Recap / Digimon Adventure E 37 Perfects Attack Together Sparkling Angewomon

Yamato beats himself up mentally for having lost Hikari after he had promised Taichi to protect her, but Sora tells him that the only thing they can do is go to save her. Taichi, unaware of this, goes to the Big Sight complex to rescue everyone, while Mimi watches as PicoDevimon reports all of the child hostages to be irrelevant, as theyíve found the eighth child. Vamdemon leaves to go find the supposed eighth child, while PicoDevimon puts all of the other children to sleep for the time being. Mimi, however, is woken up by the power of her Crest.

Taichi and Agumon run into Bakemon, and Agumon evolves to Greymon to take care of them. Mimi runs into Taichi and informs him that Vamdemon has found the eighth child, and Taichi realizes that this means they could have gotten Hikari.

Wizarmon regains consciousness and shows Hikariís Crest to Takeru and Jou, revealing to them that Hikari is the eighth child and that Tailmon is her Digimon, to surprise from the two.

Yamatoís father and Koushirou see Yamato and Sora through the window, and Yamatoís father is surprised to see them with giant monsters, but Koushirou explains that the ones with Yamato and Sora are on their side and that there are differences between good and bad Digimon. Yamatoís father reproaches Yamato for not staying put, and is more than a little surprised to find that the giant Garurumon is actually the evolved form of Gabumon. Takeru and Jou arrive with Wizarmon; Wizarmon revives Lilimon from her stasis and tells the others that he needs to get to Tailmon.

Vamdemon goes to meet Phantomon and Hikari, and while carrying Tailmon to the air he is spotted by the group of Chosen and Wizarmon. Before they can go off to rescue Tailmon and Hikari, they are attacked by a bunch of Digimon, and Garudamon and WereGarurumon have to stay behind to fend them off while the others go.

While all of the other Chosen come to rescue Hikari from different directions, Vamdemon takes Tailmon to Hikari and asks if she is the eighth child, to which Tailmon lies and says no but gives herself away when PicoDevimon pulls on Hikariís hair, causing her to scream and causing a Fake Kill Scare for Tailmon when she calls Hikariís name. Vamdemon attempts to kill Hikari, but Tentomon arrives, evolves to Kabuterimon, and intervenes with Lilimon. Vamdemon redirects their attacks - causing property damage to the Fuji TV station in the process - and escapes with Tailmon and Hikari.

Yamato calls WereGarurumon from far away and Koushirou has Kabuterimon super-evolve to AtlurKabuterimon, but both are quickly sent back by Vamdemon. Wizarmon manages to get a hit on Vamdemon and throws Hikari her Crest; while Wizarmon is injured by Vamdemon shortly after, Taichi intervenes to prevent Vamdemon from continuing on and killing Hikari. Taichi attempts to throw Hikari her Digivice, but PicoDevimon takes it from Hikari and Taichi ends up having to super-evolve Greymon to MetalGreymon in order to fight off Phantomon.

Vamdemon easily shrugs off the attacks of all of the Chosenís Digimon, but Takeru has Patamon evolve to Angemon, who manages to do some damage. Still, Vamdemon remains resilient, and manages to throw a final attack at Tailmon and Hikari...

...which Wizarmon promptly takes.

As Wizarmon dies, he tells Tailmon that he has no regrets dying for her, as she gave his life meaning. Wizarmonís death causes Hikari to give a Big "NO!", inciting a reaction from her Crest and Digivice; PicoDevimon is forced to let go of Hikariís Digivice and Taichi catches it and throws it to Hikari. With Hikari in possession of her Digivice and with the Crest activated, Tailmon super-evolves to Angewomon, the Distaff Counterpart of Angemon.

Angewomon releases a holy ring that restores all of the other Chosenís Digimons' strength, and they respond by aiming their attacks into the holy ring, which gathers and absorbs their power. Empowered with the strength of the other Digimon, Angewomon promptly shoots an arrow through Vamdemonís heart.

The kids flee the building, which crumbles behind them, and the Chosen Children celebrate their victory against Vamdemon, but thereís still one problem: the fog hasnít gone away...


  • All Your Powers Combined: Much like Angemon did in his debut episode, Angewomon uses the combined attacks of all Digimons into empowering her Holy Arrow attack into a One-Hit Kill.
  • An Aesop: Sometimes pacifists have to fight to keep evil in check. Hikari didn't want to fight, but seeing the harm done to Wizarmon made her realize that Vamdemon needed to be stopped.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Angewomon to Angemon.
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: Vamdemon easily shrugs off all the attacks from Ultimate-level Chosen's Digimon, however he's vulnerable to Angemon and Angewomon's attacks. Notably Angemon's Hand of Fate accidentally destroys Vamdemon's Phantomon, an Ultimate-level digimon, while managing to cause pain to Vamdemon.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Humorously, in the original Japanese version, when Koushirou and Tentomon explain about good and bad Digimon to Yamato's father, the thing that seems to shock him the most is Tentomon speaking in this.
  • Story-Breaker Power: This episode is a perfect example of how effective Angel type digimons are against Virus type digimon.
  • Taking the Bullet: Wizardmon takes Vandemon's Night Raid attack aimed at Hikari and Tailmon.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Vamdemon has no problem with trying to kill Hikari.