Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 44 The Deadly Struggle With The Dark Digimon

Daisuke is unable to successfully catch up with the truck as it drives away, but help arrives in the form of Jou’s brother Shuu in a car, who gives Daisuke, Takeru, Miyako, and Hikari a ride to chase the truck in.

In Archnemon’s truck, Ken yells at her for not letting the kids go, but Archnemon says that she never actually made a promise to let them go and that besides, the children have no intention of going home anyway. One of the children approaches Ken and recognize him as Ken Ichijouji, the famous boy genius, and tell him that they admire his amazing skills in studies and sports. He says that a man had approached him promising to make his dreams come true, and the man, the same one who had talked with Takeru’s mother, reveals himself. The man tells Ken that he was at Osamu’s funeral, and Ken recalls a vague memory of having seen him there.

Outside, LadyDevimon, in service to Demon, attempts to divert the truck, which also throws Shuu’s car off. Hikari and Tailmon disembark the car and Tailmon, wanting to fight with LadyDevimon but now lacking the means to become Angewomon from having given up Qinglongmon’s power, asks Hawkmon to Jogress with her. Still shellshocked from Imperialdramon having killed SkullSatamon, Miyako agrees to the condition that Hawkmon does not allow LadyDevimon to be killed. Shuu and the others continue on the chase to get Ken back, while Miyako and Hikari remain and have Tailmon and Aquilamon Jogress evolve to Silphymon.

The man formally introduces himself as Yukio Oikawa, a co-worker of Ken’s father, and recites a portion of the fateful email that had led Ken to the mysterious dark ocean to corrupt his Digivice. Ken, realizing that Oikawa had sent the email, demands to know what he intended to do. Oikawa introduces Archnemon and Mummymon as his servants, which are “part of him”.

As Shuu and the others chase Archnemon and Mummymon, Iori wonders if Mummymon and Archnemon are connected to LadyDevimon attacking and Takeru says that they’re obviously not allies. Unfortunately, Shuu gets trapped behind a railroad crossing, which aggravatingly has multiple trains passing by.

Oikawa ties Ken up and tells him that he chose Ken to become the Kaiser because Ken has a Dark Seednote  inside of his body. Oikawa says that the Dark Seed does a number of things, including making its owner smarter and more athletic, and that the children have lined up to receive the “sprouts” from the Seed that’s been growing inside Ken. Oikawa uses a scanner to copy the data of the Dark Spore in the back of Ken’s neck, and before Ken passes out, he cries and calls for Daisuke and Wormmon.

When Ken wakes up, he sees the kids lining up one by one to receive the Dark Seed. Ken watches the scene in agony, knowing that the seeds entail a lot more than just making them smart and athletic, and mentally pleads for them not to become like him and so readily accept the persona that he rejected.

To make the situation worse for Shuu, while he and the others continue pursuing Ken, an officer stops them due to MarineDevimon making trouble in the area. Takeru and Iori remain to take care of MarineDevimon, while Daisuke has V-mon armor evolve to Lighdramon so that he and Wormmon can pursue Ken. Iori is hesitant about fighting MarineDevimon, afraid that they might have to kill him, but sees the destruction that MarineDevimon is causing to the civilians around him and is forced to have Ankylomon Jogress evolve with Angemon to Shakkoumon.

When Silphymon is tossed to the ground while fighting with LadyDevimon, a bunch of boys with skateboards come to help, mistaking Silphymon for a cosplayer. Believing LadyDevimon to be yet another cosplayer, they don’t heed Silphymon’s warning to get out of there, and LadyDevimon uses one of the boys as a Human Shield.

While pursuing Archnemon’s truck, Daisuke realizes that it’s headed towards Hikarigaoka, where Taichi and Hikari first met a Digimonnote  and where there’s supposed to be a Digital Gate. Within the truck, Oikawa refers to the irony of Hikarigaoka having “light” (hikari) in it, suggesting to replace it with “darkness”. Ken looks at him with scorn, and Oikawa exploits this by telling the kids that this is how “the elite” looks down on ordinary people.

Silphymon is unable to fight normally with LadyDevimon using a human shield, but Miyako intervenes by hitting LadyDevimon with a skateboard, causing her to release him. LadyDevimon then turns her attention and is about to kill Miyako before she’s killed in turn by Silphymon, the Aquilamon side of Silphymon having been forced to act when he had seen Miyako threatened. Miyako is horrified knowing that they’ve killed another Digimon, but Hikari reminds him that she managed to save the boy who LadyDevimon had used as a shield.

Shuu finds himself driving to a hospital, and Iori yells at Shakkoumon to keep the battle away from it in order to protect the people inside. They go in to help the patients and Takeru remarks that doctors aren’t the only ones who can save people, causing Iori to think of his father, who also saved lives through his work. Right then and there, Shakkoumon bursts in with MarineDevimon in tow and destroys him, which shocks Iori. Iori continues to feel horrible about it even after a young patient thanks him for helping her, and wonders if his father would think it to be the right thing to do.

Lightdramon makes it to the truck, but both the truck and Daisuke are interrupted by Demon...


  • Chase Scene:
    Daisuke: Like in the movies!
    Shuu: If something happens, they’ll take my license away for sure!
  • I Lied: Arukenimon responds to Ken with this in the dub when he demands for her to let the children go as she agreed to (rather than with the Exact Words play Archnemon used in the original).
  • You're Insane!: English dub line, Ken to Oikawa:
    Ken: You want my opinion? You’re as mad as they come.