Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 34 Defend The Holy Point

BlackWarGreymon continues to go around in search of the Holy Stones, believing that they’re calling him to destroy them...

Having returned from her trip to Kyoto, Miyako tells the others about seeing Digimon in Kyoto and about what Sora’s father had told her about the four holy animals. Hikari uses an analogy of colored lines on a screen representing the Digimon and human worlds to explain what happens when they’re swirled around and distorted, and when Takeru adds a bunch of lines to the screen to represent worlds they may not know about, the end result of mixing them all together is nothing but black - meaning that if the distortion manages to muddle all of the worlds together, they could end up with a world of darkness. Knowing this, the kids realize that they have to protect the Holy Points at any cost.

Koushirou arrives with an upgrade to the D-Terminals: they’re now able to track down heavy sources of distortion in the Digital World, and thus will know where BlackWarGreymon is. After Hikari drops Ken a line about what they’re doing, the kids enter the Digital World to protect the Holy Points.

The kids, accompanied by Ken, track BlackWarGreymon down to a place that looks like a temple. Unfortunately, they don’t arrive in time to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the third Holy Stone, and as soon as he does so, they see a figure of a chained Digimon appearing in light before it quickly disappears. BlackWarGreymon, feeling immense power from the Digimon, decides that he will make that Digimon his opponent, and goes off to find the other Holy Points in the hopes that destroying all of the other stones will summon the Digimon.

The kids wonder how they’re going to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the other Holy Points, but Takeru shows unusual resolution in having to do it, angered that a Digimon made from darkness is threatening to destroy the Digital World. Iori remembers having seen Takeru this angry before and is startled by Takeru’s sharp change in demeanor, wondering whether the normal, calm Takeru or the bitter, angry Takeru is his true nature.

Once the kids return home, Iori takes his leave despite not having kendo practice. Iori, smart enough to know that he and Takeru must be Jogress partners since the other four have already been paired off, tells Upamon that he’s not sure what to do because he doesn’t really understand Takeru.

At night, Takeru has dreams of Angemon’s death and wakes up in a sweat. However, he’s comforted by Patamon’s presence.

The kids go to the Digital World the next day to track down BlackWarGreymon and split up to ask the nearby Digimon if they know where the Holy Point is. Takeru and Iori meet Gabumon, who’s found where the Holy Point is. Gabumon also informs them about Agumon’s conversation with BlackWarGreymon and that BlackWarGreymon has a soul. Iori is conflicted about going to destroy something that’s a living being and has a soul, but Takeru says that they have to destroy him, since they can’t allow him to live if he’s going to increase the powers of darkness.

Gabumon gives the information on the Holy Point to the other kids, and Takeru and Iori go to meet up with them there. With Takeru showing nothing but cordiality and concern over Iori, Iori has trouble rationalizing the fact that Takeru would be such a nice and kind person but still so willing to kill BlackWarGreymon even if he has a soul.

Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, and Hikari make it to the Holy Point and prepare to fight the approaching BlackWarGreymon. XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolve to Paildramon, while Tailmon and Aquilamon Jogress evolve to Silphymon. Archnemon and Mummymon try to interfere, but they’re taken aside by Paildramon and Silphymon. Unfortunately, this leaves BlackWarGreymon to freely attempt to destroy the Holy Stone. Takeru and Iori arrive before BlackWarGreymon is about to destroy it, and Takeru has Patamon evolve to Angemon while Iori has Armadimon evolve to Ankylomon.

BlackWarGreymon viciously attacks Angemon and Ankylomon, and Takeru has flashbacks to Angemon’s death at the hands of Devimon, expressing his hatred of those who try to take over the world with the power of darkness. BlackWarGreymon slams Angemon against the Holy Stone, but this causes Angemon to super-evolve to HolyAngemon note  even without the power of Takeru’s Crest of Hope.

Paildramon and Silphymon use the opportunity to gain the upper hand over Mummymon and Archnemon, while HolyAngemon, echoing Takeru’s sentiment that those who exist only to increase the powers of darkness shouldn’t exist, declares that he’ll destroy BlackWarGreymon. HolyAngemon attempts to throw BlackWarGreymon into the Heaven’s Gatenote , his cardinal attack, but BlackWarGreymon destroys the Holy Stone and the gate is closed before BlackWarGreymon can be sucked in. HolyAngemon reverts to Patamon and the mysterious chained Digimon appears again, and before it disappears, Ken notices that it’s suffering. BlackWarGreymon goes off to destroy more Holy Stones, while Archnemon and Mummymon follow him.

As the kids make their way for home, Iori asks Takeru why he hates the powers of darkness so much. Takeru responds that it’s not the powers of darkness themselves he hates, but before he can elaborate, Daisuke gets impatient that they’re lingering to have the conversation and they return home.