Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 35 Assault Black War Greymon

Archnemon and Mummymon attack a bunch of Mojyamon in order to interrogate them on where the next Holy Point is, but Paildramon and Silphymon intervene, with the kids having told the Mojyamon to keep quiet. BlackWarGreymon arrives and quickly finds the Holy Stone, and despite Paildramonís attempts to stop him, he successfully destroys it, causing the chained Digimon to once again appear and disappear. BlackWarGreymon moves on to destroy the next Holy Stone with Archnemon and Mummymon at his tail, and the kids flee the area, which is now falling apart.

As they return home, they wonder how they can defeat BlackWarGreymon, and Takeru says that itís unforgivable to create a sad life with the power of darkness. Ken takes his leave, but before he departs, Daisuke invites him to have dinner at his house in order to hold a meeting for what they should do to defeat BlackWarGreymon. Ken says that he also wants to defeat BlackWarGreymon and canít forgive Archnemon, and agrees to call his mother to get permission. Hikari and Miyako also agree to meet up with Daisuke and Ken for dinner, while Takeru and Iori decline.

Ken calls his mother to get permission to go to dinner at Daisukeís place, and Kenís mother, happy to know that Ken has friends, gives her permission and hangs up, beginning to cry. Ken arrives at the Motomiya household to find Daisukeís mother and Jun fangirling over him, and Daisuke is forced to awkwardly steer himself and Ken over to his room.

Iori visits Yamato after Yamatoís band practice and asks him about Takeru, including his outburst of anger when the Digimon Kaiser had made Chimeramon. Iori tells Yamato that Takeru is unable to forgive Archnemon for having created BlackWarGreymon, and asks if something had happened in the past. Yamato tells Iori about the 1999 Chosenís battle with Devimon and Angemonís resulting death, and how it had left a mark on the young Takeru. Iori remembers that Ken had also seen Wormmon die, and Yamato says that both Ken and Takeru have gone through the same feeling of having lost their partners, causing both of them to have a shared hatred of those who try to make life with the powers of darkness.

After Iori thanks Yamato and walks home with Upamon, he wonders if they really do have to kill BlackWarGreymon, still knowing that BlackWarGreymon has a soul, but Upamon tells Iori that heís too kind. Yamato calls Takeru and tells him about his conversation with Iori, and Takeru wonders why Iori hadnít just asked him upfront but, as he sees Iori returning to their building complex, smiles and decides that itís just like Iori to do this kind of thing.

Hikari, Miyako, Ken, and Daisuke discuss how theyíre going to protect the remaining Holy Points, and they decide to go to the Digital World to get some allies to help them out in battle. Leafmon tells Ken that having friends is great, which Ken agrees to.

BlackWarGreymon continues to search the Digital World for the next Holy Point, despite Archnemon and Mummymonís attempts to get him to calm down. BlackWarGreymon begins to feel the presence of a Holy Stone and follows it.

Ken wakes up the next morning at Daisukeís house, having slept over for the night. Daisuke gets a call from Hikari telling him that Ikkakumon has found the next Holy Stone under the water, but BlackWarGreymon is on the way there as well. The kids hurry there, with Iori going to find the Holy Stone underwater with Submarimon while the other kids protect the area. MegaSeadramon and some Rukamonnote  also arrive to assist.

As BlackWarGreymon, XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolve to Paildramon and Tailmon and Aquilamon Jogress evolve to Silphymon. Paildramon, Silphymon, and Angemon attempt to attack together to ward BlackWarGreymon off, but he wards them off and goes into the water to try and get to the Holy Stone. Submarimon and Ikkakumon successfully blast him out of the water and back to Paildramon and Silphymon. Unfortunately, BlackWarGreymon manages to split the waters apart in one attack, allowing him to get to the Holy Stone.

Iori intervenes and tries to reason with BlackWarGreymon, asking him to stop destroying the Holy Stones if he has a soul. BlackWarGreymon refuses to listen. Iori refuses to move between BlackWarGreymon and the Holy Stone, saying that he canít fight someone who has a soul, and even though BlackWarGreymon briefly remembers the flower he tried to save and briefly hesitates, he goes ahead and destroys the Holy Stone with Angemon pulling Iori and Armadimon out of the way and to safety.

After the kids return home, Takeru and Iori spend some time at the beach, and Upamon asks Iori if itís bad for Digimon to come to the human world. Iori says that they need to prevent it, to which Upamon laments that heís a Digimon too, to which Iori responds that he wishes that all Digimon were like Upamon. Takeru tells Iori that there isnít necessarily good or evil to a life, and that all life is beautiful by existing.


  • Depending on the Writer: Takeru makes a statement about how all life is important, which is completely opposite to his behavior in the prior episode about how he was totally willing to kill BlackWarGreymon. His general attitude is different too; this time he hates those who try to create life with the powers of darkness, rather than those who use said powers to try and take over the world or make others suffer.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The dub has Daisuke briefly mention Moses when Black War Greymon parts the seas. A surprising move considering the dub usually goes out of its way to avoid religious references.
  • Sixth Ranger: The meeting at Daisuke's house is arguably where Ken can be said to actually join the group. Prior to this episode, whenever Ken had fought along the others, he had just happened to be around in the area or had been alerted to Archnemon's location via someone sending him an email about it and had joined in due to their common enemy. The episode after this one has Ken send them an email actively apologizing that he'll be late and will meet up with them later, meaning that he now considers them as fellow team members whom he works alongside.