Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 37 Gigantic Ultimate Qinglongmon

Despite Shakkoumon being incredibly powerful against BlackWarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon seems utterly determined to destroy the last Holy Stone, believing that the answer to his life will come forth if he does so. Daisuke comes up with an idea: have the Jogress-evolved Digimon hold BlackWarGreymon off and have the Holy Stone moved to a safer place. Archnemon and Mummymon jump out to attack them, but Digitamamon and Bakumon push them aside, telling the kids to protect the Holy Stone.

The kids hold their D-3s at the Holy Stone, hoping that it might get the Holy Stone to move. Instead of moving it, however, it summons the Digimon who had appeared every time BlackWarGreymon had destroyed a Holy Stone. BlackWarGreymon wants to fight him, but the Digimon, named Qinglongmonnote  berates him for having destroyed the Holy Stones and explains that he is one of the four sacred beasts who protects the Digital World, holding the spheres of Light and Hope.

Qinglongmon tells BlackWarGreymon that, being a Digimon made from a hundred of the Dark Towers that are sealing his powers, BlackWarGreymon’s existence is darkness itself. Archnemon and Mummymon, arriving on the spot, reveal that their true purpose was to destroy the balance of the Digital World with the Dark Towers, having used Ken as a pawn to become the Digimon Kaiser and build Dark Towers for them. Archnemon then tells BlackWarGreymon that this is why he was created, and therefore has no need for a soul. Qinglongmon tells BlackWarGreymon that only he can find the reason for his own existence, and BlackWarGreymon goes off to search for it while Archnemon and Mummymon chase him.

Qinglongmon then turns his attention to the kids, and Miyako remembers what Sora’s father had told her in Kyoto about the four sacred beasts. Qinglongmon explains that the four beasts were sealed by the Dark Masters, but then the Chosen Children came to their world and defeated them. The seal was only broken when the children sacrificed the power of the Crests to break it, and that the 1999 Chosen can only have their Digimon evolve to Perfect level with the help of the four beasts.

When the Digimon Kaiser had begun to build Dark Towers and inhibit evolution, the four beasts had used the power of a “lost ancient evolution” - armor evolution - and sealed three Digimon with the power to use them (V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon), sent the D-3s to Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori, and when it became clear the D-Terminals could store more than one Digimental, they sent three more Digimentals over to help the kids. In addition, they had also transformed the Crest of Kindness into a golden Digimental in order to induce Ken’s Heel–Face Turn.

The lecture is interrupted by BlackWarGreymon screaming and rising into the sky, and Qinglongmon hopes that someday BlackWarGreymon will find his answer. He tells the kids that he will plant “seeds of light” where the Holy Stones once were, and that the seeds will grow and take the place of the destroyed Holy Stones in stabilizing the Digital World. Ken worries that the powers of darkness might accumulate and create another “sad life” like BlackWarGreymon, and the other kids are able to tell that Ken is thinking about how he himself made Chimeramon with the powers of darkness. Takeru tells him that there will always be darkness as long as there is light, and the best thing to do is to never lose focus of the light inside oneself.

Qinglongmon continues the Info Dump: the power of the Crest of Hope is what embodies the ability to never give up on the light, and explains that the specific Crests of Light and Hope were the ones that were responsible for freeing Qinglongmon from his seal. He goes on to explain the special properties of Light and Hope: Hikari and Takeru had the unique ability to use Digimentals despite the fact Tailmon and Patamon were not among those Digimon able to use the “ancient evolution”, and thus had their Digivices turned into D-3s. Qinglongmon refers to Light and Hope as the powers that keep the Digital World alive and save it from darkness.

Before departing, Qinglongmon tells them that there’s someone Archnemon and Mummymon are working under, and that they need to fight off this true evil before their job is done.

The kids return to the Digitamamon’s Chinese restaurant, who gives them free dumplings as thanks for their help. Takeru offers Ken a dumpling and asks him to eat with them, which he happily accepts. While Daisuke and Miyako fight over dumplings, Leafmon tells Ken that eating with friends is great, to which he agrees.

After the kids return to the human world, Daisuke for a moment thinks he’s just seen a Dark Tower in the real world...