Recap / Digimon Adventure E 35 The Fairy Of Odaiba Lilimon Blossoms

Vamdemon creates a barrier of fog around Odaiba, announcing that his plans are coming to fruition...

After a bit of bonding between Mimi and Palmon, Mimi’s father comes to pick them up, with Mimi awkwardly trying to cover Palmon with a blanket. When they get home, Mimi tells Palmon that she can’t pass Palmon for being a stuffed animal because otherwise her parents might think that Mimi has “horrible taste”, to Palmon’s dismay, while outside, her parents are too sickeningly lovey-dovey to notice anything.

Jou finds himself unable to call his parents, while Yamato notices that his TV isn’t working. At work, Yamato’s father, who works at Fuji TV, receives the alarming news that none of the transmissions are working. Public unrest builds up as even the train machines refuse to give tickets. Yamato’s father decides that it’s his job to investigate, and goes out.

Hikari worries about Tailmon, but Taichi assures her that he’ll contact the others in the morning and they’ll go out to rescue her.

While Yamato wonders why his father is late, Yamato’s father and his co-workers discuss how the fog is moving mysteriously, like it’s being controlled by someone. They begin to wonder if the fog has to do with the monsters outside, before they’re promptly attacked by some Gizamon.

In the morning, Takeru hears on the news that Odaiba is completely covered in fog and asks his mom to go out with him so that they can ensure that Yamato and their father are okay. Yamato’s father wakes up Yamato in the early morning and pulls him out of bed, telling him that they’re going somewhere, while Jou attempts to find a way to use the boats to get out. A train station is thrown into disarray by the appearance of a Phantomon and some Bakemon, who kidnap everyone in the station.

Sora leaves for morning practice and promises Piyomon that she’ll be back before breakfast, while her mom internally sighs at Sora going out for soccer. Turmoil takes place at the Yagami household when the Bakemon suddenly stop by their door and kidnap Taichi’s mother!

The Bakemon start attacking everywhere in Odaiba, and the Chosen find their own families in danger. Piyomon is forced to reveal herself to Sora’s very shocked mother and tells her that Sora is in danger. Meanwhile, Vamdemon has the Bakemon round up and split up the adults and children, intending to coerce Tailmon to identify the eighth child.

Yamato’s father, now very aware of what’s going on, tells Yamato and Gabumon to keep safe and goes out to check on things himself. Taichi and Hikari attempt to storm the area on Greymon to rescue their mother, but they end up being pushed away while their hysterical mother witnesses them leave with a giant dinosaur. Sora’s mother and Piyomon arrive at the soccer field too late; Sora has already been kidnapped, and is at the gathering location with Mimi and her family.

Sora and Mimi decide not to have Palmon evolve for the time being, and when Sora sees Taichi’s mother worried that the giant dinosaur might have eaten her children, Sora reassures her that Greymon is a good Digimon and that there’s a chance they’ll come to save them.

Sora’s mother looks for Sora with Piyomon, and Sora’s mother asks her if Sora ever said that she hated her, but Piyomon tells her about Sora already having come to terms with her feelings about her mother.

Yamato’s father’s co-workers, the kidnapped parents, and the mascots of Fuji TV show Hirake! Ponkikki attempt to hatch an escape plan, and Sora remembers that she and Jou had previously driven away Bakemon with the help of a sutranote . The combined efforts of the adults and Sora playing a sutra out of a boombox help them escape, but outside they are quickly faced by a DarkTyrannomon.

Mimi’s father goes out to face the DarkTyrannomon but is tossed to the side, and in response Mimi has Palmon evolve to Togemon. Mimi’s father ends up all right (and still lovey-dovey with her mother), but Togemon struggles against DarkTyrannomon and Mimi screams that she’ll never forgive the Digimon who are doing this to everyone. The result triggers Togemon’s super-evolution into Lilimonnote . Lilimon, after confirming that she’s not “of bad taste” from Mimi, goes on to kick DarkTyrannomon’s making him docile with the power of a lei, exemplifying Mimi’s power of Purity. Unfortunately, Vamdemon spoils the mood by offing DarkTyrannomon and attacking Lilimon.

While Jou remains stranded, Takeru tries to reach his family, and Yamato’s dad considers using satellite broadcasting to connect to the outside, Yamato finds Taichi passing by his hiding place and calls him in, where Taichi fills him in on Hikari being the eighth child.

Phantomon orders two Bakemon to capture Sora, only for said two Bakemon to actually be Sora’s mother and Piyomon in disguise. Piyomon evolves to Birdramon, while Sora shares a reunion with her mother. Sora’s mother tells her to run, and Sora protests that her mother should too, but her mother falls silent...


  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: After Lilimon purifies and pacifies DarkTyrannomon with Flower Necklace, Vamdemon kills it off.