Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 M 2 Diablomons Counterattack

Note: It’s not certain whether this is a Non-Serial Movie or not (see Continuity Snarl below), though if this movie were to fit in canon, it would take place three months after Adventure 02’s ending (not epilogue). Thematically, the movie is a sequel to Our War Game!

This movie was not dubbed until 2005, when Disney, having bought the rights to the Digimon anime dubbing from Saban, decided to finally have this movie dubbed (along with the three other movies that, at the time, had been released in Japan but remained undubbed) in order to promote their upcoming dub of Digimon Savers as Digimon Data Squad. It finally premiered alongside the other two movies on Toon Disney's Jetix block in August 2005, around four years and a half after its Japanese release.

Strange things begin to happen to computer users in Tokyo: mysterious jellyfish-like creatures begin to appear on people’s computers, along with some pictures of the Chosen Children - and the jellyfish-like creatures begin to emerge from the computers in large numbers. The Chosen Children themselves find their Digivices beeping, and inside the Internet, a familiar Digimon awaits...

Koushirou summons everyone to the computer room, although Mimi’s still on her flight in from America, Jou’s having troubles getting his test scores back for his high school entrance exams (while the names listed on the results mysteriously list only Taichi and Yamato), and Sora’s waiting for her train, which seems to be late, to take her back from her tennis club trip. Koushirou shows the kids present the pictures that have been circulating around the internet: a picture of Taichi as a toddler, and what looks like Yamato and Sora on a date. Koushirou tells them that Diablomonnote , the Digimon whom Omegamonnote  destroyed in the Internet three years prior, who has managed to survive and slowly come back.

Koushirou tells them that Diablomon is attempting to the Real World with the help of copies of his Child form, Kuramon, which are being sent to people all over Tokyo via email and emerging from their computers. Takeru and Patamon, remembering that Diablomon had sent a nuclear missile the last time he was active, know that disaster could strike if Diablomon emerges again, and Taichi and Yamato decide to enter the Internet through a gate and stop the Kuramon from emerging. Daisuke wants to go too, but Taichi tells him to stay with the others and keep the Kuramon in the Real World from evolving.

Meanwhlie, Taichi and Yamato’s names continue to pop up in odd places, including on printed store labels and public screens, as the Kuramon continue to multiply. Koushirou dispatches the younger Chosen to capture the Kuramon and send them to him with their D-3s so that he can have Gennai take care of them, with express instructions not to attack them so that the Kuramon won’t evolve. They do so, rounding up the Kuramon all over Tokyo

Koushirou begins to wonder why the Kuramon are emerging into the Real World when Taichi, Yamato, Agumon, and Gabumon are already in the internet, knowing that Diablomon probably wants to target Omegamon specifically. Confusing the situation even further, Wormmon and V-mon end up attacking the Kuramon when they emerge from a bunch of train passengers’ cell phones, and although they catch the Kuramon, the Kuramon do not evolve, contrary to Koushirou’s predictions.

As Taichi and Yamato approach the center of the net, they find that the Kuramon lingering around are ignoring them. Knowing that the start of the battle is near, Agumon and Gabumon warp-evolve and merge into Omegamon and, once they reach the center, attack the Diablomon they find there.

While Daisuke and Ken continue to pursue the Kuramon, the battle between Omegamon and Diablomon appears on a public screen, and while Omegamon is able to destroy the surrounding Kuramon, he’s unable to get to the central Diablomon. Takeru and Hikari decide to enter the Internet to help their brothers, while children around the world see the battle broadcasted on their computers. As Hikari and Takeru appear in the Internet with Angewomon and Angemon, Daisuke, wanting to follow Hikari, borrows a laptop and asks Miyako to guide him through the Internet. Miyako opens a large number of gates into the Internet, but even though Omegamon successfully destroys the Diablomon, all of the Kuramon emerge into the real world with the gates and close them, locking Taichi, Yamato, Hikari, and Takeru inside. Koushirou realizes that Diablomon had set up a trap.

On Koushirou’s orders, Miyako hacks into the public screen and causes it to display a message that the Chosen Children will be waiting for them at Tokyo Bay. All of the Kuramon collectively begin to head there, but in the process, they carry V-mon and Wormmon away from Daisuke and Ken. Meanwhile, Mimi arrives at the computer lab, not really getting full grasp of the situation.

As the kids head to Tokyo Bay, Koushirou realizes what Diablomon had planned: wanting to emerge into the Real World, but having too much data to come out of the Internet all at once, he had sent out his data in the form of the small Kuramon so that even if Omegamon defeated him, he’d still be able to have the Kuramon take his place. By opening a large number of gates, Miyako had allowed all of the Kuramon to emerge into the Real World - and as a result, there are now too many Kuramon to be captured at once.

Even though Sora’s train home finally begins to function again, the power goes out around all of Tokyo, and a large crowd accumulates in front of Tokyo Bay where a sea of Kuramon float in the ocean. Miyako and Iori, having arrived at the site, can do nothing as the Kuramon rise into the air and merge into a giant DigiEgg.

Daisuke and Ken continue to hurry to Tokyo Bay before the egg hatches, but can’t get very far by walking when all of the local trains are jammed up. The egg hatches into Diablomon, in a much stronger form than before (Armagemonnote ), with far too much data to be sent back to the net. Fortunately, Diablomon hatching opens the gates and allows Taichi, Yamato, Hikari, and Takeru to return to the Real World, with Omegamon in tow, but things take a turn for the worse when Omegamon struggles against Diablomon’s new form.

Jou arrives on a bike to help Daisuke and Ken get to Tokyo Bay, but since the bike is only able to hold one person, he promptly steals a bike from a passing girl. Omegamon is defeated by Diablomon and begins to fall apart right when Daisuke and Ken arrive on the scene. They’re initially unable to reach V-mon and Wormmon through the crowd, but after hearing them shout for them, the crowd breaks apart to let them through and cheers them on.

As the world watches on their screens, V-mon and Wormmon Jogress and Ultimate evolve to Imperialdramon. Sora arrives in time to cheer them on, while Imperialdramon takes on Diablomon. Imperialdramon survives one of Diablomon’s attacks by Mode Changing to Fighter Mode and manages to land a clean hit on Diablomon, but Diablomon still withstands it.

Daisuke resolves not to give up the fight now, and, as the parts of Omegamon rise into the air and begin to glow, Agumon and Gabumon urge them on, telling them not to give up. Omegamon releases a Holy Ring that contains everyone’s hopes and wishes; as Omegamon reverts to Agumon and Gabumon, the Holy Ring transforms into a sword and goes over to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. Now supplied with everyone’s power, Imperialdramon’s armor turns white (Imperialdramon Paladin Mode) and rushes at Diablomon, stabbing him right through the head.

Diablomon begins to dissolve into Kuramon, and Iori realizes that they can send the Kuramon back with everyone’s cell phones. The sounds of a whistle and a harmonica reverberate through the air, followed by everyone’s cell phones ringing at once. Iori instructs the crowd to point their cell phones towards Imperialdramon’s sword, and as the kids follow suit themselves with their Digivices, the lights from the cell phones and the Digivices cause the sword to release a large wave of light around the Kuramon, allowing the cell phones to absorb the Kuramon’s data. As Miyako drops Koushirou a line that she’s sending the Kuramon to him to take care of it, with all of the Kuramon absorbed, the light finally fades out over Odaiba. Daisuke remarks that he’s tired, and he laughs with Ken.

The credits show what happens shortly after to the Chosen Children: an exhausted Koushirou falls asleep on his desk while Mimi stacks books on his head, Iori falls asleep while Miyako sends the Kuramon back to Koushirou, Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Takeru, and Hikari look on the scene but are still extremely tired, Jou returns the bike that he stole, and Daisuke and Ken fall asleep next to each other. We’re then treated to our final picture of the Adventure universe’s Chosen Children: the entire group hanging out around a familiar trolley.


  • Call-Back: In the original version, when Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is about to make his final stab into Diablomon, Daisuke and Ken punctuate it with “Go...!”, the exact same thing Koushirou had done when he had sent the emails to slow Diablomon down in Our War Game!.
  • Continuity Snarl: While no major events make any contradictions to Adventure 02, some details are off, such as Gabumon and Tailmon having the ability to become MetalGarurumon and Angewomon (which they’d surrendered) and XV-mon and Stingmon being able to use Jogress evolution (when that should no longer be available). Since they’re minor details, they can be easily explained with a bit of Fan Wank, but otherwise it’s somewhat jarring.
  • Deus ex Machina: While running to Tokyo Bay with Daisuke, Ken attempts to invoke this: “Don’t you always get some incredible power when things are going really badly?” His wish is promptly granted when Jou shows up on a bike.
  • I Shall Taunt You: As Daisuke’s exhausted from running to Tokyo Bay, Ken, having picked up a few levels of sass since Adventure 02’s ending, decides to goad him on with the following line:
    Ken: You can’t take the ball from me like that.
  • Theme Tune Cameo: When all of the cell phones ring in unison, one of them has Adventure’s opening song “Butter-Fly” as its ringtone.