Recap / Digimon Adventure E 30 Digimon The Great Crossing Of Tokyo

News of Garudamon’s defeat of Mammon reaches Vamdemon, which tells him that the Chosen have arrived in Japan. Vamdemon’s minions up the effort to look for the eighth child, and Vamdemon tells PicoDevimon that they must find them before the Chosen do.

Although the Chosen now know that the eighth child was someone who witnessed the incident at Hikarigaoka, Koushirou points out that the seven of them were people who had also moved from there to Odaiba after the incident, and therefore the eighth child is likely to also be there.

The kids try to take the train back to Odaiba, but the Digimon have trouble adjusting to the things about the human world and end up causing a fuss. When the kids end up falling asleep and missing their first transfer station, the Digimon choose the worst time to finally be quiet, and the kids end up all the way in Shinjuku.

They try to salvage the situation, but when trying to transfer there, they end up split up when Taichi, Yamato, Sora, and Mimi decide to sneak off and get food for themselves and their Digimon. Jou and Koushirou find them and are angered to find out that the kids have spent their fare money on hamburgers, but are forced to admit they have a point when their own stomachs start grumbling.

Now out of money to use to get to Odaiba, the kids attempt to hitchhike, with...mixed results.

Yamato: (puts out hitchhiking gesture)
(A woman in sunglasses and a convertible drives by)
Woman in sunglasses: (beckoning suggestively) Hi. Come on in, little boy...
Taichi: Why did you say no?

Eventually, Sora and Mimi’s charms attract a stranger in a vehicle who agrees to take them to Odaiba...provided that the boys treat themselves like “extra baggage” who come with Sora and Mimi.note 

While the kids hear a news report on the fight between Garudamon and Mammon, yet again blamed on “terrorists”, Koromon finds himself unable to hold it any longer, and the very angry driver ends up accidentally pushing Koushirou over a bridge when trying to find out who did it. Motimon is forced to evolve to Tentomon to save Koushirou, and behind them a Gesomon emerges from the water to attack them.

The driver makes a run for it, and Gomamon evolves to Ikkakumon to take care of the Gesomon, while a large number of humans nearby witness but blame on some kind of show. The kids ride Ikkakumon back to Odaiba, but PicoDevimon catches sight of them and goes to report it to Vamdemon...


  • Chekhov's Gunman: See that short Digimon who looks like a wizard? Yeah. He'll be important later.