Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 3 Digimental Up

At night in his room, the Digimon Kaiser, wearing more civilian clothes, works on his computer...

The Digimon wait in the computer room for class to end and the kids to come. When they finally do, they’re overjoyed to greet them, and Miyako brings in snacks from her family’s convenience store. Patamon demonstrates to them how to eat the snacks and Chibimon, Poromon, and Upamon go crazy over this new discovery of human food while Tailmon looks on in irritation.

Tailmon: I’m worried just thinking of our future...

The kids end up having to wait for Iori, who’s compelling himself to finish a lunch he doesn’t like due to his late father having believed in not wasting food. While they wait, the others watch some TV, where they’re holding a report on the boy seen at the beginning of the episode: Child Prodigy Ken Ichijouji of multiple talents, who's won computer programming and chess contests and excels in judo and soccer. Not catching onto the fact that he looks suspiciously like the Kaiser, the kids marvel that such a person like Ken Ichijouji exists, while Miyako is a bit jealous of him. With Iori’s arrival, the kids decide to finish off the distraction and head for the Digital World.

Ken walks home, kicking a puppy on the way. Upon coming home, he coldly brushes off his mother and shuts himself in his bedroom.

The Digimon Kaiser chases an Elecmon, who flees, and the Kaiser responds by hitching a ride on one of his enslaved Tyrannomon. The Kaiser successfully captures the Elecmon and shoves him into a dungeon under a gladiatorial stage, while a bunch of Gotsumon look on, fearing for their future and knowing that their friends are in there. The Elecmon is forced to fight another Elecmon, this time controlled by one of the Kaiser’s rings while the Gotsumon look on in horror. Shortly after, the Kaiser catches notice of the Gotsumon, captures two of them, and forces them to fight each other as well for his own amusement. The worm Digimon, next to the Kaiser, addresses him as Ken and asks if that’s what makes him happy...

Now that they’re back in the Digital World, V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon return to their Child forms. The kids’ Digivices begin to react, and they realize that this means there are more Digimentals. They decide to look for it, but their presence in the Digital World causes the Kaiser’s Digivice to react, and he realizes that they’ve arrived.

The kids wonder what kind of Digimon would be born this time and whether new Digimentals mean new Chosen Children. On the way, however, a hologram of the Kaiser appears, who berates them for trespassing in his world and claiming that only “perfect” people like himself can be Chosen Children. The hologram disappears and he arrives in the flesh on his Tyrannomon, declaring the Digital World to be his and that he’ll punish them for interrupting his “game”. V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon respond by armor evolving to take them on.

The situation is complicated by the addition of two more Tyrannomon and, frustrated that they can’t evolve and that they’re just a burden, Tailmon and Patamon are forced to escape with Hikari, Takeru, and Iori to search for the Digimental while one Tyrannomon gives chase.

They end up in a cave and find two Digimentals, one bearing the Crest of Light and one bearing the Crest of Hope. Hikari and Takeru are initially uncertain, since there are no more Chosen Children, but Tailmon and Patamon urge them to try and lift them anyway. The light from the Digimentals morphs Hikari and Takeru’s Digivices into ones resembling the new Chosen’s, and they easily lift the Digimentals, triggering Tailmon and Patamon’s armor evolutions into Nefertimon and Pegasmonnote . Nefertimon and Pegasmon turn the tide of battle against what’s now an army of Tyrannomon and free the army from the Kaiser.

Back in the computer lab, the kids reflect on how the Kaiser enslaves Digimon and is crazy enough to claim that the Digital World is his. Iori reflects on how Hikari and Takeru getting their Digimentals involved a different process than Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori’s. At his home, Ken smiles grimly at his computer and turns it off.


  • Bowdlerise: The infamous puppy-kicking scene is cut from the American dub.
  • Gladiator Games: The Kaiser has Elecmon and Gotsumon fight for his amusement.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Ken has one during the puppy-kicking scene.
  • Zerg Rush: The Kaiser's Tyrannomon overwhelm Flamedramon, Holsmon and Digmon with sheer numbers.