Recap / Digimon Adventure E 13 Angemon Wakes

Leomon attacks Takeru, and Patamon attempts to ward him away, but they find that Ogremon is keeping one of the baby Digimon hostage. Just as Leomon is about to kill them, Yamato and Garurumon intervene and rescue them and Taichi takes back the baby Digimon. While Greymon, Garurumon, Leomon, and Ogremon fight, no less than five black gears come down and jam themselves into Leomon, making him much larger and darker-looking.

Leomon captures Patamon, but releases him after Togemon slams into him. Koushirou and Kabuterimon come in, and Mimi and Koushirou explain the power of the Digivices to purify Digimon. Taichi thus lures Leomon towards him and uses the light of the Digivice on him, followed by Yamato, releasing Leomon from the black gears.

Leomon explains the purpose of the Chosen Children: a prophecy once stated that evil would come to the world, and children from another would arrive to save it, children who can cause Digimon to evolve. Koushirou reasons if they defeat Devimon, they might be able to return if they’re no longer needed. With increased resolve, the children decide to defeat Devimon and return home.

Leomon takes them to Infinity Mountain, where Devimon awaits. Devimon, knowing that he has to finish off the job before “he” appears, decides that the best way to use Ogremon is to absorb him, and so he turns Ogremon into black gears and uses them to gather power. Thus, when the Chosen arrive at the mountain, they face a much larger Devimon, and while Sora, Jou, Birdramon, and Ikkakumon come to help, he’s a formidable enemy for them. Leomon attempts to get a strike on Devimon as well, but within him Ogremon comes out and slams him down.

The fight comes down to Devimon trying to kill a defenseless Takeru and Patamon, but he’s held back by all of the other Chosen’s Digimon. Devimon still manages to shake them all off and Patamon feebly tries to protect Takeru with what he has, crying and asking why he’s the only one who can’t evolve. Devimon’s hand clamps around Patamon…

...triggering Patamon’s evolution into the extremely powerful Angemon.

Angemon summons the power of all of the kids’ Digivices, and Devimon tells him that doing so will probably destroy Angemon too - but Angemon is adamant on continuing, since “it’s the only way”. Angemon releases all of the power he’s gathered in one punch, sending it straight through Devimon and slowly killing him. Yet Devimon gets the last laugh; he taunts Angemon, saying that there are other and stronger forces of darkness before dying.

Angemon, having used up all of his energy, also begins to dissolve, and faces Takeru.

An incredibly upset Takeru falls over and cries, before watching as the feathers reform into a DigiEgg. The other Digimon tell Takeru that if he takes care of the egg, he’ll meet Patamon again. Takeru resolves to take good care of the egg as the island pieces reform together again.

Ogremon, released from Devimon, finds that Devimon is gone, and is immediately put face-to-face with Leomon.

Yamato remembers what Devimon had said - that there are more powerful dark Digimon across the sea - and the kids realize that there’s still more to do before they’re allowed to go home. As they decide that they need to continue on, a mysterious light appears before them - and in it appears a mysterious old man...