Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 40 New York And Hong Kong The Free For All Fight

In an orbiting spaceship, some of the astronauts inside hear about the incidents on Earth. They then see a mysterious thing flying over earth...which turns out to be Imperialdramon, destroying Dark Towers as he goes and dropping the Chosen Children all over Earth: Hikari and Koushirou to Hong Kong, Iori and Jou to Australia, Taichi and Takeru to France and Sora and Miyako to Moscow.

Imperialdramon drops off Yamato, Ken, and Daisuke in Miami, where they meet up with Michael. Michael has Ken and Yamato sent to Mexico by helicopter, while he and Daisuke head to New York by a private plane. On the plane, Daisuke finds out that Michael’s father is none other than a famous Hollywood action star.

A TonosamaGekomon sits at Niagara Falls, when suddenly a Seadramon - accompanied by a human child - leads the TonosamaGekomon away, to the disturbance of the nearby police officers. The officers notice that all of the “monsters” are being led towards New York City.

In New York, Mimi’s parents express frustration at the situation, having moved to America as a result of the Digimon incident. They suddenly find that Mimi has run off with Palmon...

Mimi meets up with Michael and Daisuke, who land in the plane with Michael’s father. There, they’re approached by one of Gennai’s comrades named Benjamin, who’s helping with the rounding efforts. The kids realize that Benjamin looks exactly like Gennai, and Benjamin tells them that originally Gennai and his comrades were “one and the same”, before telling them he’ll get into the details later.

A Jureimonnote  begins causing trouble at Rockefeller Center, and a Chosen Child named Samnote  calls for help. Benjamin gives Palmon the power of the DigiCore that Gennai had given to the other kids in Tokyo, and V-mon evolves to XV-mon while Palmon super-evolves to Lilimonnote  and Michael’s Betamon evolves to Seadramon before they go to check the situation out.

Sam’s FlareLizardmonnote  has difficulty holding up the Jureimon until XV-mon, Lillymon, and Betamon arrive. More help arrives in the form of American Chosen Children Maria and her partner Kentarumonnote , Lou and his partner Tortamon, and Steve and his partner Yukidarumonnote . The combined efforts of the Chosen Children manage to knock out the Jureimon.

While Mimi’s parents catch sight of Lilimon and decide to follow her in the hopes of finding Mimi, the Chosen Children present escort all of the wild Digimon to Mimi’s laptop in Central Park, where Daisuke opens the Digital Gate. Mimi’s parents arrive and demand an explanation from Daisuke, who can only reply with a “Merry Christmas!”

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, a Mojyamon attacks a street and three brothers, each with a Shakomonnote  that can evolve to Octomon, take on the Mojyamon. Before they finish him off, however, Hikari and Koushirou arrive on Angewomon and AtlurKabuterimonnote  telling them to stop - but are unable to communicate with them.

Koushirou: I’m not sure I can speak English...
AtlurKabuterimon: Feelings, Koushirou. If you speak your feelings, they should understand.
Koushirou: You think so…? Uh...That Digimon, no bad Digimon, so (in English) no more attack...that’s right?
Hikari: (sighs)

Luckily, Gennai’s identical comrade Jackie arrives in time, who explains to the Hoinote  brothers that the Mojyamon isn’t evil, just confused after having been thrown into the Real World, and that they need to get it back to the Digital World. Gennai asks if they will help them gather the Digimon at Kowloon Park, and the Hoi brothers discuss it amongst themselves, deciding that they’ll do it and then take “the Japanese girl” out for a date later.

Various Chosen Children all over Asia gather the Digimon together, and Koushirou receives an email from an Indian Chosen Child named Mina and her partner Meramon, who needs help at the Chinese border because the Chinese army won’t let her and the Digimon parade through, believing them to be enemies. Hikari, Koushirou, and the eldest Hoi brother go to assist her, and they manage to convince the army that the Digimon are peaceful by having an Octomon ink “hello” on a wall, while the army platoon responds by making a formation with “hello” in turn. With a bit more communication, the army finally lets them through.

With that, the kids go to Kowloon Park and successfully return the Digimon to the Digital World, while the Hoi brothers fight over Hikari.

Back in Tokyo, a young boy sits alone on a swing, and sees Mummymon on a swing next to him...


  • All There in the Manual: Supplementary materials reveal the two Chosen Children seen at the end of the episode to be Yuehong from China, partnered to a Hanumon, and Dien from Vietnam, partnered to a Gorimon. Michael's father is named Michael J. Barton, an obvious reference to Michael J. Fox.
  • Artistic License – Geography: The distance from Hong Kong to the China-India border is much, much longer than it's shown to be in the anime.
  • Artistic License – Linguistics: Hikari briefly speaks Chinese ("nihao" and "xiexie") to the Hoi brothers, except they're living in Hong Kong, where the standard dialect is Cantonese, not Mandarin. However, a few years before the episode was made, Mandarin became a part of primary school education, and has since become widely spoken, so it's not entirely inexcusable.
  • Japanese Ranguage: A sign at the beach prominently reads “MAIAMI”. Alas...
  • One Steve Limit: The dub likely renamed Sam to Phil in order to avoid confusion with Ken’s brother Osamu, who was renamed to Sam in the dub.
  • Translation Convention: This is the only way to make sense of this episode, as only Michael can be proven to speak Japanese (as he speaks to Daisuke, Ken, and Yamato unaided) and it’s never established if Daisuke speaks fluent enough English to communicate normally with the rest. The really confusing part is the Hong Kong portion of the episode, in which the Hoi brothers and Hikari and Koushirou have issues speaking with each other until Jackie shows up, after which point they’re suddenly perfectly able to understand each other as if Jackie gave them some Translator Microbes or something - and when Mina appears later in the episode, she can also communicate with the others perfectly. They only way to make sense of it is that Mimi or Michael and Jackie are providing translation services and we’re not seeing it - and even then that doesn’t make sense, because Jackie’s not around during the scene at the Chinese border, when Hikari, Koushirou, and the eldest Hoi brother have a perfectly functional conversation...about how to get around the language barrier.
    • Gratuitous English: Even more bizarrely, Michael's dad uses English everywhere (mostly things like “Let’s go!” and “Fantastic”), and Lou uses it at one point (“Nice [to] meet you”) - when, assuming that the Translation Convention is in full effect, it wouldn’t be necessary. The Hoi brothers also use some of this - even though it makes sense when they’re using it to try and communicate with Hikari and Koushirou, what was the point of referring to Hikari as the “Japanese girl” in English?