Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 39 All Sally Out Imperialdramon

The kids watch in the morning news in horror as it reports locations that Dark Towers have appeared in and the sudden appearance of “large monsters”. The news reports one of the monster sightings to be in Tamachi, which Daisuke recognizes as the place where Ken lives. Thus, when the kids rush out to take care of the problem, Daisuke decides to go off to Tamachi to help Ken. Taichi initially tries to stop him, telling him that there are other places that need help too and that they should make a plan at Koushirou’s place, but when Daisuke says that Ken is an important friend, Taichi tells Daisuke to go ahead.

The militaries of several countries try to deploy forces against the Dark Towers, but are useless, and the governments find out that someone has been altering the data from the incident three years prior. Meanwhile, Qinglongmon gives a mysterious person a blue orb...

Koushirou shows the kids (minus Daisuke and Ken) a bunch of emails that he’s been receiving from Chosen Children all over the world. Taichi reveals that the elder Chosen have been keeping in contact with the international Chosen Children for a while now, and Koushirou says it’s now time for them to join forces.

In Tamachi, Ken and Wormmon flee from a Triceramon, but Wormmon is unable to evolve since Archnemon and Mummymon are present to keep the Dark Tower active. As the mysterious man who had talked to Takeru’s mother watches over them, and Daisuke arrives with Lighdramon to destroy the Dark Tower. With both V-mon and Wormmon present, Daisuke and Ken have them evolve and then Jogress evolve to Paildramon, only for Mummymon to intervene and heavily wound Paildramon.

As Koushirou looks at the Digital Gates around the world, he says that the Gates are closed and that they will need D-3s in order to open them and send Digimon through them. What’s worse, if they try to use the Digital World to get around the world, it’ll end up taking too long since only one Gate can be opened per area. Fortunately, Koushirou allows someone to appear in the room through the computer, and it’s none other than a younger Gennai, the man who had helped the 1999 Chosen Children in the Digital World.

Gennai provides them with one of Qinglongmon’s twelve DigiCores, which Qinglongmon had given to him to help the Chosen Children. The light from the DigiCore causes Upamon and Poromon to evolve to Armadimon and Hawkmon, and in Tamachi, as Paildramon struggles to fight, some of the light reaches Paildramon, causing him to Ultimate evolvenote  to Imperialdramon. Gennai explains that the light from Qinglongmon’s DigiCore should have also restored the 1999 Chosen Digimon’s ability to evolve to Perfect level.

Knowing that he’s now against an Ultimate-level Digimon, Mummymon makes a run for it, and, using Ken’s laptop, Ken, Daisuke, and Imperialdramon send the Triceramon back to the Digital World. Imperialdramon has Ken and Daisuke ride on him as he flies high into the sky and destroys all of the Dark Towers in Japan with only one attack. With the speedy power of Imperialdramon, they manage to fly all around Japan in a matter of minutes and send all of the rampaging Digimon back to the Digital World.

Gennai reveals that he and his comrades have been secretly modifying government data on the Digimon in order to keep up The Masquerade. However, there’s still the problem of the Digimon and Dark Towers around the rest of the world, and Gennai tells the kids that his comrades around the world have helped the international Chosen Children to gather the Digimon around the world in six locations: New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Mexico, Sydney, and Paris. Gennai gives them an assignment: because Imperialdramon can fly around the world in thirty minutes, the kids will have to split up, use their D-3s to open gates in those six locations, and send the Digimon back with the help of the international Chosen Children.

With that, Gennai disappears, and Koushirou’s mother appears to give them food. Yamato’s father and the Fuji TV staff come out and watch Imperialdramon start the kids on their journey around the world. Meanwhile, Archnemon gets an order from her superior to start on something new in Japan while the kids are distracted...


  • What Happened to the Mouse?: We never find out exactly why Gennai suddenly looks young after having been an old man for all of Adventure. The dub throws in a joke line about Gennai having taken “Digi-Vitamins”.
  • Gratuitous English: For some reason, Izzy has a poster of a computer that has the word "balloon" emblazoned on it.