Recap / Digimon Adventure E 15 Etemon The Stage Mounting Of Evil

Whamon and the kids finally reach Server Continent. The kids land and thank Whamon for taking them, and set off to search for the Crests, starting with Whamonís advice to find a Koromon village. They reach the Koromon village rather quickly, but immediately something seems off, because the village is inhabited not by Koromon but Pagumon, described by the narratorís Digimon Analyzer as bully Digimon.

The Pagumon quickly take Mimi away, causing a frenzied Palmon and the other kids and Digimon to chase after her. After hearing Mimi scream in the distance, they continue to chase her fervently, even finding her hat and her bag, and eventually Taichi hears her voice behind a curtain. Seeing two nearby towels, Sora realizes whatís up and tries to stop Taichi, but sheís too late to stop Taichi and Koushirou walking in on Mimi bathing.

The Pagumon give the kids and Digimon a warm welcome to their village, but Agumon feels that something is wrong because he was sure he could smell Koromon there. The kids also feel something is off, but quickly begin to relax after being served some food, and the Digimon reason that the Pagumonís reputation for being bullies must be just a rumor.

Poyomon evolves to Tokomon while eating, and the rest of the kids celebrate with the Pagumon joining in the festivities...with an evil gleam in their eyes. Expectedly, once everyoneís asleep, the Pagumon kidnap Tokomon for no other reason than the fact he evolved. While carrying him away, they run into a bunch of Gazimon, who show interest in the fact humans have arrived at the village and decide to inform a ďLord EtemonĒ, telling the Pagumon not to let the Chosen Children escape.

One of the Gazimon reports to the so-called Etemon, a Gratuitous English-speaking Elvis impersonator monkey (who is not to be underestimated). After his ego gets broken a bit when he finds out the Chosen Children have landed earlier than expected, Etemon goes to attack the kids himself rather than have his minions do it.

In the morning, the kids panic when they canít find Tokomon, and Agumon tries to follow what he believes to be the Koromon scent. He eventually finds Tokomon in a cage - accompanied by the Koromon who are supposed to live in the village! The Koromon explain that the Pagumon had driven them away from their village and taken over it two or three days prior. Having confirmed that the Pagumon are lying, Agumon tries to break them out, but is stopped by the Gazimon. Knowing that he needs to evolve, Agumon manages to send a steam signal to Taichi by using his fire attack on the waterfall nearby.

Taichi sees the signal and decides to go towards it, but the Pagumon feebly attempt to stop them, and once Mimi runs into a Botamon (the pre-evolved form of Koromon), the kids conclude that the village really is a Koromon village. Taichi arrives at where Tokomon, the Koromon, and Agumon are, and evolves Agumon to Greymon. The Greymon takes quick care of the Gazimon and the kids free the Koromon...but are interrupted by Etemon.

Etemon laughs at them and immediately uses his Dark Network, a network of black cables, to start destroying the Koromon village. The kidsí other Digimon try to evolve, only to find the hard way that the power of the Dark Network has the ability to devolve them into their normal forms. Knowing that they wonít have enough power unless they find the Crests, the kids escape with the Koromon.

The Koromon lead them to a cavern where a legend has told them that they were to flee to if anything happened to their village. Taichiís Tag begins to glow, as does the floor around them, and the light forms into a Crest that inserts itself into Taichiís Tag and the kids and Koromon are transported to a location far from the ruined village.

Now armed with his Crest, Taichi is now confident that Etemon wonít be a threat anymore, but a cable from the Dark Network tips Etemon off to their location...

Etemon is proud of his victory but his enjoyment is cut short when his henchmens tell him that the Digidestined got away, upset the evil monkey begins to plot a new plan to finish them off