Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 46 Black War Greymon VS War Greymon

At work, Ken’s father manages to get an article with a picture of Oikawa, and tells the kids that he hasn’t come to work for the last two days. The kids conclude that Oikawa really is a human, and wonder how he can control Archnemon and Mummymon.

Archnemon and Mummymon set up a hideout for themselves and Oikawa, and they watch a television news program where someone speculates that the Digimon are actually a mass delusion. Oikawa comments that humans see Digimon like UFOs, and don’t want to believe in them.

One of the Dark Seed-implanted kids, Takashi, finishes his entire winter break homework in one day, and his parents wonder how he can finish so quickly after having been kidnapped the night before. His parents rejoice at having a genius boy just like the famous Ken Ichijouji, while Takashi looks at them scornfully.

Takeru presents his mother with the picture of Oikawa, and she recognizes him as the man who interrogated her on Christmas Eve. Before she departs for work, she provides Takeru with the names of the formerly kidnapped children and their addresses, which she had obtained through her reporter work. Ken, not wanting the children to suffer as he did, tells them that they have to save them, and they formulate a plan to split up and meet with the children themselves.

Takeru and Iori search for one of the children, only to see her kick a kitten away angrily, and realize that it may be useless to talk to her. Takeru tries to speak with her anyway, and Iori wonders if he’ll have to fight the children, knowing that he doesn’t even like fighting Digimon to begin with. Hikari, Miyako, Daisuke, and Ken have difficulty talking to another one, who shuts the door on them in an irritated mood. As they walk away, the child looks at them through the window and calls them “insects”.

Archnemon sees it’s snowing outside, and Oikawa tells her to go put chains on the car. As she does so, she sees a light falling from the sky and crashing to the ground, and none other than BlackWarGreymon emerges from it...

The next day, the kids hold another meeting, and Miyako says that while it seems to be impossible to remove the Dark Seeds, they still need to keep track of the children. She also concludes that Oikawa must be the only one who can remove them, and he’ll probably contact the children again at some point. Daisuke says that they’ll get Taichi and the other elder Chosen to help them watch over the children.

BlackWarGreymon approaches Oikawa, Archnemon, and Mummymon’s hideout and bursts in.

The kids continue to keep tabs on the children, but Taichi asks Hikari to go to the Digital World with him. They find a large amount of destruction there and meet up with Agumon and Gabumon, who inform them that BlackWarGreymon has returned. Agumon tells them that when Qinglongmon had given them his power, he had used up some of the power that was supposed to be used to keep the Digital World in balance. They see an image of Mt. Fuji in the Digital World and realize that BlackWarGreymon has entered the Real World, and Gabumon reveals that Agumon still has a small amount of Qinglongmon’s power, but only barely enough for himself to use. Agumon says that he’s prepared to fight BlackWarGreymon if he refuses to listen to reason, and Taichi and Hikari decide to follow him, while Gabumon wishes them luck.

BlackWarGreymon tells Archnemon, Mummymon, and Oikawa that he wants to meet the one who gave him life. Archnemon tells him that she was responsible, having made him using her hairs, but BlackWarGreymon asks who was responsible for creating Archnemon and Mummymon. Oikawa reveals that he created Archnemon and Mummymon using data processed from his own genes. BlackWarGreymon realizes that this means he was made from Oikawa’s genes, and decides that since he, Mummymon, and Archnemon were made from the Real World, they shouldn’t have existed in the Digital World to begin with. He then says that Oikawa is an “alien substance”, something that should not exist in the Real World, and attacks an extremely agitated Oikawa.

Agumon intervenes, telling BlackWarGreymon that he wants to talk to him. BlackWarGreymon refuses, and Taichi has Agumon warp evolvenote  to WarGreymon. WarGreymon takes on BlackWarGreymon while Hikari has Tailmon armor evolve to Nefertimon so that she can chase the fleeing Oikawa, Archnemon, and Mummymon. BlackWarGreymon demands to know why Taichi and Agumon are protecting Oikawa, to which Taichi replies that Oikawa is the only one who can remove the Dark Seeds and thus they won’t let BlackWarGreymon kill him. WarGreymon continues to appeal to BlackWarGreymon and offer to be friends, but BlackWarGreymon insists that he doesn’t need friendship.

Miyako and Takeru join Hikari in the chase, with Daisuke and Ken blocking off the road and Iori distracting the Self-Defense forces. Oikawa takes the wheel while Archnemon and Mummymon attack Aquilamon, Pegasmon, and Nefertimon, but the truck is stopped in its tracks by Paildramon. However, seeing the destructive battle between WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon, Daisuke and Ken decide to have Paildramon ultimate evolve to Imperialdramon and chase after them. Once Imperialdramon arrives to the battle, he Mode Changes to Fighter Mode and drags the two of them out of the way where they can battle it out. With Imperialdramon and WarGreymon together against BlackWarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon is a sitting duck.

Hikari, Takeru, and Miyako chase Oikawa, Archnemon, and Mummymon, who’ve ditched the truck, into a crowd, where none of their Digimon can use their special attacks due to fear of hurting the civilians. Mummymon and Archnemon manage to throw an attack at Aquilamon, Pegasmon, and Nefertimon, causing them to revert to their normal forms, and successfully make an escape.

BlackWarGreymon, defeated, expresses a wish that they’d killed him instead of just defeating him, but Wormmon berates him for saying that he wants to die, questioning if he’s actually looking for strong opponents because he’s a Death Seeker. Wormmon tells him that suffering is a part of life, and Agumon says that everything he’s done in life has made him happy and has proved to him his own existence. V-mon adds to the conversation, saying that he enjoys playing and having fun with his friends, and that he always does his best in everything he does. BlackWarGreymon calls that kind of life “miserable”, but decides that he’ll give it a try, and says that he’s glad that he spoke with them. He then flies off, as Agumon, V-mon, and Wormmon look on.


  • All There in the Manual: Supplementary materials give bits of fun trivia like the full names of some of the Dark Seed-implanted children.
  • Call-Back: The girl kicking the kitten is a very obvious call back to Ken doing the same thing while under the influence of his own Dark Seed. The boy referring to Hikari, Miyako, Daisuke, and Ken as “insects” is also one to the Kaiser labeling others this in general.
  • There Can Be Only One:
    BlackWarGreymon: This world doesn’t need two WarGreymon! You or me, one is enough!