Recap / Digimon Adventure E 36 Break Through The Barrier Zudomon Spark

Vamdemon uses an attack on Lilimon that causes her to become limp and paralyzed, and while Birdramon comes to the rescue, Sora is forced to escape on Birdramon and is unable to save her mother and Mimi.

Yamato and Taichi discuss how the entire city of Odaiba is blocked off, and that Vamdemon is kidnapping everyone in an attempt to get to the eighth child. This makes Hikari feel horrible, since she believes that as a result of this, everything is her fault. Taichi assures her that everything is fine and that she should leave it to him and, entrusting Hikariís safety to Yamato, goes off with Yamato.

The stopping of all of the boats that lead to Odaiba leave Takeru and his mother without an option to get to Odaiba, and the resulting crowd separates them from each other...

Koushirou receives a message from Gennai, instructing him on how to set up a digital barrier around his apartment so that he and his family will be safe. The arrival of the Phantomon and Bakemon to his apartment complex make things difficult, as heís forced to work quickly, especially when his frantic parents burst in the room urging him to evacuate with them. However, his father stops his wife, telling her to have faith in Koushirou, and Koushirou successfully sets up the barrier. The Izumi family ends up completely invisible to the Bakemon...but Tentomon speaks up to congratulate Koushirou, which gives away his identity to Koushirouís parents.

PicoDevimon causes all of the adults to fall asleep to prepare them to be fed to Vamdemon in the future, while Tailmon is forced to identify whether all of the children there are the eighth child, with Vamdemon threatening to kill all of the children there if she lies.

Jou and Takeru run into each other at the boat station, and Jou has Gomamon evolve to Ikkakumon so that he can carry them to Odaiba. They board Ikkakumon and go off, and Takeruís mother manages to see Takeru right before he departs, but Takeru and Jou assure her that theyíll be fine.

After having fainted from the sight of Tentomon talking, Koushirouís mother wakes up to see Koushirou in conversation with Gennai on the computer. Gennai directs Koushirou to the Fuji TV station, where the source of Vamdemonís fog is. Koushirou packs up and tells his parents to stay at home, where the barrier is, and when his mother tells him to please come back safely, Koushirou ends up almost crying and having to force a smile before he leaves.

Taichi finds Birdramon and Sora, who reveals to Taichi that everyone is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight center. Taichi instructs Sora to go get Yamato and Hikari, and Sora obliges while Taichi goes to rescue his parents, but Phantomon overhears their conversation. Yamato himself has a difficult time dealing with Hikari, because he cannot honestly say for sure that Taichi will be okay but ends up upsetting Hikari by being unable to say so.

On the way to Odaiba, Takeru and Jou are attacked by MegaSeadramon, and Ikkakumon struggles with the resulting battle, and Jou ends up having to rescue a drowning Takeru but exhausts himself in the process, remembering that he made a promise to Takeruís mother that he would take care of Takeru. This results in Ikkakumon super-evolving to Zudomon, who finishes off MegaSeadramon and continues taking Jou, Takeru, and Patamon to Odaiba.

Meanwhile, Koushirou attempts to infiltrate the Fuji TV station and finds it overrun by Bakemon, but is saved by none other than Yamatoís father.

On their way to Odaiba, Jou and Takeru hear a voice under the water and a Digimon floats to the surface: itís none other than Wizarmon, who wants to be taken to Tailmon...and reveals that he is in possession of the real copy of the eighth childís Crest.

Sora meets up with Yamato at the hiding place, but Phantomon appears there to attack them with a Tuskmon. Gabumon evolves to Garurumon and Birdramon super-evolves to Garudamon, but Yamato gets used as a visual hostage by Phantomon and the result causes Hikari to break down, reveal her position as the eighth child, and offer herself in exchange for everyone elseís safety. While Hikariís reaction triggers the reaction of the Crest that Wizarmon is holding with Jou and Takeru, Sora and Yamato can only protest as Hikari is taken away by Phantomon.

Meanwhile, Taichi infiltrates the Big Sight complex and resolves to save everyone...