Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 32 Mysterious Ruin Holy Stone

BlackWarGreymon continues to wander the Digital World, causing destruction in his wake. Archnemon and Mummymon set up a bunch of Mammonnote  to stop him, but BlackWarGreymon destroys several of them easily, dissatisfied. As he angsts about why he feels so “empty”, Archnemon laughs at him, saying that he’s no more than a puppet made from Dark Towers and that puppets aren’t supposed to feel anything. BlackWarGreymon, however, believes himself to be more than just a Dark Tower Digimon, and that he feels actual pain. With that, he continues to fight the Mammon.

Archnemon and Mummymon leave BlackWarGreymon for a failure and Mummymon informs Archnemon that he’s found one of the “Holy Stones”note , and that they may be able to test a rumor about it if they destroy it. As they drive off to check it out, Mummymon wonders if he and Archnemon have souls while Archnemon shrugs it off, while Tentomon catches sight of them.

As BlackWarGreymon fights the Mammon, he muses that he envies them for being unable to feel anything. He sees a Mammon about to trample a flower and, on impulse, shields it with his own body before killing the Mammon. He turns to the flower and wonders why he wanted to protect it. In a fit of existential angst, he crushes the flower himself and wonders why he feels pain about it.

Tentomon tells the kids that he’s found Archnemon and the kids meet up at the computer room. Meanwhile, Ken ponders over the Crest of Kindness before receiving an email from Hikari about Archnemon, and decides to go off after her.

Archnemon and Mummymon arrive at the site of the Holy Stone and decide to see what happens when it’s destroyed. She creates a Knightmon out of a Dark Tower and orders it to destroy the Holy Stone.

While wandering around more, BlackWarGreymon runs into Taichi’s Agumon, who tells him that he wants to talk to him. BlackWarGreymon, upon hearing that Agumon was born from a DigiEgg and not from a Dark Tower, is willing to talk to him only if Agumon answers his questions.

Hikari and Daisuke at the site of the Holy Stone and see Knightmon trying to destroy the Holy Stone. Nefertimon identifies it as a Holy Stone and says that according to legend, disaster will occur if it’s destroyed. Daisuke has Hikari contact Takeru and the others while he and XV-mon take on Knightmon. Takeru, Miyako, and Iori arrive to help XV-mon fight off Knightmon, but Archnemon and Mummymon attack them.

Agumon tells BlackWarGreymon that while he doesn’t know where in the body a “soul” is located, he knows it must exist from his relationship with others, especially Taichi. However, he’s unable to answer the question of why BlackWarGreymon feels pain if he supposedly lacks a soul. When BlackWarGreymon asks what there is to gain from a soul, Agumon says that having a soul entails having friends, but BlackWarGreymon is unable to understand the importance of that and decides that he’ll get rid of his soul if it gets in the way of allowing him to fight strong opponents.

While the kids and their Digimon struggle against Archnemon and Mummymon, Ken arrives with Stingmon, allowing XV-mon and Stingmon to Jogress evolve to Paildramon and giving Tailmon and Aquilamon a window of time to Jogress evolve to Silphymon. Now with two Jogress-evolved Digimon on their side, the kids begin to gain the upper hand. Unfortunately, Knightmon manages to destroy the outer ring of the Holy Stone.

Agumon tells BlackWarGreymon that he can’t get rid of his soul. Saying that it must be the reason BlackWarGreymon was born with a soul, Agumon offers to be friends with him. BlackWarGreymon almost accepts his offer but suddenly begins to feel pain as the Holy Stone’s outer ring is destroyed and flies off.

Even with the outer ring destroyed, the Holy Stone proves resilient to Knightmon, Mummymon, and Archnemon’s attacks. However, BlackWarGreymon arrives, and as Archnemon and Mummymon make a run for it, he successfully destroys Knightmon and the Holy Stone, easily defeating and tossing aside the kids’ Digimon in the process. Archnemon and Mummymon look on from a distance, as the Stone is destroyed, happy that BlackWarGreymon is indirectly helping out with their plan anyway.

A funnel of darkness begins to form where the Holy Stone was...