Recap / Digimon Adventure E 20 Evolution To Perfect Metal Greymon

The kids ponder over how to save Sora, and Yamato theorizes that Nanomon may release her if they defeat Etemon, while Mimi is nervous because they keep losing indiscriminately to Etemon. Takeru tells the Digimon to eat well, since they may have to fight at any time. Taichi is feeling guilt over hesitating when he could have saved Sora.

Koushirou reveals through his analysis that Nanomon, Sora, and Piyomon are actually in another part of the pyramid, and havenít gone far at all. The kids resolve to do whatever it takes to rescue her.

Sora wakes up Strapped to an Operating Table by Nanomon, with Piyomon tied to a nearby wall. Nanomon reveals that he wishes to use Piyomon to defeat Etemon, and that he has a way to evolve Piyomon without Soraís support. Sora watches in fear as Nanomon makes a clone of Sora on another operating table, saying that since none of the kids have been able to use their Crests yet, heíll make a copy of Sora to control it for him, revealing that he has Soraís Crest.

The kids make a plan: Yamato, Jou, and their Digimon will act as decoys, while Taichi, Koushirou, Agumon, and Tentomon go in to save Sora. Koushirou tells Taichi that one of the walls is electrified, like the one from earlier, which brings up Taichiís fear but also hardens his resolve to save Sora. With this, Ikkakumon starts the attack on Etemon and Yamato, Garurumon, Jou, and Ikkakumon quickly retreat, but the attack incenses Etemon, who decides to finish them off.

Nanomon notices the pyramid shaking and realizes the Chosen Children have entered, and the Gazimon also catch onto them.

Mimi, worried about Jou and the others, chases after them with Togemon, leaving Takeru and Tokomon behind. As she does so, Etemon approaches Jou and Ikkakumon, but are given support by Mimi and Togemon. Unfortunately, they are quickly dispatched by Etemon when he uses his devolving ability again. They are saved when the Gazimon inform Etemon that the children have infiltrated the pyramid, and Takeru and Tokomon helps the others make an escape with the distraction. Etemon leaves the children for now, reasoning that theyíre too weak to fight anyway.

Taichi, Koushirou, Agumon, and Tentomon are cornered by Etemon, who demands to know where Nanomon is. Tentomon evolves to Kabuterimon and Koushirou tells Taichi that theyíll hold Etemon back, so Taichi should go find Sora. Taichi does so and finds the electric passageway, and is forced to face his fear.

Taichi: Thereís something very precious to me on the other side of this wall.
Agumon: Sora?
Taichi: Yeah. But thatís not all. I feel like thereís something else very precious over there that Iíd lost yesterday.
Agumon: can do it, Taichi! Bring out your courage!

Taichi passes his hand through the wall - and the Crest on his neck glows. Behind them, the injured body of Kabuterimon falls, and Taichi realizes he doesnít have much time left, so he has Agumon evolve to Greymon, who holds Etemon off.

Taichi passes completely through the wall and runs into Nanomon, standing next to Sora...except itís not Sora, itís the clone; the real Sora is still strapped to the table. Taichi steals back Soraís Digivice and Tag (now loaded with her Crest), but Nanomon drops Sora through a hole before he can give it to her. Fortunately, Taichi catches her before she falls completely, and Taichi sees what Nanomon explains to be the source of Etemonís Dark Network within the pit. Nanomon tries to force Sora down, and demands the Digivice and Crest back in exchange for Soraís life. Taichi doesnít buy it, and gives Sora her Digivice and Crest, allowing Piyomon to evolve to Birdramon.

They escape Nanomonís room, with the helpful side effect of electrocuting Etemon in the electric wall. Taichi and Sora meet up with Koushirou, while outside Jou, Mimi, Yamato, and Takeru approach the pyramid and reach them.

Nanomon destroys the Sora clone and attempts to drag himself and Etemon into the dark pit, but upon failing that releases a virus into the pit that will cause it to drag the powers of darkness into itself and amass into a ball that will destroy everything. The dark ball absorbs the pyramid, Nanomon, and all of Etemonís forces, but rather inconveniently leaves Etemon alive in the top of the ball. Etemon proceeds to attack them and destroy every retreat area they have left.

Taichi charges forward with Greymon, declaring that he wonít run away anymore. His Crest glows, and Greymon says he can feel the power of Taichiís courage - super-evolvingnote  Greymon into MetalGreymon. Fueled by the power of Taichiís courage, MetalGreymon finishes off Etemon in one attack.

The resulting explosion drags MetalGreymon and Taichi into a mysterious void, leaving the stunned others wondering where they went...

...while Taichi and Koromon find themselves standing in the middle of a street back in Japan...