Recap / Digimon Adventure E 42 Silent Whamon On The Bottom Of The Sea

MetalSeadramon orders his minions, Hangyomonnote , to chase after the Chosen who had fled with Whamon.

The Children fear for the future, but at Hikari’s urging, they try to get themselves to cheer up. They wonder what they can do to defeat the Dark Masters, and Koushirou uses his Digimon Analyzer to get information on WarGreymon’s special weapon, the Dramon Killernote , which is highly effective against -dramon suffixed Digimon.

Gomamon receives a tip-off from his fish friends under the water that they’ve seen Hangyomon, and Gomamon alerts the Chosen that the enemy is coming. Whamon helps them escape again, while MetalSeadramon relentlessly pursues the chase.

Within Whamon, Koushirou uses his laptop to pull up what Whamon’s seeing on his laptop. From outside, the Hangyomon catch Whamon, and Whamon is forced to flee. Whamon eventually manages to get them away by diving so deep that the water pressure takes its toll on the Hangyomon, but the result is that they’re unable to see anything. Koushirou has Hikari blow her whistle in order to use Whamon’s echolocation to find a tunnel. Unfortunately, MetalSeadramon hears the whistle as well, and comes for them.

Whamon successfully gets the Chosen to land, but MetalSeadramon gets to them as well. Agumon warp-evolves to WarGreymon while the other Digimon keep the Hangyomon away, but WarGreymon struggles against MetalSeadramon since both of them are armored with Chrome Digizoid. Whamon takes a fatal hit for WarGreymon, and WarGreymon successfully uses his Dramon Killer to defeat MetalSeadramon.

Whamon tells the kids to save the Digital World before dying, and the fragmented remains of Whamon and MetalSeadramon fly up to Spiral Mountain. The sea portion of starts to vanish, and Pinnochimon realizes that this means his “turn” is next.