes to kill the other Chosen.

Yamato reveals to Gabumon that he had always thought of Takeru as someone he needed to protect, but now that Takeru is growing older and stronger, Yamato is starting to feel unnecessary. In addition, he feels that while the other Chosen have become stronger and better people through their experiences in the Digital World, he himself hasn’t changed at all.

Yamato declares that he has to become stronger and because of that, he can’t stay with the others. Jureimon approaches him and tells him that he wants to talk to him.

While the others are contemplating what to do as they search for Yamato, Pinnochimon finds them and attacks. He sends three Garbamonnote  after them, who shoots poop at them...but Mimi, sick and tired of this, catches one and chucks it back at them, after which she runs away with the rest of the Chosen, while the Garbamon stare in shock.

Jureimon repeats Yamato’s desires to become a better person and change, and tells him that in order to change, he must have the desire to do so. Despite Gabumon’s feeling that something’s off, Yamato demands what to do from Jureimon, who tells him that Yamato has to defeat his “rival”. He tells Yamato to look in the lake, and in it he’ll see the face of his rival. Yamato looks into the lake as directed...and sees none other than Taichi.

Yamato at first laughs at Jureimon, saying that he’s never thought of Taichi that way, but Jureimon claims that the lake never lies about the person’s heart. He continues on, saying that Taichi and Yamato have always been at odds and Taichi’s mere presence is beginning to irritate Yamato, triggering Yamato’s memories of having fought with Taichi over everything while on their adventures in the Digital World.

Gabumon tries to snap Yamato out of it, saying it must be a trap, and Yamato agrees with Gabumon with the statement that friends don’t fight each other, but Jureimon’s final taunt that friendship is only an illusion hits Yamato harshly. Yamato clutches his Crest of Friendship, questioning why he was given it.

Gabumon tells Yamato that he should do what is right, and Gabumon will follow him. Yamato’s Crest of Friendship reacts to Gabumon and warp-evolves him to MetalGarurumon, and Yamato rides him back to find the others and take up Jureimon’s urging to fight Taichi, while Gabumon mentally urges Yamato to consider having faith in his friends.

Jureimon laughs to himself that his plan went off, but notes that Yamato’s bond with his friends was unusually strong and Pinnochimon may have to watch out. He reports to Pinnochimon about his plan to make WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fight each other, but when he tells Pinnochimon that he may be at a liability for not having friends while the Chosen do, Pinnochimon goes berserk and kills Jureimon.

Yamato shows up and saves the Chosen from the Garbamon, but the Chosen are shocked to see MetalGarurumon promptly turning on them and goading Agumon to evolve to WarGreymon and fight with him. Yamato refuses to stop him, and although Agumon is reluctant, he sees that MetalGarurumon is being serious, while Pinnochimon watches in glee.